Tebowing will invade Madden 13

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We still don’t believe that there’s a Madden curse.  But it could be that the makers of the game are hoping to avoid a Madden plague.

Via Kotaku.com, Michael Young, the creative director of the Madden game, has disclosed via Twitter that the new version of the popular (in large part because it’s the only) NFL-licensed console video game will include Tebowing.

It’s unknown whether it’s a celebration that will be reserved for Jets backup quarterback/personal punt protector Tim Tebow, or whether there will be a “Tebowing” button that would allow any player to take a knee in prayer after something good happens.

Given that Tebow’s technicolor dream team of lawyers has threatened to sue the makers of a T-shirt that makes no reference to Tebow whatsoever, here’s hoping that the folks at EA have received the appropriate blessings to borrow his trademark move.

86 responses to “Tebowing will invade Madden 13

  1. Oh no, please just have it for Teebow. I will hate to see Marshawn lynch teebowing after a beast mode run

  2. Ok, now, on May 20th, the top 2 stories on PFT are about tebow, and there’s a video link with his smirking mug next on the right margin. Enough. Eeee-nuffffffff!

  3. To even mention that one guy prayers are a new event to football are heresy in itself. TT wasn’t the first man to pray, nor will he be the last.

  4. I wonder if they mean that they will add “wildly erratic passing and an inability to read a defense”.

  5. Madden is licensed by the NFLPA. If Tebow Tebows on an NFL field, he can do it in Madden.

  6. How big of a gimme is the 4th and 2 punt if your the Jets and fake with the direct snap to Tebow? You know the programmers are going to make him Superman from that spot.

  7. Ok, this is ridiculous. If a QB throws a td, he is not going to do the B.J. Raji shuffle or the A Rodge discount double check, be will do his signature dance or celebration. If they actually have “tebowing”, if has to be a team against the Jets, Tebow himself, or anyone who has mocked Tebow by doing this during a game last season. This should not be a button to be abused by every single person but as an atribute towards a player or players.
    BTW, I hate “Tebowing”, and it makes me wonder if any Denver fan will ever Tebow again.

  8. I’ve said it before, I’ll never pay $60 for updated rosters. This game has been more of the same year after year for 7 years running and I don’t consider tebowing to be a change significant enough to bring me back.

  9. Didn’t Hue Jackson take that pose at the end of the Texans game in honor of Al Davis? That was prior to Tebow takin the field. So all Of this is a homage to Coach Al.

  10. another reason to reaffirm my decision to leave this franchise behind for the last 3 years. Madden used to be my go to game from ’95-’08. Its sad what has happened to this game. The devs think they’ve made it more realistic when, in reality, its moved further from it every year.

  11. Why not add Greg Williams doling out money on the sidelines after a player gets knocked out of the game too.

  12. What Madden really needs is competition. This game hasn’t changed much since they got exclusive video game rights.

    Every year they release a new Madden game and what is new other than an updated roster? Not enough to justify $70 that’s for sure!

  13. lolb23 says:
    May 20, 2012 7:49 PM
    As long as they fix the super 20 foot jumping LB’s, I don’t care.


    They did, check out the EA Sports Dev Blog. Fixed it in NCAA too.

  14. Madden is going to suck this year they never focus on gameplay but Greenbay954 you should do online franchise they get addicting if u play with buddies I got to year 7 32 users

  15. How about instead of adding this stupid stuff they do more testing so when they pass an update it doesn’t prevent the game from actually loading. Good thing they bought out their competitors our else they would have been buried by now.

  16. None of the “diva” WRs, or other felons in the NFL should be allowed to ‘Tebow”.

    This means:

    Mike Vick, Jerome Simpson, Ray Lewis, any Cincinnati Bengal, etc.

  17. If they are going to include Tebowing, they should also include the ability to make Tebow cry like a baby when he loses a big game.

  18. To everyone saying madden is the same game year after year is ignorant and sucks at the game. If you can’t tell the differences in gameplay then i feel sorry for you. Sure, it has quite a bit of faults that never really get addressed, but that’s because they have no competition. There are definitely differences in each game

  19. To make it more realistic, everytime a player runs out of bounds on the opposing side, have something happen to them.

    Lyons sideline: they get beaten up.
    Cowboys sideline: they’re offered drugs for sale.
    Jets sideline: they get mugged.
    Raiders sideline: they get stabbed. (could also work for Ravens sideline)

    Well, you get the idea. More realistic.

  20. If you dont like the game dont buy it! It that simple nobody wanna hear you bitch n whine about it

  21. I also hope Denver falls flat on their faces this year. Hate elway the GM. Really hope tebow makes him regret trading him.

  22. raidadon says: May 20, 2012 8:23 PM

    Didn’t Hue Jackson take that pose at the end of the Texans game in honor of Al Davis? That was prior to Tebow takin the field. So all Of this is a homage to Coach Al.


    As much as I am a Raider fan, and as much as I also hate Tebow so much …… for doing so little as well.

    I believe that Tebow was doing this at Florida well before the NFL, before Hue was a thought in silver and black, and before Alabama put his Moms cell phone number on a T-shirt.

    The honest truth is that Denver sacrificed a virgin in an attempt to win the AFC West and a shot at a Lombardi. Twenty years ago Big Al was doing the same thing.

  23. If Tebow is playing against the Pats and/or Bills, I will root REALLY hard for the Jets to lose!!!


    Because Tebowing has to stop!!!!!!

  24. This is getting ridiculous with this guy he is about the most overrated player in the league right now next to his own teammate mark sanchez the guy is pure luck and will never win a super bowl please stop giving him so much credit

  25. since when did getting down on bending knees = tebowing?????

    i thought it was just praising & giving thanks to the Lord Our Savior.

    this has been going on for over 6000 years, and to football players since the beginning of sports.

    but now it is coined tebowing?????

    time to move forward EVERYONE! This ritual is older then 24 year old timmy!

  26. Dont get me wrong tebow is decent but for ea to put tebowing in the effing game before fixing franchise is dumb. lets put family play n other worthless things in a game and sell it for 60 bucks. great job america

  27. “As long as they fix the super 20 foot jumping LB’s, I don’t care.”

    So many interceptions on passes to a seemingly wide open TE.

  28. Why is this called “Tebowing” anyway? I’ve seen plenty of other players pull that little stunt. Let’s flag it for unsportsmanlike conduct every time, please. It’s at least as appropriate as flagging an endzone dance.

  29. Didn’t Plaxico Burress get down on a knee after his game winning catch in the Super Bowl to end the Pat’s perfect record?? It should be called ‘Plaxicing’ because he did it on the biggest stage and after the biggest moment of one of the most memorable games in the history of the league!!

  30. My honest opinion about Tebow is that he is a terrible qb. Maybe the worst i have ever seen. Denver’s defense was outstanding last year. I said last year that Tebow will not even be a starter on any NFL team this year. He really is that bad. Terrible fundamentals in the passing aspect of the qb position. The way he runs it is going to get him destroyed. You can only have count on luck for so long.. Tebow had luck with a great defense bailing him out alot of times. Sanchez is a better qb. Tebow will just cause more un needed drama in the locker room, as if Rex and his big mouth dont have enough drama.

  31. that helps explain what ea is doing with their development time since they sure as heck arent dedicating it to creating a playable football game. the game is virtually unplayable and has been ever since they started trying to make a “next gen” version. if only they didnt have the ability to hold us hostage every year with another slapped together version of foozball. scrap the whole thing and start over ea cause a polished turd is still a freaking turd!

  32. I’d like to see the occasional helmet pop off the players head after a hard hit.

    Injuries occurring before games, i.e. practice. So that come game time you have to make unexpected changes to the line up.

    Occasionally muffed FG attempts to add more drama instead of always nailing them.

    …just to name a few.

  33. Just dont call it Tebowing…..because it’s not. It wasnt Tebowing in the 2000’s, it wasn’t Tebowing in the 90’s or the 80’s. Why is it Tebowing now? Because? Looks like kneeling and/or praying to me…unless Tebow owns the rights to praying.

  34. Madden has been a joke for awhile. They bought the rights to use NFL rosters so they can do whatever they want to their game and still sell millions of copies because it’s the only thing available. Haven’t played it since 10 and that didn’t last long.

  35. I haven’t bought a Madden game in 3 or 4 years now because EA is more concerned with adding stupid nonsense like this instead of fixing their crappy gameplay one iota.

    Thanks again EA for the yearly reminder that you don’t care anything about football or videogames.

  36. NFL players have been doing that prayer pose for many decades. I can remember WRs doing it in the endzone in the 90s, 80s, 70s.

  37. I don’t care about “Tebowing”, i do care is when this game will come out for PC!

  38. “As long as they fix the super 20 foot jumping LB’s, I don’t care.”

    I second this, Lolb23. Same goes for NCAA football.

    While they are at it, how about making play action work? It seems like every time I pick a play action pass, my QB is sacked or nearly sacked. The LB thing got me to trade the game in within a few weeks. I was tired of trying to throw over the middle only to have a 70 in vertical leap LB make a play on the ball.

  39. EA also announced a new rating for both players and coaches: ethics. This rating, depending on whether it’s high or low, will determine whether the players and coaches put their money into charity golf tournaments or bounty pools.

  40. i dont understand how anybody can defend ea on the quality of their recent madden games. when the old ps2 versions are still better than the newest versions, theres something seriously wrong. the main draw every year is the updated rosters, and that has nothing to do with development of the game. just because the only football game you know is on a ps3 or 360, doesnt mean you know what makes a good football game.

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