Cassel believes in himself, calls OTA process “pivotal”

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Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel has become the center of some controversy in Kansas City, given a disappointing performance from the team and Cassel personally in 2011 — and in light of an acknowledged effort by the team to sign Peyton Manning during the offseason.  Instead, Cassel must fend off Brady Quinn, who already knows the new offense given his time in Cleveland, along with up-and-comer Ricky Stanzi, who could indeed be the team’s quarterback of the future.

But Cassel isn’t ready to concede anything.

“I believe in myself, and I know I’m a good quarterback,” Cassel told Sports Radio 610 in Kansas City on Monday.  “Of course there are going to be criticisms and everything like that, and that’s part of the business.  But at the same time at the end of the day I know that I’m going to go out there and I’m going to compete each and every day.  I’m going to give you 110 percent.  And hopefully it’s all going to go in the right direction, we’re going to win a lot of ball games, get in the playoffs, and ideally we’d like to win a Super Bowl.”

Cassel then went Balboa in defending his track record.

“Do I feel like I can you out there and win ball games?  Absolutely,” Cassel said, while also conceding that it’s part of his job to be a game manager.  “Do I feel like in the fourth quarter, do I want the ball in my hands with two minutes left?  Absolutely.  Have I done it before?  Absolutely.  I’m mean, the two years I’ve started full seasons, I’ve won 10-plus games, which is hard to do.”

In separate comments to the media, Cassel talked about the importance of Organized Team activities to the team’s preparations for the 2012 season.

“I think you come together as a team,” Cassel said, via quotes distributed by the team. “You build that camaraderie. You’re out on the field, you’re working on technique, you’re working on skills and you can’t spend enough time together as a group, as a unit, especially offensively with the new offensive scheme to really tone our skills. These OTAs are pivotal for us as an offense and also as a team. . . .

“I think we get a lot out of these OTAs. I think every day that we can be out here together as a unit, as a group, build that camaraderie and continue to hone our skills and work together is going to be a step in the right direction. These OTAs are pivotal for us, especially being that it’s a new offense, new offensive terminology and scheme, and just try to get better each and every day.”

One guy who isn’t getting better with the team is receiver Dwayne Bowe, the team’s unsigned franchise player.  Cassel told 610 that he has tried on several occasions to call Bowe, but that Bowe keeps changing his phone number.

He’ll likely start answering his phone once the team gives him the right number of a different kind.

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  1. Well, isn’t that nice? He believes in himself. Problem solved, no need to draft a quarterback now.

  2. Matt look into a mirror and repeat after me.
    I am Matt Cassel and people like me.
    Repeat everyday during the football season.

  3. Cassel played in a very QB friendly system in New England behind the best offensive line in football. He hadn’t played a down in football since high schoool, and he looked like a pro bowler when he went in after Brady’s injury.

    Welcome to the real world Matt!!

  4. I also thinkk this is Quinns chance at redemption. He came cheap so if he beats out Cassel, thats all she wrote for Matt C

  5. In the two seasons that Cassel “won” over 10 games he had the incredibly deaf dumb and blind luck to be in the weakest divisions in the entire NFL — remember in his 11 win season with the Pats he didn’t even make the playoffs and the Dolphins who were 1 and freakin’ 15 the year before actually won the division — while also rotating through the 2nd weakest division in the NFL.

    Scott Pioli’s sole claim to fame is accidentally drafting Tom Brady in the 6th round and he was actually arrogant eneough to think that he really had an eye for QB talent and could do another QB zero to hero.

    I don’t know of an NFL team that Cassel could be starting for besides the Chiefs.

  6. Watching the Super Bowl the past two years and the performances Manning and Rodgers had. All I could think is. There’s no way I could ever in a million years see Cassel making any of the throws these guys were making. He sucks, don’t care what he thinks of himself. He looks completley lost out there. He can thank BB and the Chiefs running game for all his “wins”

  7. His 2 best seasons came after Brady went down and he got to play with the team that went 18-1 the year before, arguably one of the best teams ever, then his next best year came when the chiefs won 10 games all without beating a single team with a winning record. Matt you are a fluke in its truest form. Believe that.

  8. I’d love to see Cassel step up and rise to a higher level of play. I believe that the Chiefs organization has made adjustments in the offseason to improve his chances, namely adding Winston. The return of a healthy Jamaal Charles and Tony Moeaki should make an immediate impact as well.

  9. When you have to “fend off” Brady Quinn, it might be time to hang it up! That’s quite a statement about the Chiefs QB situation!

  10. aaronp2098 says:
    May 21, 2012 8:24 PM

    Has to fend off B Quinn???? Jesus we need to upgrade just 1 more position till then no way to get out of AFC to play in SB


    Just one more position?

    Listen, I get the KC Chief hype. In fact, I do believe they’re playoff contenders – in an average AFC West (2011: 8-8, 8-8, 8-8, 7-9), and second to the NFC (for now, at least). Romeo went 2-1 down the stretch, etc.

    But how are they “set” in every position excluding QB?

    Defensive Line: Tyson Jackson (who just took millions off his deal to secure a spot), Glenn Dorsey (does not give full effort), and what back-ups? Allen Bailey? I see huge potential in Poe, but potential is just that, potential..

    They lost Brandon Carr – picked up Routt (8+ TD’s given up last year) – I like Lewis and Berry, but Javier Arenas hasn’t been the defensive player everyone thought he’d be. Having said that – Derek Johnson, Houston, Berry, and Hali alone will make them competitive.

    Offensive line is in top shape, backfield looks pretty, but I’m not comfortable with their receiving corps as a whole. Baldwin made some catches, but I question his effort day to day. I like Stevey B as a #3, #4. Eventually, Bowe will be getting paid somewhere – but I’m not a fan. Again, his effort, ego and the play against Pitt last year where he gave up (Alligator Arms)!

    Cassell – no way, I’d be more excited about Quinn – is that bad? It is. Romeo can thank Kyle Orton and Tamba Hail/Justin Houston. Chiefs are competitive but Denver wins the division (Peyton Manning, have to take his team), and Chargers are close.

  11. Quinn medicine woman, ask Brown fans they will tell you how much he sucks. Nothing to fear here Cassel.

  12. @objectivenflfan

    Jackson and Dorsey have shown steady improvement year to year. They aren’t playing like top 5 picks, but they are playing like starters. Routt isn’t that much worse than Carr. He’ll benefit from having Flowers across from him, much like he did from having Nnamdi across from him in Oakland. Arenas actually made some nice defensive plays late in the season. I think he’ll be fine.

    The consensus from the early stages of this offseason seems to be that Baldwin is committed to becoming a great receiver. Breaston said that the sky is the limit for him and that nobody pays more attention in the classroom than he does. Bowe has had effort problems in the past, but he’s matured a lot in the last couple of years. That play against Pittsburgh would have been an INT no matter what. Palko threw that ball out of Bowe’s reach.

    Cassel is definitely not a top 10 QB, but it’s unfair that people on PFT act like he’s worse than Leaf and Russell combined. If he can play like he did in 2010 (get the ball in the hands of the playmakers and limit mistakes), then this team is in good shape. Also, let’s not forget that Matt Moore looked pretty dang good in Brian Daboll’s system. Maybe he can get Cassel playing like that.

  13. Chiefs fans are dumb. When a team loses virtually all of their offensive weapons in one season, then you are not going to do anything. Forget it. Look to next season. Cassell is plenty good enough to lead the teams into the playoffs with the offensive weapons they have, if healthy. Typical fans always looking to the unproven backup QB when you have a QB already that led you to the playoffs just the year before last.

  14. Cassel is the best, most proven QB on the roster no question.

    Brady Quinn has had enough chances that it is safe to say he is not going to suddenly “get it”. Stanzi may indeed be the QB of the future but that means nothing in the short term.

    Matt’s our guy this year and there is no doubt the team can win with him (they’ve done it before gang), so quit yer whining and let’s see how it plays out.

  15. “…and ideally we’d like to win a Super Bowl.”

    Well, yeah. Ideally, you’d like to. And ideally I’d like to be bumping uglies with Christina Hendricks every night.

  16. The Chiefs are–you could almost say–stacked at every position except QB. You could see it in the draft, other than NT they didn’t really have any needs, and they drafted the big NT with their first pick. The rest of their picks were all to build depth. Their only problem is that having a stacked team with Matt Cassel quarterbacking it is kind of like buying brand new Lamborghini and then putting a Prius engine in it.

  17. Quinn will not be KC’s starting QB this year unless there is an injury to Cassel, which is quite possible. Romeo does love him some BQ tho…

  18. We will win in spite of Cassel. Play really good D and run the ball, A LOT!

    Apparently the “objectivenflfan” doesn’t know anything about this Chiefs team. His whole post proved that much. The only thing he was close on was the opinion on Cassel, and as I said, we will overcome that.

  19. rayvens says: May 21, 2012 8:41 PM

    M.Cassel, k.Kolb, and M.Flyn….who will when this yrs most overpaid player award?


    How is Flynn included in this “jab”? Go Google the contracts these guys are getting paid. Actually, I will for u.

    Cassell:63 million, 28 million guranteed
    Kolb: 65 million, 21 million guaranteed
    Flynn: 26 million, 10 million guaranteed

    Compared to what kolb and cassell got paid, and how much of a difference there is in the guarantee money, I don’t think Flynn was as a high priced risk as the other two qbs mentioned.

  20. If Stanzis the qbotf why couldn’t he surpass Tyler Palko? Cassel’s the type of QB that if he were to win people would say “well, if Cassel, Dilfer, and Brad Johnson can do it, anyone can”.

  21. Cassell: 63 million, 28 million guaranteed
    Wow, no need to say anything else. 🙂

  22. Funny, I didn’t see a lot of fire in Matt Cassel last year until Todd Haley was yelling at him. Maybe Todd Haley really did know how to fire up certain players.

  23. Bowe keeps changing his phone number because he doesn’t want to talk to Cassel. Now thats hilarious!!!!!! On a serious note Mr Bowe you are going to make 9.4 million big ones this upcoming season. Enough already. Stop with the GREED!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. cassell won’t lead the chiefs anywhere…sadly until he’s gone nothing will happen for the team…although by the time he’s gone all of our good players will have already left and signed better contracts with better teams, putting the. chiefs in the same position they’ve been in the past 10 years

  25. Matt cassel I hope u read this u suck ur not a franchise WB and well never win a Superbowl as long as ur our qb u couldn’t win a Superbowl with the pats when u filled in for Brady the best team in the NFL at the time so I don’t care what excuse anybody has for u but u suck and at best ur a number 2 qb u suck u suck

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