T.O. still doesn’t realize it’s over

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A year ago, receiver Terrell Owens tore an ACL.  In October, he held a public workout that no team attended.  That same day, 53 other players got private workouts with individual teams.

Since then, not a single NFL team has given Owens a workout, even though he has shown that he can play football, via his decision to play on a part-time basis in the Indoor Football League.

Even now, with 90 players on each team’s offseason roster, no one has offered Owens an opportunity to come in and show what he can do.

In an interview that will air Monday on 95.7 The Game in San Francisco (they’ve actually sent out a quote sheet), Owens says he’d like to play for the 49ers or the Raiders.

We wouldn’t be surprised to learn that this is part of a new strategy that entails appearing on a radio station in each NFL city and making a public pitch to play for the local team, like Chad Ochocinco did at Radio Row a few years ago when he was trying to get traded out of Cincinnati.

It’s sad, really.  The NFL wants nothing to do with Owens, and yet he still desperately wants back in.

There’s a bizarre Bruce-Willis-in-The-Sixth-Sense quality to Owens’ depths of denial and delusion.  His NFL career is dead, and we’re well past that moment at the end of the movie when the wedding ring hits the ground and everyone in the theater figures out what was going on.

And as to anyone for whom I’ve just spoiled the ending of a 13-year-old movie, you really need to get out more.

93 responses to “T.O. still doesn’t realize it’s over

  1. He is going to be the black Jeff George. In his forties still working out for the chance that will never come. T.O. needs to retire, join a concussion lawsuit and make a living at card shows and golf tournaments.

  2. HAHAHAHA……I love it!!!!!…..couldn’t happen to a better person!!!…..he keeps saying he is being blackballed, guess what T.O., you blackballed yourself with your BIG mouth, finger pointing, throwing teammates under the bus, ALWAYS complaining, and yelling at coaches antics……nobody cares that you can still play, your not worth the headache……if you were, one of the teams that needs WR help would sign you, simple as that……IT’S OVER T.O!!!……just go away, just go away

  3. Please let those of us who are fans of the teams he scorched with his asinine behavior, savor this pathetic attempt to stay relevant. Broke, ignored, is what he deserves after cratering what could have been a HOF career.

  4. I’m amazed that no one would take a zero risk contract on a guy that put up really good numbers the last year he played and was always in top physical shape. His only on field issues is dropping balls (see roddy white) but Owens, on the field, never quit! He is no Keyshawn Johnson , randy moss. T.o can’t get on a team, but randy moss who pushed himself off the patriots, all but quit the vikes and took way too many plays off in Tennessee and Oakland lands in San Francisco with celebration. T.o. Has the issue of being a decisive personality, but it reasonable that in Cleveland, Philly, Dallas and cincy (although) no trouble there that the locker rooms themselves were more of the issue. I wonder if Owens could go back to when he left San Fran. If you remember Baltimore wanted him and the trade was nixed and he went to Philly. How different would his career had been in that strong locker room. It is a shame that Owens will be remembered more for what he did off the field (which did not include breaking the law or endangering the public, or narcotics) then the easily hall of fame numbers he put on the field.

  5. the guy is a physical freak. while he most certainly lost a step, is a head case, and a potential cancer to the locker room, I wouldn’t be so hasty to blame lack of NFL interest because of perceived declining physical conditioning.

  6. Movie came out when I was 5, way to take a swipe at the younger crowd.
    To be fair, I flipped out on my little cousin because he didn’t know who He-man or the thundercats were.

  7. Ahman Green & Tiki Barber not knowing that their careers are over is even worse.
    At least T.O. has Hall of Fame numbers even if he may not ever get in.

  8. Yes, it is sad. With some humility, he may have been considered a legend. Instead, he’s given no respect for a pretty good career. He has no one to blame but himself.

  9. “And as to anyone for whom I’ve just spoiled the ending of a 13-year-old movie, you really need to get out more”

    Love the use of sarcasm and the denigrating tone. Keep it up.

  10. As long as the media keeps writing non-stories about him he’s going to keep on believing he’s about to get back in. Help him move on by not feeding his ego.

  11. And after the ACL tear, being out of football for a year, beyond ancient for his position, he’s STILL better than a lot of receivers on NFL rosters right now.

  12. I know practically everyone on this site hated the idea of retirement transition programs, but TO is the prime example of someone who needs help transitioning away from the game.

    His entire identity is based on himself as a football player, but the league has no use for him anymore; younger, cheaper, better(?) players are coming out of college every year. But football is all he knows and he has no idea how to let it go.

    Football is how he related to other people and, more importantly, how he related and understood himself. Without it he has no idea who he is or what he wants, which is why he is trying to hang onto the game so hard.

  13. What’s sad is how he’s blackballed himself. He could probably still have helped a team if he wasn’t such a diva in his career. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did catch on with the Raiders after the endorsement from Palmer and the rest of the receivers though.

  14. Owens may be a loud-mouthed “look-at-me” doosh, but I will never forget this dude ballin’ on one leg trying to win a Super Bowl against New England while Donovan McJackazz was laying on the field puking.

  15. This guy is still better than many starting receivers today.
    I didn’t hear of any trouble he caused in Cincinnati or Buffalo.
    Why not give him a chance? Just have in writing in his contract that if he mouths off or makes trouble in any way, he’s gone.
    True, he was a cancer earlier in his career. I believe he has matured enough and finally understands he isn’t God’s gift to the NFL.
    No question about his work ethic.
    Again, much better than many starting receivers today. No doubt.

  16. He’s still better than half the starters in the NFL. Don’t let facts get in the way. It’s a matter of being effectively “barred” from the league and everyone knows it. Who needs 10 TDs, 70 catches and 100 yards? Isn’t that what he did last time on the field?

  17. I’m surprised SF doesn’t bring him in. I mean is he REALLY worse than some of the scumbags SF has already signed thie year like Brandon Jacobs and Perrish Cox?

  18. No kidding, T.O. doesn’t realize it’s over. He probably doesn’t realize it’s 2012. He has his own “NFL Network” playing inside his head and he’s both the anchor and the lead story. Issues.

    But he is still talented and I still think he might get a shot somewhere, heavy baggage and all.

  19. Tee Zero is reaping what he sowed with his obnoxious behavior: no phone calls from ANY team.
    Good riddance!

  20. As divisive as he’s been in the locker room, it’s difficult to justify the fact that Donte Stallworth gets a pass for a much greater transgression. I suppose it’s a question of one fateful night vs a career long pattern of behavior.

  21. Maybe it is karma. It’s interesting to see how lady karma jumped right over Moss and landed on TO with both feet.

  22. What shian11 referenced pretty much sums it up. T.O. is a physical freak, with a strong work ethic. In addition, he has a strong personality that probably developed as a result of his insecurity and he has no qualms about sharing his opinion. Unfortunately, some people can’t handle that and many of them are in the NFL…which still is a good ol’ boys network, among other things.

  23. There’s a reason he has never won a Super Bowl. Always selfish. He could’ve owned Philly, but blew it, which led to a steady decline that has brought him to this point. Hard to feel sad for somebody who squandered millions of dollars and chose to never grow up.

  24. I could see T.O. getting another shot. Last year was too soon and mid-season off the ACL tear. I could see a team with major receiver needs signing him this year, assuming he’s healed and the injury didn’t kill his speed.

    The guy was VERY good two seasons ago with the Bengals. He’s toned down his act since leaving Dallas as well.

    I wouldn’t mind him in Oakland except for the fact that we have so many young WRs I’m excited about (Moore, Ford, DHB, Murphy, Criner and McGee). Bringing in TO as a starter keeps those guys off the field. And as a backup WR you’re often needed on special teams.

  25. to sum up…that last line of dialogue in Easy Rider…when Fonda says to Hopper…”we blew it man..we blew it”….

  26. It was more than enough to get TO in The HoF just knowing that he kept The Eagles from winning a SB. He’s in !

  27. this is a perfect example to younger players coming in the league…speaking your mind 24/7 can get you blackballed from the league cause teams see a player like T.O. a “Cancer” yep..T.O. is the poster boy example for all young players coming into the league.

  28. I’d take TO over Plaxico Burris (shot himself in foot), Braylon Edwards (killed a man drunk driving), Ray Lewis (drive-by shooting), Michael Vick (tortured animals), but that’s just me…

  29. In an interview that will air Monday on 95.7 The Game in San Francisco (they’ve actually sent out a quote sheet), Owens says he’d like to play for the 49ers or the Raiders.

    is this guy serious?? i dont even want to imagine the nightmare that would ensue having moss & owens on the same team, let alone my team!!! and throw in brandon jacobs with his big mouth to boot, just the thought alone is a scary!!!

  30. Stop all the ‘love to pile on’ and ‘stop writing about him’ comments.

    Look we all love to read about the knuckle heads or we wouldnt’ read the article you guys bitch about.

    He did it to himself. Now he pays.

  31. I agree thetroofishere, a lessonfor the youngans 2 learn. Being a gifted athletic has its limit. Really sad 2 C it end like this 4 him but you reap what u sow…sad

  32. Someone really should keep an eye on TO if/when he finally figures out it’s over. If someone seemingly well adjusted to life after football like Junior Seau has problems, no telling what this guy does.

  33. T.O will play in the NFL, New USFL, UFL, CFL or more arena ball…whoever will take him ! He has too many babies and too many Of his babie’s Momma’s to feed! Believe it!

  34. he got the key to the city of buffalo…..we want it back scumbag!

    and him and D.Mcnabb should go golf together or something….its over

  35. They already have WR’s!!!!

    Also, why 95.7 the Game (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)????

    KNBR is better!!!

  36. I wouldn’t mind him on the Raiders… I think we have developed the infrastructure to give him a shot… With 90 guys on the training camp rosters, why not?

  37. silentmajority (a tag people who were neither silent or a majority gave themselves):

    thats exactly the sentence uttered by the front office before the eagles signed t.o.
    and the same for the cowboys
    and the same for the bengals,
    and the same for the bills………..

    seeing a pattern here?

    the silent majority in the league apparently does.

  38. Question: Is the CFL ever considered a real option for NFL washouts? I have to imagine it’s an upgrade over part time indoor work.

  39. SilentMajority, Braylon Edwards, Donte Stallworth, those old Browns’ receivers are all the same, right? It was Stallworth that was in the drunk driving. At least you didn’t say Webster Slaughter killed someone. (no pun intended).

    We all know the elephant in the room, why T.O. isn’t getting another chance. If it were Wes Welker or even Blair White (no pun intended again), he’d have been signed and the press conference would have been a yuk-fest and the coach and GM would be saying “boys will be boys.”

  40. Can’t stand him but honestly somebody should at meat give the guy s look, he wants in bad maybe this time he’s willing to take a low spot on the depth chart and keep his mouth shut, I wouldn’t mind my team giving him a look, can’t be any worse than the third recievers or some seconds on teams…

  41. I hear the Browns have offered to pair TO with Braylon “hands of stone” Edwards as an opening duet to sing the National Anthem. Makes sense.
    Both are Divas! And both have nothing else to do on Sunday afternoons!

  42. Life rule #1: If you show up on Dr. Phil your toast.


    Life rule #2: ‘You’re’, not ‘Your’.

  43. After reading this I knew at least 1 raiders fan would say they would like to have him on their team. Why? So he can make that chump Carson Palmer go from an average QB to an above average QB? What a joke!

  44. CowboyErik says:

    Bengals will sign him! Maybe Steelers!


    May I have some of your magic pixie dust? It’s been a tough week and I’d like to fly off into a wild fantasy, too.

  45. jomochiefsfan84 says:
    May 19, 2012 3:12 PM

    After reading this I knew at least 1 raiders fan would say they would like to have him on their team. Why? So he can make that chump Carson Palmer go from an average QB to an above average QB? What a joke!


    With Reggie McKenzie running the show, the days of circuses in Oakland are over.

    Raiders fans should be happy about that.

    That means no room for T.O.

    Oakland = Green Bay West

    That’s good.

  46. T.O. telling a Bay area radio station he’s still willing to play for either local team is about as newsworthy as Tiki Barber anouncing he still wants to come back. Time to escape to escape the Owens vortex.

  47. Can you imagine how we would be talking about Owens today if he just kept his mouth shut and played football? Big, strong, always in remarkable shape, not afraid to go up the middle and take a hit, etc., etc.

    It’s so sad the baggage ruined remarkable talent. If it wasn’t for the truckload of baggage, this guy would easily be one of the top five, if not top three receivers of all time.

    What a waste.

  48. I really need to see this movie. But it’s been spoiled so much for me that it feels like its not worth it

  49. I love my raiders,,, why not sign him it can’t hurt T.O. Is a lot better then a whole lot of wide outs playing now.

  50. He does, or did, have lots of talent. Too bad it wasn’t sufficient to overcome his big ego and even bigger mouth.

  51. Doesn’t run sharp patterns, can’t catch a ball over the middle cause he’s to scared to get hit, run that gator like he’s mister mancho, don’t need him, run himself away from football. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

  52. …and what did Chad Ochocinco do that T.O. and Randy Moss didn’t? He shut the f&%k up and realized that if you want to play in the NFL, you have to act like a mature adult and not a 15 year old boy with an overactive sex drive and an attitude to match.

    I hope the up-and-coming class of wide receivers is watching this. Jerry Rice wasn’t the fastest, he didn’t have the best hands, he wasn’t the tallest or most athletic… he was the hardest worker with the best attitude and a maturity that seems lost on receivers these days. Team play, BOYS.

  53. 9ers could still get him u never know. Look at what they got Moss for. Vet minimum and that’s only if he’s there the full season. Basically Moss is a paycheck player. Every game he plays he gets paid. If he doesn’t cut it he’s gone and the 9ers don’t owe him a dime further unless he met all his incentives. That’s a HELL of a deal.

    Would love it if they went up to T.O. and his agent and said “We hear you’re willing to come back. We both know how this went the last time, what with you throwing your QB under the bus and burning your bridge out of town behind you when we tried to trade you and get something for our headache. We’ll take a chance on you but here is what we did for Randy, so this is what we’ll do for you. 1 year performance based deal. Take it or leave it. ”

    I know they’re on their way out but can you imagine having Moss AND T.O. on the field at the same time playing under “keep your mouth shut” performance incentive contracts. That’s pure Win. You mouth off or start any trouble, you’re gone.

    I could live with that. I can’t stand Owens not for his on the field antics. But for his mouth and being a lockerroom distraction. He threatened Garcia at one time before they were playing for other teams. Haven’t heard anything like this since he left so I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt to the guy.

  54. As much as I think he’s a jacka$$, I’d give him a shot if I were an owner with a strooong locker room a la Ravens. They’d keep his a$$ in check I think.

    I’d love to see him on the Bears (talent wise) but I’m not sure the O could handle his attitude (which is proven).

    Better yet TO, bulk up a bit and sell yourself as an older Gronkowski.. teams might buy you as a project at TE.. hmmmm?

    Either way, if you get a shot (BIG if), shut the f up and just play. Be a team player, and SHUT THE F*(&^ UP!

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