Bills sell out first two home games


A busy offseason in Buffalo has paid off in terms of ticket sales.

Adding Mario Williams, Mark Anderson and Stephon Gilmore while also re-signing Stevie Johnson and others has resulted in the team selling all the individual game tickets to the first two games at Ralph Wilson Stadium. The Bills made individual tickets available to season ticket holders at the end of the week and they cleared the team out of tickets for games against the Chiefs and Patriots. According to the Buffalo News, there are still season ticket packages available and the general public will be allowed to buy individual game tickets in July.

That’s a big turnaround for a team that wasn’t able to sell out last year’s Christmas Eve game against Tim Tebow and the Broncos. That resulted in a local TV blackout, something that has happened other times in recent years as well.

The trick for the Bills will be keeping interest high enough to sell out the games late in the season as well. Once the weather turns, Bills games are a tougher sell and that’s especially true if the team is heading nowhere. If the Bills don’t unload all of their tickets before the season, they’ll need to play well enough to convince people during the season.

Those offseason moves will need to result in more than just preseason buzz to pay off for the Bills, but the buzz certainly isn’t hurting them at this point.

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  1. Given they don’t play in Toronto until December, that’s good news for Buffalol

  2. If everyone, not just season ticket holders were able to purchase the individual seats, then all Buffalo home games would be sold out. Its not just the signing of Mario Williams or Mark Anderson, It is the resigning of Stevie Johnson, the addition of Stephon Gilmore, Cordy Glenn, the hope of finally seeing Shawne Merriman healthy and one of the biggest wants… to finally see what Marcus Easley can do. Fitzpatrick will finally have a full off season as the starter and getting to see Freddy Jackson/CJ Spiller tear it up. Its going to be an interesting season! Go Bills!!!! #BillsMafia

  3. .

    Bills are a very dangerous team. They were hampered by a lack if quality depth after the injuries started to mount midseason.

    Kansas City is a similarly dangerous team.


  4. I have been a Bills fan for a long time but first time season ticket holder. I decided to buy not only because the Bills are making the offseason moves needed but are taking care of thier stars. Also the Bills are becoming a team with integrity, as proven by paying Fred Jackson. It seems the teams that succeed have integrity.

  5. I’m guessing there first two games r against the Pats and Tebow. Lol I actually like the bills and hope they do good enough that can stick with playing in buffalo instead of going to Canada to play. U will never see a elite teams won’t ever give up home field advantages to sell a few more tickets.

  6. In a division that has a old Pats team and regressing jets team then they could be the surpise division winner of this year. There always a surpise team and if they can stay heathly then I see them doing it

  7. RealNflmaster writes jets 14-2 lol. That may be the funniest comment I’ve i ever seen. I would b surpise if he had the browns & bucs playing for the super bowl. I’m sry jet fans but just enjoy the sound bits of yr coach sticking his foot in his mouth cause this will probably b his last year there. Im only guessing u think tebow going b u savior cause Sanchez wouldn’t start on any other team besides Cleveland.

  8. Only the first two games? LOL. Even Bills fans have realized that they always start the season off good to only go downhill after week 5.

  9. i love the bills as much as the next guy but lets face it, the building of a championship team MUST include having a franchise qb. fitz is a good, heady player and would be a perfect 2nd qb but he is not taking us all the way. maybe next year we get our savior.

  10. Bills first two home games are cheifs and patriots, maybe that’s all it takes for the fans to see if this is gonna be a make or break year for them. Oh and let’s not forget they have to get through chezbow before their first home game and then McWeeden before the pats. They should easily start their season 3-1 and then its wait and see if they can keep rolling. Coming from a broncos fan, take this as a compliment bills fans

  11. realnflmaster says: May 20, 2012 12:17 PM

    “Buffalo will finish 3rd. Barely ahead of Miami. New England will finish 2 games behind the 14-2 NEW YORK JETS.”


    You are kidding yourselves if the you think the Jets will be any better than 7-9 this season

  12. “What a joke, I’m in Denver, we sell out every home game, no question.” “We also breast feed off our Momma’s well into our 30’s, unless we marry our sister before then…”

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