D.J. Williams DUI case results in mistrial

Getty Images

Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams currently has a couple of pending legal actions.  In addition to suing the league over a six-game suspension under the steroids policy, he’s facing criminal DUI charges.

A trial in the latter case started on Monday.  And it ended on Monday.

According to the Associated Press, a mistrial was declared after the judge failed to give Williams’ lawyer, Harvey Steinberg, three strikes during jury selection.  Instead, Steinberg received only two challenges.

The error wasn’t realized until after the jury selection process had concluded and the other potential jurors had been released from duty.

”It’s a mistake in the math,” Steinberg said.

That’s one hell of a mistake.  The judge failed to count.  To three.

The incident happened in 2010.  Trial has been delayed several times.  They’ll try to have another trial on August 15.

Hopefully next time the judge won’t be expected to count to four.