Joe Flacco: With Suggs out, it’s on Ravens’ offense to score more

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Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco says that with reigning Defensive Player of the Year Terrell Suggs facing a long road to recovery from a torn Achilles tendon, it’s time for the offense to do more.

I want us to get in more of a mindset where we have to score points,” Flacco told the team’s website. “Should this be something that makes us do that? No. We shouldn’t feel any more pressure because we don’t have him. We still have a great defense and we still have a great team. But having said that, if it does put more pressure on us, if we do feel like we have more pressure on us and we need to score more, I don’t think that’s a bad thing.”

For more than a decade, the Ravens have been a team led by the defense, with the offense being merely competent in good years and lousy in bad years. But Flacco says this year he sees Baltimore being one of the highest-scoring teams in the league.

“I think we’ve got the talent around us, definitely,” he said. “I think we need to go out there and we need to make our minds up that we’re going to do that. I think we’re a team that should be able to go out there and put 40 up and not really look back.”

Even without Suggs, the Ravens won’t need to put up 40 points a game to win. But after they scored 13, 7, 17 and 14 points in their four losses last season, consistently putting up 20 points would be nice.

19 responses to “Joe Flacco: With Suggs out, it’s on Ravens’ offense to score more

  1. Six rings and counting. Come on people keep up.

  2. Joe Flacco will be earning his next contract this season. He doesn’t need to score 40 a game but he has to win the tough ones AND the gimmes. He’s proved he can win games nearly on his own. Now he has to lead his team through to the SB.

  3. So… you didn’t feel enough pressure to score last season, but now you will, so you’ll score more? So exactly what was the mindset on the drives you did not feel pressured to score on last season? I think I know why this guy is an average QB, he’s unmotivated………

  4. I never understood this reasoning… shouldn’t they want to score more points regardless of how good their defense is?

    Football is not a fluid game like hockey or soccer. Playing more offensively does not have a tremendous impact on the ability to play well defensively.

  5. steelernationisthepinnacleofexistenceyouarenothing says:
    May 21, 2012 8:38 AM
    Six rings and counting. Come on people keep up.

    I’m a Steelers fan myself and even I find your posts annoying. You made the rest of us look bad with your mindless posts bragging about something you have no part in accomplishing. I am all for rooting for your team, but if you are going to comment, keep it relevant to the story. PFT has enough unqualified writers pushing their biased points of view writing the articles – starting with Florio himself. No need to add to it.

    occamssabre says:
    May 21, 2012 8:30 AM
    Get rid of Cam Cameron’s middle-school offense and it might happen.
    No one is more inconsistent than Raven fan complaining about their offense – except that they put the blame on Cameron.

    When they lose, it’s a constant barrage of complaints about not running it enough (i.e. vs. Titans – Rice 11/43 yards, Seahawks – Rice 5/27 yards, Chargers – Rice 10-57 yards).

    However, they complain that Flacco is an “elite” QB because of how often “he wins” and it is Cameron’s play calling that holds him back.

    The problem is that whenever Rice is taken out of the game, Flacco rarely excels. Please – save the 2011 Playoffs. The Ravens scored some very timely plays vs. the Texans with 4 turnovers and the hype that Flacco outplayed Brady in the AFCCG is nonsense – the Patriots pass defense is horrible – even Vince Young and Chad Henne lit them up for over 400 yards – to say nothing of what Ben Roethlisberger, Eli Manning and Phillip Rivers did to them.

    The reality is Joe Flacco is Neil O’Donnell – he’s good to a limit. By no means his he elite. Cam Cameron has gotten the best from him he can offer – Cameron has a track record of success with young QBs in Brees and Rivers that shows he knows what he’s doing.

  6. if they design the offense around a ground game they’ll be great. flacco isn’t a gun slinger quarterback and it shows..every time the ravens management tries to make him one he falters..because that’s not who he is. Flacco’s comments about him being a top 5 quarterback unfortunatly has destroyed any leverage he had in that regard. I think ravens management is going to go pass heavy..flacco will stumble..and he’ll be gone next year….unless the ravens management gets back to how they are built..

  7. Interesting enough, the writer of this story omitted the fact that the Raven’s averaged 23.6 points a game last year. Good for 12th in the league. Or that they scored 20+ in 11 of their 12 wins.

    Seems reasonably consistent to me, granted I think they have potential to do more.

  8. Man everytime this guy opens his mouth he sounds less and less in touch with reality. He really has himself convinced that hes a good QB. But more than anything its his lack of personality and lack of enthusiam when he talks that makes him sound ridiclulus. Flacco is the anti-Ray Lewis.

    And kokoskmr when has he won a game “nearly on his own?”

  9. Ravens will be down by 10 points early in many games! Ray Lewis is old and Suggs got all the attention while Lewis touched a guy already down and got credit for a tackle and who knows what flip flopping Ed Reed will play or not! Ravens 8 wins….

  10. Just from that quote here it sounds like Flacco said it, then realized it sounded bad and tried to fix it all within the same comment.

  11. Steelers fans are funny. Who cares if Joe has less personality or enthusiasm than your part-time Education major, part-time sex offender, full-time jerk QB? If you really watch, Joe’s team has outplayed Ben and his in each of the past 5 games they’ve played. Hope you enjoyed the ride last year, because third place won’t be fun.

  12. Cam Cameron is a good OC most of the time, but so often he calls a play in a critical situation that just leaves you scratching your head. I seem to remember him calling a draw play on 3rd down late in the AFCCG that killed an important drive. I might be wrong, but if I am, that’s still a good hypothetical example of Cameron’s weird play-calling.

  13. If you are going to comment and slam on Flacco read the original story instead of the PFT version.

    The writers here twisted it a little. The article says “Joe Flacco Wants Pressure To Score More Points”. He’s being an offensive leader and means he wants the offense to as a whole to feel more pressure to win games – to step it up even more. ANYONE would want their starting QB to do that.

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