Wife’s faked suicide attempt led Antonio Cromartie to alert police

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Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie called the police last year when his pregnant wife texted him to say she had slit her wrists and taken pills — part of a fake suicide attempt she carried out because she thought he was cheating on her.

That’s the word from a bizarre New York Post report that details the frantic early morning call that Cromartie placed to the police on May 6, 2011.

Terricka Cromartie texted Antonio Cromartie that day saying, “God forgive me, I don’t want to die. What have I done?” and “I cut my wrists. I took those pills.”

Cromartie was in Miami at the time and called the police in Randolph Township, New Jersey, where he lives. That led the police to rush to the home and knock on the door. When no one answered, the police — thinking Terricka could be bleeding to death inside — broke down the doors with an ax and a sledgehammer. But when they entered they found her healthy and resting in bed with her two daughters.

Terricka confirmed to the responding officers that she had sent the texts, saying they were part of a ploy to get her husband’s attention because she believed he was having an affair.

“She stated that she had no intention of going through with the act,” the police report said. “She said she was exercising her First Amendment right to free speech and could say whatever she wanted.”

Actually, the First Amendment doesn’t give people the right to say whatever they want, and the most commonly cited exception is shouting fire in a crowded theater, which is speech that could endanger others. Terricka Cromartie endangered the responding officers when she led her husband to tell the police they needed to rush to her home, and those officers eventually took her in for a psychiatric evaluation, which led the state’s child-protection agency to take temporary care of her daughters.

Whatever issues Terricka and Antonio were having a year ago, they remain married. Terricka gave birth shortly after the fake suicide attempt, and she recently wrote on Twitter that she was pregnant with twins (who would be Antonio’s 11th and 12th children), although reports have indicated that her claim of being pregnant was just as fake as her alleged suicide attempt.

64 responses to “Wife’s faked suicide attempt led Antonio Cromartie to alert police

  1. Stupid messed up people do stupid messed up things.

    I am, of course referring to her not only marrying Cromartie but also adding to his ridiculous collection of irresponsibility trophies.

  2. Just like Pops told me, they are ALL crazy, one way or the other.

    Also, looks like Cromartie didn’t get the “wrap that rascal” talk from his Pops- 12 little cromarties? I forgot how many different women.

    Seems excessive, but that’s just me.

  3. WOW! I could almost understand how she came up with that conclusion. His 11th and 12th CHILD (Not Children) ??!?!?!? He is going to be in a lot of trouble when he leaves the NFL and has to continue to pay support with a lot smaller paycheck.

  4. I believe there is an applicable colloquial phrase that goes some thing like “women” be trifflin.

    P.S. Im like 98% sure he was cheating on her. the dude obviously has a Tiger Woods like addiction problem

  5. She must be able to suck a egg through a straw. (if you get my drift)

    That’s has to be the only reason he stays with her.

    Or her posterior rivals Serena Williams. Either or.

    I’m not being stereotypical. I’m just saying what I see out here in the hood. Money doesn’t change a man.

  6. Just read about an idiot w/min. wage job and 30, yea thirty, kids w/eleven women.

    AC , by comparison, sounds like a genius and a relatively normal person. We all know better.

    At least, AC can afford his ten kids thanks to his NFL career. Here’s hoping that he has a very dependable accountant/financial planner to insure that he can maintain that support once his career and big$$ are over.

    This event is warning that AC must also have shrinks on retainer wherever each of his baby mommas reside. If he plans on having contact with all of his kids and bms, he’ll need one too.

  7. Next article is going to be cromtarie’s wife joins the suit against the nfl for too many concussions. Hey if Robert Edwards could why couldn’t she.

  8. Cromartie is an idiot and that’s what he gets for having all those kids with them sack chasers……poor kids though…

  9. bertenheim says: May 20, 2012 3:57 PM

    The biggest problem with kids these days is the people who have them.
    That is SO perfect..I’ll be stealing that one!

    Why is it that rich/famous/type dudes LOVE the drama queen women? Is it some weird macho thing???
    I swear the only NFL dudes as a group who generally marry normal women are o-linemen.

  10. thegreatgabbert says: May 20, 2012 5:19 PM

    What would lead her to believe he was fooling around?


    Kids younger than the kids he has with her?

  11. CKL says: May 20, 2012 5:22 PM

    Why is it that rich/famous/type dudes LOVE the drama queen women? Is it some weird macho thing???


    Regular guys have to actually work at attracting women, and normal women have to be wooed.

    Famous men don’t have to work at it, because women just throw themselves at them. And I know a lot of people believe any woman would throw herself at certain athletes or actors, but the truth is, only a specific type of woman behaves that way.

    And it’s a symptom of being a bit crazy.

  12. She flipped out when besides not knowing the names of his kids Cro is having trouble remembering the name of his baby mamas.

    Sounds like another future concussion suit.

  13. Lets see,why would she think he cheated on her? could it be the 10,or is it 12,children he has with other women? seriously,girl,dump him anyway. Who needs the grief.

  14. Forget the vasectomy … that dude needs an orchiectomy or he will bankrupt the whole country once he quits playing and the cash runs out …

  15. I went to a theater last night with you. I have an idea if you and I had gotten up and marched around that theater, whether we said anything or not, we would have been arrested. Nobody has ever said that the First Amendment gives people a right to go anywhere in the world they want to go or say anything in the world they want to say. Buying the theater tickets did not buy the opportunity to make a speech there. We have a system of property in this country which is also protected by the Constitution. We have a system of property, which means that a man does not have a right to do anything he wants anywhere he wants to do it. For instance, I would feel a little badly if somebody were to try to come into my house and tell me that he had a constitutional right to come in there because he wanted to make a speech against the Supreme Court. I realize the freedom of people to make a speech against the Supreme Court, but I do not want him to make it in my house.
    That is a wonderful aphorism about shouting “fire” in a crowded theater. But you do not have to shout “fire” to get arrested. If a person creates a disorder in a theater, they would get him there not because of what he hollered but because he hollered. They would get him not because of any views he had but because they thought he did not have any views that they wanted to hear there. That is the way I would answer not because of what he shouted but because he shouted.

    -Hugo Black, Supreme Justice

  16. Hopefully his wife becomes sane, he becomes responsible and is able to take care of his TWELVE kids. But Father Abraham he ain’t.

    But if him and his wife did go their seperate ways at some point, can you imagine the societal nightmare that would take place if he later hooked up with Octomom?

  17. Here’s how this works for those who’ve never heard of this.

    In the urban community there are women who get pregnant professionally. They find the best college athlete (IE the guy who’s going to be making money) “forget” to take their birth control pills or whatever they told the guy they were using that they really weren’t and BOOM major child support payday and/or marriage payday as soon as the commissioner says his name in the draft. Mrs Cromartie is no doubt one of these women.

    What’s sad is this has been going on forever and these geniuses still fall for it.

  18. Hello, Narcissism … meet Pathological.

    With symptoms like “insane jealousy” & “inability to reliably process how your actions impact others” & “emotional instability of a spoiled, self-entitled teenager” & “propensity for blackmailing behavior” it has to be good!

    Abandonment or other abuse issues of neglect in childhood would be one of your red flag indicators to be looking for going in.

    & f’r God’s sake watch out if you ever try to hold them honestly accountable for their behaviors!

  19. A lot more “lotto” in the hood besides athletes.

    Marry a cop
    Marry a fireman

    It’s called the “Irish Lotto”.

    It’s one half a pension for almost ever. Four grand a month and the free apartment because your sister has a banger’s kid and got the section 8. Not to mention the welfare checks that the mother is getting.

    I’ve seen this over and over and over…

  20. she shouldn’t have married a football player knowing his lifestyle involves traveling a lot..when he has 12 kids by multiple women, insecurity stays in a woman mind and this incident is no surprise.

  21. Mr. Cromartie, someone needs to introduce you to Tom Leykis. Might have saved your life. Actually now I wanna here him bag on you! What a Tool having all that drama in your life!

  22. Fool better win a Super Bowl. It’ll give him a ring to sell when he is broke and retired. Dude, you gotta dump that drama t wat.

  23. george3246 says: May 20, 2012 4:12 PM

    Just read about an idiot w/min. wage job and 30, yea thirty, kids w/eleven women.

    Yeah, I saw that one too. Guys like that really irritate me….

    I think that there should be some kind of standardized minimum amount for child support and penalties for those who can’t meet their obligations. Let’s set up some government-run farms where they have to work every day and are not allowed to leave the grounds or have non-family visitors, and all profit is given to the care of the children. They can only get out if they maintain a job that will satisfy their obligations. The irony of that would be amusing….

    Then again, there should be a maximum amount of child support given to illegitimate children. How much does it cost to provide a child’s basic needs? I know single moms who manage to make due on less than $10k/year. It certainly doesn’t require six or seven figures.

  24. This happened a year ago and its just hitting the media now? I guess someone finally came up for some air out of Tebow’s butt to notice this.

  25. You were kidding with that whole ” irish lotto” marry a cop or firefighter thing right lololol one of the funniest comments ever ……………someone tell these b@tchez get a job having babies is a two way thing come on

  26. And Terrell Owens was on Dr. Phil for having 4 kids with 4 women? Wow. Just wow.

  27. Once again Florio can’t handle the fact his blatant hypocrisy was pointed out in a clean post so throws a trantrum and censors another post as this one will be. GROW A PAIR Florio!!!

  28. This is bigger than Florio now I assume, although his columns seem to be the ones that get censored the most…..

    I assume he has a sense of humor, I mean look at his hair….

  29. potviking says: Borderline Personality (disorder) is what that is.

    PBD is an extreme manifestation in the spectrum of pathological narcissism, with true psychopathy/sociopathy(i.e. Antisocial PD) being [i] the[/i] most extreme.

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