L.T.’s ring sells for $230,401

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Osi Umenyiora wasn’t able to make it happen, but someone ponied up a fair amount of cash to win the bidding for Lawrence Taylor’s Super Bowl XXV ring.

Bidding has closed on the ring, which Taylor’s son put up for sale after Taylor gave him the ring, and it has sold for $230,401. The name and location of the winning bidder has not been revealed by SCP Auctions.

Umenyiora said that he would buy the ring and return it to L.T. if he got up to 500,000 Twitter followers. Umenyiora originally said he’d do it if he got one million followers, but he decided to shoot a little lower. Not quite low enough, as it turned out. As Florio told you on Saturday, Umenyiora wound up with just over 54,000 followers.

That’s a lot closer than former teammate Brandon Jacobs got to his goal. After Umenyiora made his challenge, Jacobs jumped in the pool and said he’d buy the ring if he got a crush of new followers. He currently has 2,667 followers which means he’ll be free to use his money to buy more fast-ass cars in the days and weeks to come.

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  1. The Giants are THE TEAM TO BEAT. All other teams fail miserably and you know it. The next 10 Super Bowls belong to us, write it down.

  2. Jeez, imagine how many Ebay Bucks the winning bidder could have gotten had the auction been on Ebay.

  3. It’s a shame that it didn’t sell for higher than that.. If LT’s kid is anything like the old man, he will blow thru the 230k on coke in a little under a weekend.

  4. Wow! If my dad had left me anything REMOTELY as valuable as that id sell it too. Is be able to pay off my house, all other small debts, finish my remod, buy a new car, an still have some left over to give to my moms… Thats damn worth it… I dont understand all the hate on this subject. Its a hunk of metal and rocks you find in the dirt. In life, it has no value, only perceives value. And then to find out lt can replace it for $4k? If i was his son, id ask for that ring too AND id auction it again…

  5. a few thoughts:

    (1) Very thankful LT got nearly a quarter of a mil, and hope he can get it turned around. Going down this path gives me cause for concern though.

    (2) Sad it had come to this, where an NFL LEGEND had to resort to something so humiliating

    (3) The value in something like a ceremonial ring, is largely tied to symbolic value. Wedding rings, engagement rings, and especially Super Bowl rings come to mind for all of us. So to the purchaser of that ring – thank you for the generosity, but man, that is a big chunk of change for a conversation piece that symbolizes despair, sadness and desperation, as much as it does anything else.

    Steeler Nation is pulling for LT — hope that legend can right the ship.

  6. Why all the hate,damn can lt son make some money.yes Taylor had his problems in his life,but that don t make the man a bad person.And for the comment that he had sex with a child ,he was sent a prostitute that he called for,and she stated that she was 20….

  7. Osi is a disgrace. Why, if it’s so important to him, does he need Twitter followers at all. If he was truly virtuous in his heart about giving LT his ring back he wouldn’t give a rat’s arss about Twitter followers. This a nothing more than a very transparent move to get his name in headlines. To this wretched, self aggrandizing, egomaniac, it’s really just a publicity stunt designed to build his own celebrity by pretending to care about LT and in the end Osi’s “cause” here is really…. himself.

  8. @buddybowl69

    It is written idiot. And you can bet you will see these posts repeated in your name on every PFT story, every day when the Giants are 8-8 in 2012 and talking about firing Coughlin… again.

  9. I’d like to see the teams buy back the rings, put them in a big case, then walk all rookies by it every day to remind them that you can win Super Bowls, make millions, and still end up broke trying to pawn the thing you worked so hard for if you aren’t smart with your money.

  10. Scott Norwood finally gets the last laugh…. But if he passes that money on to LT, that will upgrade him to a 15 year old prostitute… what a steal at the price

  11. @ Buddybowl69,

    “The next 10 Super Bowls belong to us, write it down.”

    Glad to see imagination still runs wild in people. What does belong to you is the @ss of the month award. I will write that one down for you.

    Your Giants are the defending champs. Come January, they will then be watching the playoffs from their respective couches. They simply won’t be hungrier than other teams, and will do the same as they did after their SB victory in February of 2008 – either be one and done in the playoffs, or miss them altogether.

    And you can write THAT down……..

  12. Now, back to the point of this article, I am very happy that the ring sold for so much. I hope it can be put to good use, and maybe it will still somehow end up back in the hands of L.T. We will soon find out if there is an upright citizen who bought it, and has more than enough money to have to keep it.

  13. Osi AND the entire Giants organization dropped the ball. Despite his problems off the field since his Hall of Fame career ended, the man deserved some love.

    He is a legend in the game and is responsible for the great run they had in the late 80’s – early 90’s.

    $230K is chump change to the Mara’s. Somebody should have stepped up and made it happen. The Mara’s, the fans, and the city of NY OWE LT.

    Help pick the man up when he is down, don’t kick him again.

  14. Obviously a lot of Eagles fans commenting on this story. Guess that’s what happens when you get tired of reading the Michael Vick/Dog comments. You have to lash out somewhere.

  15. Josh says:
    May 20, 2012 12:21 PM

    It is written idiot. And you can bet you will see these posts repeated in your name on every PFT story, every day when the Giants are 8-8 in 2012 and talking about firing Coughlin… again.

    Joshie, just make sure you spell my name right when you repost everyday as the Giants walk all over your second rate team. The Giants are a DYNASTY that will live on forever in the hearts of all football fans the world over. Coughlin is the greatest and will be here leading the team to the next 10 Super Bowls. Bank on it Joshie. Remember, there is still room on the bandwagon for you, I’ll save you a good seat.

  16. Assuming $300 an hour, that’s 766 friends he can meet in motel rooms. We all know this is where the money is going.

  17. Do you read before you post

    LT was not selling his ring he gave his son the ring and his kid is sold it.

    As for the Giants speaking as a lifetime fan
    If they do not make the playoffs I can always watch a DVD or Video tape of one of the 4 Super Bowls they did win.

    How many teams have won a Super Bowl in each of the last 4 decades?

    I can another 10 years though I doubt I will have to wait that long.

    Eli will get at least one more ring as he walks into Canton

  18. bigbluefan1 says: How many teams have won a Super Bowl in each of the last 4 decades?

    Uhhh….Considering there has only been 3 Superbowls in this decade, your question is quite dumb.

  19. His son selling it is ridiculous in itself. The fact that some pro athletes wanted twitter followers in exchange for buying it for him,shameful. Just do it guys,seriously why didnt you just buy it outright for the guy?

  20. At first I thought it was Vick who bought it but he is broke

    So second guess Andy Reid only way he will ever get a ring is if he buys it

    Another option is Little Philly Rivers
    Must be hell sitting in SD knowing Drew has one and Eli two.

  21. Wow, the stupidity of you people is astounding. LT’s SON sold the ring, NOT HIM!!! He’s not getting a dime of the money and, furthermore, I’d be willing to bet he is not too pleased HIS SON is selling his ring. Also, I think you Ginas fans need to realize you owe last season to Mark Sanchez. If that loser doesn’t have 3 turnovers in the red zone in week 16, you don’t even make the playoffs!! Come back to reality idiots, luck was in your favor. It was hardly a dominant season as you all like to believe.

  22. That’s like what? One game check for some of these guys.

    And that brings me to my next, gentleman, don’t smoke crack.

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