Eric Dickerson joins concussion lawsuit against the NFL

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Hall of Fame running back Eric Dickerson is the latest former superstar to sue the NFL over concussions.

Dickerson is part of a group of 15 retired players who filed a new suit against the NFL, claiming the league failed to adequately address concussions and their long-term consequences, reports.

Others involved in this lawsuit include former AFL All-Star running back Hoyle Granger, who played in the 1960s and 1970s for the Houston Oilers and New Orleans Saints, and the estates of deceased former players David Lunceford and Ernie Stautner, both of whom were suffering from Alzheimer’s disease when they died.

Dickerson is one of the biggest names to join the concussion lawsuits to date. He led the league in rushing four times, was a six-time Pro Bowler and gained more than 13,000 total yards for the Rams, Colts, Raiders and Falcons. In retirement he’s had a number of TV jobs, including working as a sideline reporter on Monday Night Football.

More than 2,200 former players have joined a total of 80 concussion-related suits against the league.

55 responses to “Eric Dickerson joins concussion lawsuit against the NFL

  1. Just start telling us who ISN’T suing the league. It’s easier. Also, there is a decent chance this will bring down the NFL for good. A judgement in favor of 2,200 plaintiffs will clean the league out. I don’t think enough people are talking about that very real possibility.

  2. The players have ZERO chance of winning this as everyone thought concussions were “cob webs” and nobody was screaming about concerns about possible long term damage. “You should have known” is not a legal term and all these suits will be tossed. Now what the Cleveland Browns did to Colt McCoy was nearly criminal. He nearly got beheaded and the Browns said they “missed it because the trainers were working on other players”. They really screwed that deal up big time.

  3. That’s good they need to sue Karma is a beast that from talking so bad about the saints and their fans good for you Goodell ha ha!!

  4. Tavia47, these lawsuits Are the reason saints got the hammer from Goodell. He’s trying to help the league not get expose to more lawsuits. The bounties will create more lawsuits.

  5. who even cares? can we just go ahead and figure on pretty much everyone who ever played the game will be joining this suit and move on? Is this really news anymore? Are we supposed to say “OOOOOOOO, now ERIC DICKERSON is involved and That changes Everything”? Who will it be tomorrow, Wed, Thurs? Big friggin deal already. By the way, when does this thing ever go to court? Couldn’t the NFL finally say just say “OK, it’s on! Let’s get to court before the rest of the world wants in on this.?”

  6. It would be funny if the courts awarded the players $1 to split amongst all of them.

    Concussions are part of any sport if you really think about it, and to blame the NFL for concussions shows how naive these guys are. They signed up to play. Injuries are part of the game.

  7. I know it didn’t happen during a game o’ Tecmo Bowl because he was UNTOUCHABLE in that mofo.

  8. More respect for Earl Campbell. That man came out of the game to being as close as you can to being an invalid but you don’t hear a peep from him nor does he complain. He respects the game and understands what the risks were brother. BRAVO EARL CAMPBELL.

  9. What is taking so long for these players to decide whether or not they had a concussion ? And how is it the NFL’s fault? They all knew the possibilities of injury when they started. Maybe they need to sue the player that caused the injury?

  10. You mean to tell me these guys didn’t think an excruciating headache, disorientation, & damage to the body’s most vital organ wouldn’t have long-term consequences?

  11. dickerson wore every pad known to mankind. does this mean he thinks the NFL should have done more to protect him, though he took every precaution, played way past his expiration date, and STILL thinks he was wronged??

  12. Step 1 – neglect education to get paid a lot better than real working men.

    Step 2 – live a great lifestyle.

    Step 3 – mismanage money and leave yourself broke with no education.

    Step 4 – Try to tap the job that gave you a great lifestyle you couldn’t hang on to and say it’s their fault.

    Love the American way!

  13. Sorry but the first thing flashing through my mind on seeing this headline was he got enough from SMU. It’s tougher to have empathy in some cases than others.

  14. If the former players win football is toast.

    Besides if they win on concussions whats to say they don’t sue for knee injuries, broken fingers, dis-located shoulders.

    If they win it will never end. And the ambulance chasing lawyers win get the biggest part of it. This is a sad time for football.

  15. What does Dickerson think, they were going to parachute him into the end zone so he won’t get hit. Give me a break.

  16. I have lost all respect for these guys. As is the case in our society, there are the deserving, and the abusers. For example, work men’s comp is necessary for some, yet, it is a system that gets abused. Same with unemployment. What is next? The seven-man sleds of the NFL will make a case……??.

  17. They may be onto something. Tobacco companies got sued from people that smoked and they won. Everyone should understand that they are not responsible for what they do. I am thinking of driving drunk tomorrow and sue someone for me doing that.

  18. Nooooo!!! Dont tell me E. D. too. He was my favorite running back. I wouldve never imagined in a million years he’d piggie back on this. Wow!!

  19. Dickerson is part of a group of 15 retired players who filed a new suit against the NFL, claiming the league failed to adequately address concussions and their long-term consequences,

    then he can file a new suit against me for failing to adequately give a rats ass.
    What is laughable is the fact that if it werent for football, half these jokers wouldnt have even made it into college…
    too bad too sad

  20. Mr. Dickenson,

    It is not the NFL’s job to make sure you get off your butt and see your Neurologist. It is called using your PPO.


    Everyone else in America who has ever had a severe concussion.

  21. Eric, you would have never retired if you knew the risks.

    Want proof? In 1993 Dickerson was traded to the Packers mid-season, but failed his physical. He had a bulging disc and the Packer doctors felt he was at risk of serious injury or paralysis.

    Mike Holmgren was quoted as saying “Even after we explained the risks to him and all that stuff, he (Dickerson) goes ‘No I still want to play…I’ve always played with this. I am alright’.

    The Packers wouldn’t let him play, and no one else would sign him. Career over.

    Look it up. Dubuque Telegraph-Herald, October 15th, 1993.

  22. And I’m sure Ernie Stautner would loath his estate suing.

    Ernie once said, “You’ve got to be a man who wants to hurt somebody. You know where I am going for? The quarterback’s face. It hurts in the face.”

  23. How can these idiots sit there and claim they didn’t know the dangers of playing this game? People have DIED playing football. They’ve been paralyzed. Did they really think that their noggins getting jarred around all the time wasn’t damaging?

    No one forced these tools to play football. And what’s worse is I have no doubt that the players of today’s game that are all saying “we knew what we signed up for” would join this lawsuit in a heartbeat if they weren’t playing.

    It’s all about the benjamins.

  24. Problem with these lawsuits is that you cannot prove damage until you are dead on an autopsy table, so anyone who has played in the NFL and experienced a headache can sue.

    Also, when in court, the NFL will point to the Peyton Manning statement and other similar statements where they lie on their preseason consussion screenings so they can resume playing sooner. The NFL will point to the current players, who have all the knowledge that the former players did not, and still have decided to play.

    In other words, if the NFL lose this suit because a jury found that the NFL did suppress concussion data, how much would the NFL be liable for if nothing would have changed if they did not suppress it?

  25. Young Dicker – That’s what that sweet neck brace was suppose to help prevent. Why don’t you go sue the manufacturer as well for selling bad equipment.

  26. Maybe instead of the “Days since last arrest” counter, you can have a “Number of former players suing the NFL over concussions” counter on the website…

  27. @twindaddy…. I could not agree more! As I’ve pointed out before they knew and took on extraordinary risks to play this game. People have died and been paralyzed. If you knew that and continued to play you cannot sue the league.

  28. Simple case of man vs machine. Players(man) and the NFL (machine). My question from reading these blogs is that , Are so many people really missing the issue? These players gave the game all they had mentally and physically and when they had an head injury, they were told to shake it off get back in there and do your job. So they attempted to focus and keep playing while the NFL held information that very much said otherwise , very much otherwise and they neglected to delivery the information to its employees. Plan , period, simple….So to think that the retired players dont have a leg to stand on is officially obsurd.

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