Report: Dontay Moch suspended four games, pending appeal

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Bengals linebacker Dontay Moch, a much-hyped third-round pick in the 2011 draft, suffered a foot injury in training camp and ultimately didn’t play at all during his rookie season.

His debut could be delayed by at least 25 percent of the 2012 season.

Jason La Canfora of CBS reports via Twitter that Moch has been suspended four games for using a banned substance.  The suspension reportedly is “pending appeal,” which means that the internal appeal process has not yet concluded.

The fact that appeal process has not concluded means that, unless Moch or his agent chose to disclose the situation, someone subject to a fine of up to $500,000 blabbed about something that should have remained confidential, given the possibility that the appeal process will wipe out the suspension entirely.

26 responses to “Report: Dontay Moch suspended four games, pending appeal

  1. These foolish players should not Moch the serious implications of failing drug tests.

  2. This is why the Steelers didn’t draft this bum.

  3. Moch missed a significant amount of time last year because of debilitating migraines. Often, the drugs used to treat migraines contain steroids. Not saying he didnt use to get ahead but there is a pretty good chance that he took something for a legitimate medical reason.
    But to discover this you would have to do some research and news work instead of continue the narrative frame you’re married to.
    Of the first four comments, three are anti-Bengal and (worse) unoriginal and hackneyed. Shame on you unoriginal people. Shame.

  4. A bengal breaking the rules, I’m shocked!

    I can’t help but feel for Marvin Lewis, that guy deserves better than the turds Mike Brown keeps drafting/signing.

  5. What the hell??? Why is he being suspended, he’s not on the Saints team? Only Saints players get suspended!! Goddell is going too far now, enough!!

  6. Anytime that an idiot will post ‘HTTR’ or any such thing proclaiming their team will always get a thumbs down from me. IDIOTS… Go Giants

  7. seems like a bust for 3rd rd pick.maybe replace him with burfict,,,at least he might not have migrain headaches everyday of his life and be inactive…maybe moch has been smoking BUNK WEED and thats the cause for “headaches” and being lazy,er i mean lathargic and his suspension…wave him,hes done nothing so we have nothing to loose…

  8. Are there any other Bengals fans out there who are absolutely sick of this crap? Moch you haven’t even played a single snap for us, you’ve literally done nothing and are giving us a bad rep, thanks a lot.

  9. Just wait…Vontaze Burfict will make the headlines for screwing up…its just a matter of time.

  10. Gimme a break Moch, suspended before you even really play? Unless he has some special ability that he has shown in practice, then probably better to cut bait on this one and don’t waste the roster spot.

    Also, I don’t mind the ignorant Bengals haters. The only way a person can tell if they’re smart is by comparison to dumb people. Thank you for reminding me dumb a55es (smug smile).

  11. If the suspension could be wiped out from it being leaked, what stops the player from having an associate be the one who gets it to the press?

  12. buddybowl69 says:

    Won’t have to worry about the Packers anymore, their done. Stick a fork in them. The Giants are a dynasty like no other. They will win every game from here on out, no competition at all. All are welcome to jump on the bandwagon and ride it to eternal victory. All other fans are fools, and will be rooting for substandard teams that will be laid awaste of the mighty Giants dynasty. We took your heart in that playoff game, now you are nothing, like the rest of the league

    The same guy that wrote this tripe is calling other people idiots? Pure Genius!

    I’ll be crushed when I get a thumbs down.

  13. Jacobslatter; its pronounced (moke), sorry to mock your uneducated “bungal” rip. It’s annoying how everone has the same lame post on every Bengal topic.

  14. Moch: Yo yo my homies – who has a blunt up in here?

    Homie: Dude blunts are illegal and you’ll get busted by the NFL yo

    Moch: Puleeze did you not see Playmakers? I can get around that easy, pass that doobie over here yo

  15. I am really lead to believe all teams in pro sports encourage players to do or use whatever it takes to come back from injury.

  16. Let’s face it steroids are being used by nfl players as much as the MLB players how do you think these guys get so jacked up in high school so they get recruited by bigger schools ,then nfl comes calling and you gotta keep up so they continue using throughout their career I bet if nfl started testing for real half of the league would be banned.

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