Bengals hope to figure out where to put Devon Still


The Cincinnati Bengals pulled defensive lineman Devon Still out of the green room on the second day of the draft, taking the former Nittany Lion in round two.  But the Bengals still haven’t figured out with certainty what to do with him.

Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer explains that the Bengals hope to get more insight whether Still should be a defensive tackle or a defensive end during upcoming Organized Team Activities.  For now, Still prefers to stay inside.

“I’m more comfortable as a three technique because I played it more at Penn State,” Still told Reedy.

The best bet for the Bengals would to develop Still into a guy who can move around to different positions and keep the offensive line guessing as to where he’ll be and what he’ll be doing.

15 responses to “Bengals hope to figure out where to put Devon Still

  1. This defense is sick……..they were good last year and they are going to be even better this year. AFC north foes better hope that Dalton is a fluke otherwise this team is going to be hard to be each and every Sunday!!

  2. So if an NFL player sucks, how bad does that make you at football? He obviously can’t be to bad of player, he’s in the NFL and you are sitting at home being a nobody. Best of luck Devon

  3. tipcal Bengals! lol just use the guy to buy the Weed and Hoes lol and drive the Drunk Players out of Kentucky lmao

    Typical idiot hater. Can’t spell, poor/barely any punctuation, capitalizing wrong words, and using out of date jokes.

  4. ignore spunhead73 guys. hes just a browns fan who mad because we beat his garbage team twice last year. dont worry spunhead, you guys should be a lock for finishing last in the division again for sure. enjoy another top 5 pick in the draft next year. loser

  5. Still was a nice pick and is going to be a really nice player in the league.

    He should help solidify the Bengals position as the third best defense in the division for years to come.

  6. So the Bengals drafted a guy without knowing where they were going to play him?

    C’mon Marvin, you’re better than that.

  7. 3rd best in the division is probably still top five, so I’ll take it.

    Hated to lose the linemen we did, but they have addressed it, so no reason to be disappointed.

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