Report: Mike Jenkins will skip OTAs, wants to be traded

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Cowboys coach Jason Garrett is hopeful that cornerback Mike Jenkins will join the team at organized team activities on Tuesday, but it seems that his hopes will be dashed.

Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that Jenkins will not be showing up on Tuesday and that he wants to be traded away from the Cowboys. By signing Brandon Carr and drafting Morris Claiborne, the Cowboys have pushed Jenkins to third on the depth chart and there’s not much chance he’s going to get an extension from a team that’s already spending a fair amount on Carr, Claiborne and Orlando Scandrick.

Jenkins was shopped during the draft, but the Cowboys didn’t find a deal that made them pull the trigger. Since then they have been talking up their depth at corner, something that doesn’t seem to have struck any heart strings for Jenkins. Jenkins is set to make $1.052 million in 2012, a number that makes it much easier to consider keeping him as a third corner and letting him walk after the season.

Jenkins had shoulder surgery after last season which would have kept him out of OTAs even if he showed up. Neither the injury nor his desire for a new deal will make Jenkins any easier for the Cowboys to deal unless their asking price is on the modest side.

18 responses to “Report: Mike Jenkins will skip OTAs, wants to be traded

  1. Way to be a man Mike. “They brought in competition at my position and want me to prove myself? F THAT I’M OUTTA HERE!”

  2. Teams would be more apt to trade for him if he showed he’s worth a deal. Jenkins should keep quiet, prove he’s healthy, and a deal will come next yr.

  3. No offense to Mr. Jenkins but had he played better he wouldn’t be in this situation. Nothing would have pleased the Cowboys more than to have one of their CB slots solid w/ a draft pick a few years ago. However since was never consistent they had to go other places to find a corner.

  4. He is a very good former pro bowl corner and in his prime. Now that dave campo is gone he will succeed again when healthy. Everyone gets injured in the NFL
    but not all of them have the heart and toughness to play through it as jenkins did. I agree that he shouldnt demand a trade just because he has competition now at the poistion, this being said good for Jerry for not just giving this talented young man away for nothing! Corners in their prime are in demand and I would rather keep him then just give him away. Remember we have 28 million dollars of dead money coming OFF the books next season, as Jerry says Oh YES we CAN retain him!

  5. No way he goes anywhere. If he goes somewhere after the season, the Cowboys will get a good compensatory pick for losing him, probably a 3rd rounder. They won’t get that for him in a trade today. If one of the other starters gets hurt, they could franchise or tender him as well.

    Jenkins unfortunately has no leverage at this point in time, so his best option is to be a team player and help his contract chances next year.

  6. Jenkins, you are what we thought you were…

    Half-hearted about your job…

    See ya!

  7. Instead of crying about the situation how about showing up and competing? If he is better than the other corners he will be playing. It’s a damn shame to see a player with so much talent have so little confidence in himself that he doesn’t even have the courage to try and compete for a spot on the team. Man up Jenkins, outplay the competition and make the decision to trade or cut you a difficult one for the team.

  8. Even tho this secondary was once again terrible last season I had alot of respect for Jenkins playin’ his a$$ off thru the pain and injuries! The guy does have heart. Would have been really easy to sit some of those games out. I understand the frustration but he needs to use it as motivation and have the best year of his career and the money will be there waiting!

    Oh, and someone PLEASE tell me why Scandrick got an extension???????

  9. With Claiborne Wonderlic score it might be in the Cowgirls best interest to keep Jenkins around to show the Rook the ropes of being a choking dog!

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