Pilar Sanders claims Deion choked her during April 23 incident

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Last month, something happened at the home where Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders and his estranged wife had been living, in separate areas of the oversized home.  Pilar Sanders was arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault.  Deion Sanders eventually was cited for misdemeanor assault.  A witness claimed that Deion was the aggressor but that police were harder on Pilar.

For the first time, Pilar has spoken out regarding the situation, in an interview with Examiner.com.

[Deion] attacked me on the 23rd,” Pilar Sanders says.  “I never attacked him.  He choked me.  It wasn’t the first time.  He is a violent person.  Anything that you see him say, my goodness, count it as a lie.  I’m flabbergasted every time I see him do another media piece.  It’s sickening.”

She says it wasn’t the first time Deion physically abused her.

“He did it in front of two of our producers on our show, Primetime Love,” Pilar Sanders said.  “It’s so idiotic and it’s funny and it’s not funny.  During the shooting of it, I have a very light personality, with that, there were a lot of parts that were just naturally funny and it just kinda happened.  So he called shooting down and he called a meeting with myself and two producers from Los Angeles and we went to our back room where the sitting area is – he said ‘there has to be a good cop and a bad cop and there is only one comedian here and the comedian is me.’  I just started laughing and said, ‘Oh my God you are ridiculous’ and I say, ‘I can’t help it if I’m funnier than you.’  Then he leaped across the table and grabbed my neck and squeezed it to the point that I thought that he poked a hole in my trachea.  The two producers didn’t know what to do.  They couldn’t get him off of me.  They couldn’t do anything so I started kicking him in his groin.  That’s the only thing that got him off of me. . . .  There were other times when he grabbed me and ripped jewelry.”

Per Examiner.com, Deion Sanders denies all allegations of abuse against Pilar Sanders.

Something weird is going on, to say the least.  One of them is telling a pretty serious lie on a topic about which there’s no gray area.  Deion either physically abused her or he didn’t.  Regardless of what the truth is, here’s hoping the truth comes out.

57 responses to “Pilar Sanders claims Deion choked her during April 23 incident

  1. Golddiggers are the worst brother. I can’t feel sorry for Neon Deion either because he fell for her trap. Sad for the kids, esp because they aren’t grown up but have to watch it all go down in public.

  2. “It’s so idiotic and it’s funny and it’s not funny.”

    What finishing school did Pilar attend?

  3. How is this news? A former player, and his gold-digger assault each other. None of our business.

  4. First M. Irvin with the paraphernalia, then sapp with the shockey comments and bankruptcy, now deion and his domestic violence….. do i need to point out the obvious trend.

  5. gotampabay52 says: May 19, 2012 12:23 AM

    Primetime your days are done. Chocking your wife with small hands means small…… So beef up

    Yeah…right. He attacked her in front of her producers (witnesses), but the Judge put the restraining order on HER…and NOT the ‘repeat violent attacking’ ex-husband.

    This is the same woman who claimed Deion hit her repeatedly with a specific small statue from the front of his house. That “small” statue turned out to be about 5 feet tall, made of stone and was very heavy. Not too heavy to not be picked up, but surely heavy enough to not be able to repeatedly hit someone over the head with it as she claimed.

    Also, she and her friend said Deion attacked her. But in her friend’s testimony, the friend said she “heard” Pilar screaming and came to see what was going on and that Pilar then said Deion attacked her. How can her friend say Deion was the attacker when she didn’t see it for herself? Another reason why the Judge slapped Pilar with a restraining order and the divorce Judge ruled in Deion’s favor as well.

    Pilar is desperately trying to hold on to the material world Deion provided for her. Pilar has proven to be unstable, jealous, and spiteful.

  6. drewsg says: May 19, 2012 12:26 AM

    The best thing these two idiots can do is stay away from each other and move on with their lives..

    That’s the problem. The judged ruled that Pilar is to stay away from Deion’s home and issued a restraining order against her. Yet, she keeps going to the house and keeps taking this fight BACK to the media when ruling after ruling is going against her.

  7. Why the heck was he living with unhappy female partner? Doesn’t he know that the law is skewed & forces a man to prove himself innocent if unhappy woman claims anything?

  8. Its all lies… Deion never hit nobody. Hell pick ya off though and dance in the endzone. True story.

  9. ravenzoverskinz says:
    May 19, 2012 12:28 AM
    Biotches be crazy………. Her comments sound like a 4th grader.

     Eddie Reed?….. is that you? And Yes He went with the RavensoverSkins… The Skins PAID him to LEAVE. He might Still be on the payroll…. Seriously Skinsalloverravens. HTTRGIII

  10. Then he leaped across the table and grabbed my neck and squeezed it to the point that I thought that he poked a hole in my trachea.  The two producers didn’t know what to do.  They couldn’t get him off of me.

    OK I don’t know about you but the visual I get from this statement and the memories of Prime on the field don’t jibe well. Prime Time NEVER hit ANYONE. I NEVER recall a play by Deion where I jumped up or yelled because of the brutal physicality of it. Now on the other hand the Deion that patrols his house in a hover round and Prime on field….That feels right. All respect due he was a great cover corner/return specialist with a Flare for the dramatic and a narcissistic need for camera time.

  11. hulkhogansays says:
    May 19, 2012 12:19 AM
    Golddiggers are the worst brother. I can’t feel sorry for Neon Deion either because he fell for her trap. Sad for the kids, esp because they aren’t grown up but have to watch it all go down in public.

     Hows the wife and kids Hulkster?

  12. She also claimed his aunt jumped her, he is also worth 250 million, he is a absentee father etc…..All of which has been proven not true in court. She does realize their last confrontation was recorded by her and when played in court it expose her as the liar. That been said both of them need to go away.

  13. WHO CARES?
    Since they are married AND they are both defendants AND victims in the same a criminal cause they can both claim the “fifth” and/or claim their respective marital privilege and refuse to testify thereby effectively ending the case.
    The case will resolve itself.

  14. Its sad that his is going on. What’s sadder is how its easy to just “assume” deion beat his wife. Why is it so easy to believe it’s always the man? I for one no longer jump to conclusions. I have seen many women hit or assault their man, but yet still its believed they had the right to do so, or the man must have done it anyway. Wrong is wrong. If you hit some one and they defend themselves, that’s not abuse. Its called a fight. Solution, don’t hit anyone, and they won’t hit you back. No one wants to be responsible for their own actions anymore. Many women want to use the police to control or hurt their man.

  15. I can’t help but wonder why, if he was such a violent person, Pilar didn’t want him to divorce her. It’s sort of hard to imagine Tina Turner pleading “No, Ike! Please don’t leave! I don’t want you to leave our family home!!”

  16. I’m from elmira where pilar is originally from and her family has always been about money …the eye witness is pilar’s childhood best friend so u get the picture they are both from elmira so what I kno is the day in question polar screamed and her friends first instinct was to grad your phone and start recordings hmm sounds like a set up to me cause who grabs a camera when u hear someone scream?

  17. People who have children aren’t always parents. These two fit that “non parent” bill. Note to the Sanderses: when you have kids THEY are first, not you, your bling, or your altercations with your SOs. STOP putting them in the middle of your teenage drama by doing interviews on it (her) or tweeting pictures of your kids filling out police reports on their mom (him). Morons.

  18. Florio, you keep writing how the NFL needs to help former players. Well, they gave sanders a job and look…he is still getting in the news–in a negative way.

  19. Hmm, an ex NFL ego maniac wanting to make sure he gets all the attention? An ex NFL arrogant SOB being violent? Noooooo, really?

  20. Deion is violent with women…and he is violently irritating on NFL Network.

  21. No matter how good looking, somewhere somebody is still sick of her “crap”

  22. Prime Time choke!!!! He used the cover 2 around her neck, Ike turner Jr??

  23. Both ” adults ” are showing no class in this matter. Keep your private stuff private and stop fighting in the media. Dion man up and shut up, set and example for your boys to follow. A real man wouldn’t cry to a camera. HOF football but no class in life.

  24. Geezuuz, I’m sick of Deion and his shrill yapping and endless drama.

    Put him and Sarah Palin in a wooden box and ship them to the northern most edges of Siberia so none of us will ever have to hear their annoying voices and stupid opinions again.

  25. blacknole08 says:
    May 19, 2012 1:01 AM
    Her story sounds made up. If that happened she was probably a willing participant. She’s a basket case.

    It sounds completely believable to me. I can easily picture Deion being a control freak.

    But hey, leave it to ‘real men’ to blame a woman for getting abused.

  26. OH Deion. Deion, Deion, did you not learn anything from Tiger Woods and how his wife came after him with a club. Be leary my man.

  27. Uhhh…. Where are the police photos of marks on her neck? She just NOW claims she was choked?

    It would seem to me that any level of ‘choking’ to the point of being assualt would leave marks on the neck. Shouldn’t she have a) shown police the marks, and b) had Deion arrested the same time she was arrested if there was evidence of choking?

    No written complaint of choking at time of incident, No photos with no doctor’s report of bruising on night of incident = no proof of choking.

  28. Two restraining orders, exchange kids at police station for visitation. Problem solved! That’s what you gotta do when one or more parties are idiots.

  29. Of course Pilar made that claim.

    Deion made her feel humiliated so you know, of course, the female payback is coming, and it did.

    Did Deion really do such things as claimed. Maybe not. Maybe. Who knows.

    You can be sure though that in the overwhelming majority of cases that if a woman feels “humiliated (usually gender-specific usage)” then the man is going to get “his” too.

    At this point, time to either load up the $$$ for more parasitic lawyer involvement or see if you can find some emotional intelligence and entering into some conflict management or conflict resolution program that doesn’t use a legal foundation.

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