Pryor moves past talk of quitting, plans on playing


Earlier this month, Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor told that he thought about quitting football last year.  Pryor has now abandoned talk of abandoning the game.

I’m not going to talk about that,” Pryor said to Jerry McDonald of  “That’s in the past.”

What’s in the future for Pryor is a desire to play.  But his agenda is confusing.  He concedes the starting job to Carson Palmer, but Pryor insists that he won’t be a backup.

“Carson is the starter and he’s going to be the starter,” Pryor said.  “But I don’t put myself as I’m going to be [a] backup.  I mean, I don’t sit around saying, ‘I want to be a backup, that’s what I want to be.’  That’s not how I operate.  That’s not how I want to be.  I’m going to work to play.  And Carson’s always played well and always will.  Whenever the opportunity comes for me to play, I’ll play.  But I’m not planning to be a back-up.  Get that correct.”

How can McDonald or anyone else get that correct when Pryor can’t?  If Palmer “is the starter and he’s going to be the starter,” then Pryor necessarily will be a backup.

Unless he plans to change positions (personal punt protector, anyone?), a concept he previously has rejected, Pryor will be a backup.

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  1. After what Oakland gave up to get Palmer, Pryor knows the reality for 2012. But just look at the 2011 Bears to see the value in having a backup QB ready to go. It’s more important than ever…

  2. Would you say the same thing if those words came out of Tebow’s mouth? Probably not. Listen up and take notes: No QB is ever going to be any good or rather no player is going to be any good or ever reach their potential in sports or in life if they have the attitude that they are not good enough to be the best. He’s being respectful to Carson and duh! No $hit Sherlock he aint starting this year. You sound like a rookie journalist or a Raider hater.

  3. He’s a young guy who wants to play. Nothing wrong with that.

    Amazing that Al and Hue didn’t think Pryor (who came out of OSU green as grass) didn’t need a dedicated QB coach, though.

  4. Read what he says Florio. Pryor is stating that he will be working hard and preparing as a starter would, rather than go about ala Jamarcus Russell. Good to see Pryor have this attitude, future’s lookin good.

  5. Pryor is saying he knows he’s not going to start, but he believes in his ability. He just isn’t well spoken. We have learned to understand what you’re trying to say over the years, Florio, and you obviously know what Pryor was trying to say. Get off his nuts.

  6. Ask any backup in the league if they know who the starter is on the team and they’ll usually say who the starter is. But at the same time, ask any backup QB if they are content with being the backup and will prepare only to be a backup, and you won’t find many backups because most QB’s in the NFL prepare and want to be the starter even when they know they can’t overtake the starter.

  7. It is fairly easy to use context and see that Pryor is using the word plan in place of the word prepare. He is saying that he is going to prepare as if he is a starter. I think you know that, but you can’t make a non-story into a story unless you use a little artistic license.

  8. Yeah, I thought this was pretty obvious also. He knows he’s not the starter but isn’t content on being a career backup. His goal is to be a starter in the NFL.

  9. surly1n1nd1anapol1s says:
    May 19, 2012 7:27 PM
    Boy, slow news day in the NFL.


    Just hope that Andrew Luck won’t be a bust, Colt fan.

  10. Typical Cornholio…taking everything every Raider player ever says out of context.

    All he means he is working hard and doesn’t want to be a backup and isn’t planning to be a backup…what’s wrong with that?

    Every backup QB in the history of the league has said the exact same thing, but at least Pryor is acting like he wants it.

  11. spellingcopfather says:

    “This man is a worker, i see Cam 2.0, if he wants it!!!”

    Don’t be ridiculous! Pryor doesn’t have Newton’s arm, girth or intelligence in reading defenses. You’re either a diehard Raiders fan or Buckeyes fan or both, but you’re obviously blindly loyal and that’s unfortunate.

  12. “personal punt protector”

    you used that joke last week regarding pryor.
    it didn’t get any better…

  13. Wow Florio….just wow. Since there is no QB competition in Oakland he HAS to cede the starting position to Carson for now. All he is saying is he is not content with that arrangement. I’ve been noticing some slanted reporting from you lately Sir. Take a couple days off brotha.. We need you strong starting with Training Camp.

  14. Seemed fairly clear to me. He knows he is the backup, but doesn’t want to act as if that’s all he is good for. In the NFL the difference between a backup and a starter is one play.

  15. In other Raider news, the team just surrendered another four upcoming draft picks just because they felt like it.

  16. This kid is starting to talk too much.
    Make some plays on the field before you decide you have something to say…

  17. He’s not saying he’ll start over Carson during week 1. He’s saying his attitude wont be “Ill be a back up” it is “I will be a starter.”

    When you go to college you’re not a doctor as a student, but you have the right to say “I will be a doctor” if youre in a good program and passing your classes.

    Use your damn brain.

  18. Just work hard and be ready to play, being a backup qb is still one of the most wanted positions

  19. How can McDonald or anyone else get that correct when Pryor can’t? If Palmer “is the starter and he’s going to be the starter,” then Pryor necessarily will be a backup.

    Well no kidding. It doesn’t take a genius to understand what the kid was trying to say. You media types can be some jerks.

  20. One play that’s all Pryor played last year and he screwed it up … yup sounds like a starter to me.

  21. When you go to college you’re not a doctor as a student, but you have the right to say “I will be a doctor” if youre in a good program and passing your classes.

    willing to bet Pryor has never uttered those words…..

    just be thankful he isnt on the Jets.. he would be talking about them winning their 3rd SUper Bowl in as many season…

  22. This guy if anything else, knows how to create a stage set. He did it in high school screwing around with ‘what college am I going to’ crap when in effect, he knew all along it was OSU, but he played it well for effect.

    He clearly knows he is the backup but is taking advantage of the new staff by suggesting, hey I can be the next Cam, I’m sitting here use me.

    My opinion is he can either throw the ball or he can’t. If he can’t then maybe he should work on that instead of his mouth.

  23. thefiesty1 says: May 19, 2012 10:15 PM

    Pryor needs to quit he’ll never NE a starter. Useless!
    Oh, the irony.

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