Winslow has no preferred destination


The Bucs told tight end Kellen Winslow over the weekend that the team will try to trade him.  Winslow, we’re told, has not told the Bucs that he has any specific preference.

Per a league source, Winslow does prefer maintaining his current contract, which will pay him non-guaranteed base salaries over the next three seasons of $3.3 million, $4.5 million, and $5.5 million, respectively.

Winslow, who suffered a serious knee injury seven years ago while doing tricks on a motorcycle in Cleveland, has fought through multiple surgeries to become a solid performer.  He appeared in all 48 regular-season games during his time in Tampa, catching 218 passes (72.6 per season) for 2,377 yards (792.3 yards per season) and 12 touchdowns (do you really need us to do the math on that one?).

With more and more teams trying to mimic the Patriots use of two pass-catching tight ends, Winslow could generate some interest — but he may have to reduce his payouts in order to facilitate a trade.

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  1. When he’s on , he’s on fire but when he’s bad you can’t even look his way.. Sad to see him go but love to see what they have in store to replace him. Guy is still a soldier in my eyes. If he didn’t have those knee problems he’d still be a top 10 TE in the NFL for sure.

  2. The only reason the Patriots used a two passing tight-end system is because they didn’t have an X receiver last season. Once they have a true X you can say good bye to the double TE pass catching plays.

  3. His old man was a historic for Mizzou, but Jr hasn’t done much to make a name for himself. Maybe a fresh start can help.

  4. The #s says he solid TE and the salary is not that big. Why r the Tampa ppl kicking him out?

  5. He’d look good in Panther blue if Shockey doesn’t come back and Gary Barnidge doesn’t pan out. K-2 and Greg Olsen would be a nice pass catching TE combo for Cam.

  6. A. I have met and talked with Winslow, Sr., and found him to be pleasant, humble and gracious.

    B. Also, I think the start of Winslow injury history in Cleveland occured while he was in coverage on special teams.

  7. stew48- Your comments are correct that he did get hurt covering a kick-off during genius Butch Davis era in Cleveland.
    He then proceeded to pretent to be Evil Knievel and rode a motorcyle even though it was prohibitted in his contract. He was however still paid by the Browns even though they did not have to honor his contract since he broke written language.
    All the Browns bashers know that they dealt well with him even though in the end he was a problem.
    I wish him well, he will never be the TE his father was, sad to say if he hadn’t wrecked his motorcycle he could have been an awesome TE and a Hall of Famer

  8. Trade Kellen Winslow Jr to the San Diego Chargers where he can be a 2nd Tight End option to an aging Antonio Gates and he will be motivated to try to live up to his old man’s reputation in Charger’s lore….think about it. What more of a perfect than that is there?!

  9. Time for those who want this cancer on your roster to use the GREAT resource, that is NFL Rewind.

    Specifically, watch the 1st Atlanta vs. Tampa Bay game and his reactions to Freeman’s touchdown to Benn in the 2nd qtr. The entire drive featured targets other than Winslow and he was PISSED!!

    While Freeman was accepting congrats from his teammates on the sideline, Winslow was pouting and acting like a little b~tch. This behavior continued throughout the remainder of the season!!

    Combine that with the fact that he couldn’t and WON’T block anyone ….. and his refusal to practice due to bad knees or having sand in his Vag….

    …I’d be surprised if he makes it on anyone’s final 53. The punk is yet another cancer from “The U” and I’m glad his days in Petwer are over!!

    Good Riddance!!

  10. Let me get this straight. He isn’t happy, so he wants a trade. But in order to facilitate a trade, he has to reduce his salary? How does that make sense???

  11. All attitude. All potential. All waste.

    He is not a victim of unfortunate injury history. His injuries started with a motorcycle accident he had in the dealership parking lot, doing a wheelie, showing off after signing his big contract. He was resistant during rehab and Cleveland got nothing for their money.

    Dude has been all about himself since the beginning.

  12. When he was in Cleveland he was known for not blocking, pushing off to get separation and not lining up correctly for plays. He had a lot of fire and passion and he was the best catcher on the field during his time in Cleveland, but he wasn’t that great after the knee injury and I don’t think he ever will. Too bad because he had a lot of potential.

  13. I like the new Coach… I’d have to say, He’s a no nonsense coach, and if you’re not a team player… buh-bye!
    I was excited when the Bucs got him, however, I would say he was average at best, and never seemed like a team player.
    I know of the talks of Dallas Clark… yes, he is older, and not as “talented” but, him in the Locker Room would be enough for me. We do have 2 solid TE’s on the roster, and the addition of a Veteran like Clark would do them a tremendous amount of good.
    I am excited about what the Bucs are going to do this year, and can’t wait to get this season going!

  14. You love em and hate em. Even in the same game! He can make an impact one minute and the next he’s doing something stupid picking up a 15 yard penalty.

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