Heckert says Browns “fully expect” Weeden to be starter

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Some mixed signals have emerged from Berea regarding whether the Browns will install quarterback Brandon Weeden as the starter in his rookie season.  On Monday night, G.M. Tom Heckert provided perhaps the clearest description yet of where things stand.

“I think when we say open competition, the best guy is gonna play,” Heckert told reporters at the 33rd annual Akron Browns Backers banquet, via Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon-Journal.  “That’s the way it is, but we drafted Brandon Weeden to be that guy   You draft a guy 22nd in the draft, you think he’s gonna be that guy.  You can write it and talk about it however you want.  The best guy’s gonna play, but we fully expect Brandon to be that guy.  Now if he’s not, and Colt [McCoy] plays better or Seneca [Wallace], whoever, but right now that’s our goal is to have [Weeden] be the guy.”

Heckert also said he can envision both McCoy and Wallace being on the final 53-man roster, even though speculation has persisted that McCoy will be traded.

Given the team’s experience in 2007, when Derek Anderson played before then-rookie Brady Quinn and played well enough to keep Quinn on the bench into 2008, when neither guy was able to succeed, it makes much more sense to install Weeden as the starter and see what happens.

It also makes sense to move McCoy, who could quickly become more popular than ever before if Weeden struggles early in his career.

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  1. Sounds reasonable to me, especially since Weeden is 28 years old, as the article failed to mention. You don’t draft a 28-year-old with the idea that maybe he’ll be ready to play in a few years. If he doesn’t play right away, you wasted your draft pick. Anyway, it seems highly likely that Weeden will play immediately. The question is whether he will be any good.

  2. Don’t the Bengals practice in Berea, Kentucky, during the offseason? What is with Ohio teams practicing in places named “Berea”?

    Oh, and to save anyone else the time/ lame energy: “Drew Brees wants an explanation.”

  3. They need to keep McCoy to have a quality back up in case Harrison breaks Brandon’s wee wee!

  4. One of Wallace or McCoy will be gone by the start of the year, imo.

    Shurmur still likes Thad Lewis in the developmental role and he’s flashed in preseason. Just me speculating but I suspect the loser of the McCoy/Wallace battle is dumped.

  5. Weeden will be the starter come Week 1. I sense a bit of a chip on his shoulder and genuineness when he talks about playing football. He’s also got a better arm than McCoy and can get the ball down the field, which now makes a player like Cribbs useful on offense as a potent deep threat and not expendable. Add T-Rich and he has a ground game to work with.

    The offense will be better with Weeden behind center.

  6. Browns are ready for a stable situation at QB. As much as every Brown would like to see Colt succeed they also understand he will not be that guy. Time for a change and hopefully Weeden ignites a spark in this team. Cleveland needs a leader.

  7. I’m still shocked management put themselves (us) in this position with a gamble at QB with the 22nd pick with so many holes to fill. Shocked. Even as a Browns fan.

  8. It’s hard to judge coming out of these college option spread offenses. McCoy was more of a run option where Weedon is more pass option. OSU chucked the ball all over the field last year.

    Ultimately Weedon “is the guy” due to draft position, ability, etc. Let’s figure out what this guy can or can’t do so we either herald him as a franchise savior or they guy who played QB before Matt Barkley.

  9. I bet the rest of the AFC North is hoping he is the starter…the Bengals ranked 7th overall in defense, the Ravens ranked third in defense and the Steelers ranked 1st in total defense….those three defenses will make his life miserable. Just what a rookie QB should want to see 6 times..plus the NFC east for 4 games….sounds like a lot of fun for a rookie QB

  10. Weeden had better not suck. I thought the team should go with Colt for one more year. I hope H & H are right with this pick.

    That is all.

  11. i really wish the Browns would sign or trade for a veteran QB that knows the WCO . one who can help Weeden out this season . maybe AJ Feeley ? Seneca Wallace has changed his mind all of a sudden about ” helping out ” ..yeah your non productive azz is about to get cut and you know it . how much Wallace can help is up in the air .

  12. Hey Brandon, you seem like a kewl and funny guy hehe ;). We should like totally hang out together, how does…. errrr…. Sept 9th @ 1 PM sound? See u then ❤


    ❤ Trent Cole & Jason Babin ❤

  13. Unfortunately, the Browns are not a playoff team this year. Might as well put Weeden in there, make sure he’s wearing his Life Alert button, and get some experience for future years…

  14. Weeden is already going to get the majority of the reps with the first team. You heard it here first.

  15. It will all work out just fine whther it’s Weeden or Mccoy, the aging decrepid defenses in the Afc North are on the decline, while the browns D continues to work its way to the top. Now with a solid “o” oline and the best RB in the division, the balance of power begins to shift and the Brownies will soon reclaim their rightfull spot atop the AFC north and dominating for the next decade. It’s True, Let it be written ,so let it be done!

  16. It would be silly to get rid of colt. He’s too young to write off and if weeden gets hurt you never know colt might come back a little more comfortable.

  17. @yeahyeahyeahbono14: The Bengals don’t train in Berea, Kentucky. They train in Georgetown, Kentucky.

  18. It doesnt matter who’s the starting QB. Their job will be to just hand the ball off to T-Rich. The Browns need some WRs to help out their QB. Greg Little can be a solid # 2, but they need that Stud WR

  19. We have the worst head coach in football (Browns, 2011)….and don’t even think about giving that a thumbs down it’s the absolute TRUTH! Guy couldn’t coach an all-star team to a .500 record. And I know press conferences and interviews have nothing to do with wins…but my god…the guy is a moron. Listen to him talk and tell me this is a guy who is going to get us to the playoffs! I can’t say that out loud without starting to laugh.


    1.) Browns, Cleveland. (2011) Weeks 1-16 season video archives.

  20. How many top pick GB’s have the the Browns drafted in the first 3 rounds since the Colts selected Peyton Manning in the 1998 draft? Zeier, Couch, Quinn, McCown, Frye, McCoy, Weeden. I count 7! That is a lot of wasted draft picks!

  21. I would like to see Dallas trade for him or even trade Jenkins, who I like, for McCoy. I think Romo is good, but if he doesn’t get the Cowboys in the playoffs or past. at least, the first round, they will look for another QB. I think McCoy hasn’t been provided the WRs or coaching to succeed at the level that the Browns wish for – more like wishful thinking. Orton can play, but McCoy, with the right players, could be a very good QB.

  22. the real question that is lurking in all of this is… when will Big Ben fondle a 17 year old girl in a divebar stall…

  23. Hey Brandon, you seem like a kewl and funny guy hehe . We should like totally hang out together, how does…. errrr…. Sept 9th @ 1 PM sound? See u then ❤

    that sounds about right… it probably took those two all week to come up with that…

  24. I still don’t get what the fuss is. It’s a competition to see who will be handing the ball off to Trent Richardson and Brandon Jackson for 16 games.

    As for that last paragraph, that is a totally different situation. Brady Quinn was a home state guy which is why the Browns fans were behind him. They were behind Troy Smith too and he wasn’t even on the Browns. None of the QB’s currently in Cleveland are from Ohio or “The” Ohio State University so there isn’t much player loyalty this time around. The only way that changes is if Joe Haden decides he wants to be the starting qb then I’m pretty sure the people of Cleveland would then back him over all their current QB’s even if he was horrible at it.

  25. I would not count out McCoy – he will lead a team somewhere. He wasn’t supposed to play under Mangini yet it happened. He had to learn an offense with no WRs, no line and no RBs in a short season. Weeden is lucky he has the OTAs to help him learn a new offense. McCoy would have loved that chance. As a die hard fan I will eventually support whoever is the QB, but McCoy got the short end of the stick.

  26. I honestly think the Browns may actually have a good QB on there hands. With Richardson and Weeden, all that’s really left is a stud receiver and you guys will probably be winning some games very soon. Too bad the team wasn’t able to add a big vet like V. Jax or someone who can teach the young WR how to play the position well.

  27. I’m trying to understand why people think McCoy is a good QB?
    This is the same guy who father made him sit out of a national championship game to save his draft stock – Colt has no heart
    Fans are screaming give him one more year, but he had two years of chances. Either you got it or you don’t. Brady took his from Bledsoe and Manning got his chance and they both ran away with it – Colt does not have the DNA of a NFL QB.
    If Weeden is good or bad, then the Browns made a good choice because they weren’t going far with Colt McCoy.

  28. Breaking News! Thy expect him to be the guy! They drafted him in the 1st round, McCoy was a 3rd. McCoy has no arm. Wallace has been a 10 year back up. Heckert really went out on a limb with this bold statement.

  29. Weeden will be a good nfl qb, as soon as he’s traded off that awful team he’s on now.

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