Osi has plan for getting L.T.’s ring back on L.T.’s hand

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Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora has, for several years, wanted more money.  But he’s willing to spend some of the money he already has on something that the son of Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor is selling:  L.T.’s ring from Super Bowl XXV.

So Umenyiora has made an offer on his Twitter page:  If he gets to 500,000 total Twitter followers by 10:00 p.m. ET on Saturday, he’ll buy the ring and give it back to Taylor.

Umenyiora made the offer earlier today, with an initial threshold of 1 million Twitter followers.  He has since cut the goal in half.  (It won’t be easy; as of this posting, Osi has fewer than 40,000 followers.)

If he makes it to the half-million goal and buys the ring, a random Osi follower will do the honors of giving the ring to L.T.

Maybe they can do it on June 17, and Osi can wish Taylor a Happy Father’s Day.

65 responses to “Osi has plan for getting L.T.’s ring back on L.T.’s hand

  1. osi should buy it and then let the giants hold it….if he gives it back to LT the ring will be up for auction again next year.

  2. it would be a class act if he DIDN’T ask for more people to follow him, and instead just bought the ring and gave it back to him.

    so if he only gets 499,999 followers, he wont buy the ring and give it to LT?? yeah CLASS ACT

  3. osi whats up with the gimmick? if you truly want to help then help out. sounds to me osi just wants some attention and followers. either you truly care or you dont guy!

  4. If I was McCoy I’d use this as a chance to buy the ring and give it to LT with no strings attached… let’s bring this rivalry to the next level.

  5. He’ll probably buy it for him regardless of how many followers he gets. Nice move Osi, hope you get the contract. Just don’t get too greedy.

  6. These NY players keep finding new ways to stroke their own ego and draw attention to themselves. Incredible.

  7. It’s a classy move albeit a tad exploitative. However, if I got to give it back to LT and he wanted to sell it to go party, I’d let him do it provided I could tag along.

  8. Even LeSean McCoy is going to follow him. To even up all the times Osi follows him as he crosses the goal line.

  9. Samuel says:

    Pretty selfish if you ask me. Instead of doing something nice behind the scenes, he makes it public with an impossible goal in order to help grow his own Twitter following. If he really cared about LT, he’d do it without relying on a million (now 500K) to follow him. This is just all publicity for himself.

    I agree, if you want to help one of the all time greats and a former Giant, then just do it Stop trying to turn it into an opportunity to promote your twitter account.

  10. Wow this could really backfire assuming he does get 500k followers. If somebody knows that he is committed to buying the ring they could reallly screw him by running up the price. It would be kind of funny if he had to drop 100k on the ring.

  11. @Samuel,

    #1, Nobody did ask you. #2, are you the “out in the open” police? His goal isn’t impossible at all, and you will be surprised how many people come out of the woodwork to support this. It was HIS choice to do this publicly, and not behind the scenes. You don’t have to agree with him, but you shouldn’t fault his methods for doing something positive.

    It is unfortunate L.T. is in the position he is in with his money and legal woes the past several years. This is a group support effort that Umenyiora is seeking, and all e is asking for is for people to follow his twitter account to help with this.

    What is Umenyiora’s benefit for growing his twitter account? He is still playing and getting paid as a football player, and doesn’t have a business that will benefit from twitter.

    Umenyiora is a class act, and I am extremely happy to see a fellow Giant’s player step up and help out. Who knows, he may just buy the ring back REGARDLESS of how many twitter followers he gets. How about you wait and see before you levy judgement against a guy attempting to help out arguably the most dominant defensive player the NFL has ever seen.

    And to let you know, I am not a Giants fan…….

  12. McCoy has tons of money now. I would love to see these 2 bid each other for it. If osi outbids he will whine even more for more money. If McCoy wins the auction, he should donate it to the hall of fame.

  13. jmclarkent says:
    May 19, 2012 1:29 PM
    LeSean McCoy should buy it 1st!

    That will probably be the best chance he’ll ever have of owning a super bowl ring as long as wears an Eagles uniform

  14. ~ Samuel says:

    Pretty selfish if you ask me. Instead of doing something nice behind the scenes, he makes it public with an impossible goal in order to help grow his own Twitter following. If he really cared about LT, he’d do it without relying on a million (now 500K) to follow him. This is just all publicity for himself. ~

    What exactly is Osi selling? Nothing, so how much could 500k twitter followers be worth? Not nearly as much as he’ll pay for that Super Bowl ring, that’s for sure.

    Why do good deeds have to take place behind closed doors to be good and with no compensation? If you have a flat tire, and I loan you money so you can have your car towed and tire fixed, I’m selfish because I expect something in return? I don’t think so, say what you will about Osi, but this is a good deed…

  15. He’s raising awareness to the plight of the greatest LB ever to lace up a cleat, and getting his own name some positive motion. Pretty smart.
    It Is a classy act, AND it is a bit of self promotion. I have no problem with it.
    LT deserves to have his ring back. He shot himself in his own foot many times with crack and hookers. Maybe this will wake him up.
    Thumbs up Osi.

  16. It’s a replaceable ring and in actuality a common practice to sell the actual normally for charity for say 100k then have it duplicated for under 30 k.

  17. SilentMajority says:

    “If you have a flat tire, and I loan you money so you can have your car towed and tire fixed, I’m selfish because I expect something in return? I don’t think so, say what you will about Osi, but this is a good deed…”


    Not the right analogy. You’d have to make your offer to help him fix his tire contingent on 500,oo0 drivers honking and praising you first.

  18. @ jsrdc

    His goal of one million in less than half a day, for him a person that isn’t wide known, is pretty much out of the question. Even cutting that in half with less than 8 hours to go seems out of reach.

    If he cares about LT, then why does this good deed have conditions? Why does his popularity on Twitter (accumulating followers) be the deciding factor whether or not he helps LT? The popularity of all those Twitter followers feeds his ego. That’s his benefit. This is the same guy that used Twitter to call LeSean McCoy a mother, using a tone to degrade mothers around the world. His latest tweet suggests that even though he doesn’t know LT, he’s only willing to help if he gets that huge Twitter following. He’ll only help if he gets what he wants.

    He could have just done this without this Twitter hoopla. He’s not really gathering a group support effort with this impossible task. It appears he just doesn’t really care and wants to ride this opportunity to build his following and boost his ego.

    @ SilentMajority

    He’s not selling, but rather feeding his ego. As I mentioned in the above response to jsrdc, he’s doing this for attention. He doesn’t really care enough about LT. He just wants to boost up his ego.

    And yes, if you did help me with a flat and expect something in return, that is selfish. Because you didn’t help me because you cared. You helped me because you expect something back. Caring about people isn’t supposed to be conditional.

    Helping out people is a good deed. But his approach to it is all wrong.

  19. Way classier than just buying the ring and giving it away to charity. No, he NEEDS followers (lame as hell), and to give it back to a scumbag like Taylor?
    Two fails.

  20. Very cool and not a high price to pay to give a legend his ring back. Hope he is smart enough just to keep it and not return it to his ungrateful kid. I will join Osi’s twitter followers.

  21. @ samuel,

    Again, who are you to say his approach is wrong? Are you the end-all be-all for Osi and the rest of humanity? You obviously have your opinion, but it is his choice, and his prerogative to do as he pleases. You don’t AGREE with what how he is going about this, so it is really YOU that is feeding ego by proclaiming somebody else’s choice as WRONG.

    What it boils down to is you don’t agree with him, but your ego is taking it a step further and proclaiming him to be wrong because it is in violation of what your ego believes is right. I would rather be happy than right, but we obviously disagree on this. Isn’t it funny that all that you are proclaiming Osi to be (wrong, and an attention-grabber) is nothing more than a reflection of yourself?

    You are seriously playing the role of the pot calling the kettle black here, and you are playing it well.

  22. saints4evah says:

    LT deserves to have his ring back. He shot himself in his own foot many times with crack and hookers. Maybe this will wake him up.
    L.T.’s is yet another heartbreaking tale of how drugs and self-destruction have ravaged a once brilliant football player. He’s had many wake-up calls, many second chances, many turnarounds. Don’t be naive enough to think having to sell his ring will have a bigger impact than the dozen other times he’s hit bottom. It’s not that simple.

    Sorry, but turning this into a Twitter sideshow with the potential for a fan to present Taylor with his “saved from the auction block” ring strikes me as more self-serving than helpful on Osi’s part. This is a humiliating time for L.T. Do you really think he wants it to play out in front of cameras while Osi grandstands and a fan gushes and gives back the ring? I hope someone quietly buys the ring and donates it to the Hall. That way Taylor will have the funds he obviously needs and his ring will be in a safe place in case he’s tempted to sell it again.

  23. @ jsrdc

    And I can bounce back everything you say about me. Who are you to say his approach is right? So disagreeing with someone’s decision feeds my ego? How does that work? Yes he has the right to do as he pleases but at the same time, if he makes it public for everyone to see, then people will judge and decide how they feel about it. Remember, he’s calling out not just Giants fans, but all NFL fans. As an NFL fan, he’s inviting me to be a part of this.

    Because Osi made this public and he is a public figure, he opens himself from the public to formulate an opinion of him. This is my opinion. The way I see it, if he genuinely cares, then was it necessary to tell everyone to go follow him on Twitter to reach a total that can’t be reached?

    Like I said, even on his Twitter, he’s only doing this if enough people do as he says. He doesn’t care. If he did, then why put up these conditions and requirements? Being nice to someone doesn’t require a public spectacle. I’m not stirring up anything. I am putting my opinion on something that he’s decided to make a public matter.

  24. A nice proposition by Osi for the legend that is the one and only REAL LT!

    Ladanian is a joke, and should never be refered to as the legenday initials owned by Mr. Taylor.

    Theres only one original.

    Mad respect for the Giants.

  25. classy move?? I don’t see any bit of class whatsoever. He is exploiting LT just as much as his son is. The funny thing is he showed his lack of intelligence by setting such an impossible goal! Hahahahaha what an idiot! McCoy owns you Osi, and he’s waayyyyy more classy than you. Thanks for the proof you self-promoting scumbag!

  26. I really like the idea, but why make it contingent on some arbitrary twitter benchmark? Just buy the ring and give it to the guy. Almost a class move.

    BTW, I’m not even a Giant fan, but I still followed Osi on twitter because I think it would be great if he actually does this.

  27. @ Samuel,

    I never said Umeyiora’s approach was right (or wrong) – that was YOU who did. I implore you to find where I pointed out right or wrong. I was simply asking why you feel you are ultimately right. Disagreeing with Umenyiora doesn’t feed your ego – proclaiming him to be wrong based on HIS actions and decisions, however, DOES feed your ego. Ego doesn’t care about anything else other than wrong or right, or feeling superior to others based on perceived right or wrong.

    Yes, he is inviting everybody to be a part of this. If you don’t agree with him, that is fine. What I take issue with is you proclaiming to be righ a.ka. superior in thought and/or action by proclaiming him to be “wrong” simply because you don’t agree with his course of action.

    Your opinion on here is another way of displaying your ego. You may have an opinion and say “I don’t agree with his choices”. That is one thing. Disagreeing and then proclaiming him to be wrong because it isn’t in accordance with your “opinion” is quite another thing. You obviously don’t understand the difference.

    How do you know if he “cares” or not with regards to reaching the minimum #’s? He came up with a # in his mind of twitter followers he felt would be an adequate #. I still strongly believe he will purchase the ring regardless of the # he reaches. And if that is the case, what THEN will be your response?

    We are talking about different levels of maturity. The more ego-based your responses are, the more work your ego needs. You have displayed where you are. I am not judging you for it, rather simply pointing out the reality of the situation based on your responses.

    You could attempt to “bounce back” what I say about you, however I am not proclaiming you to be right or wrong, rather how your ego is on display. Again, I have simply pointed out what you have already said, judged, or proclaimed to be wrong or right.

  28. And then a ceremonial humiliation of L.T. getting his dignity handed to him by a fan?

  29. don’t let him fool you, he knows damn right he wont get that many followers… This is just s stunt to get more followers + try to do something good because everyone knows hes a wack-a-do…..

  30. Class act? Cool? If he was cool, he would buy the ring and give it to LT. By asking the public to follow him on Twitter is just plain sad…not to mention lessens the altruism behind the stunt in the first place. I wish he would go away.

  31. “Maybe they can do it on June 17, and Osi can wish Taylor a Happy Father’s Day.”

    Burn. You showed LT.

  32. Very classy move by Osi. Also this is probably one of the most desperate moves I’ve ever seen someone make to get a contract and stay with a team ever.

  33. Of course there has to be a catch. Nobody does anything out of the kindness of their heart anymore. 500,000 follows on twitter is worth more than a superbowl ring. Osi should just hook up with a Kardasian if he wants more followers.

  34. What’s there to follow? Extreme whining & cheesy publicity stunts.

    Thanks, but no.

  35. His little attention grab didn’t even get 1000 new followers. Good job Osi, you only missed your 500k mark by 463k followers.

    You’d have been more than safe to keep it at 50k

  36. biggestredmiami, I’m laughing over here. I need your genius insight. How can something be classy and desperate at the same time??? idiot

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