Bucs save plenty of bucks by swapping out Winslow for Clark

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In making the move from a 28-year-old tight end with a distant injury history to a 32-year-old tight end with a more recent injury history, the dollars favored the move for the older player.

Pat Yasinskas of ESPN.com reports that Dallas Clark will receive a $2.7 million base salary, $1 million of which is guaranteed.

That’s a lot less than the total payout Winslow would have received, via a $3.3 million base salary and (per a source with knowledge of the contract) a per-game roster bonus worth up to $550,000, a $500,000 workout bonus, and incentives worth up to $1 million.

The difference is that, with Winslow, none of the money was guaranteed; the Bucs could have cut him before Week One and avoided everything but the workout bonus.  Clark gets his $1 million, even if the Buccaneers later decide that it was a mistake.

It’s still not clear why the Bucs felt compelled to get rid of Winslow, but there’s an intriguing theory that we’ll share later tonight.  (That’s not a deliberate tease, but if it gets you to come back later tonight then so be it.)

Until then, here’s a portion of PFT Live in which I try to figure out why the Bucs made the move.

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15 responses to “Bucs save plenty of bucks by swapping out Winslow for Clark

  1. Tanard Jackson (gone), Kellen Winslow (gone) and Aqib Talib (almost gone) were the “three amigos” who reportedly helped undermine Raheem Morris with their blase attitudes. No mystery here in Tampa.

  2. The Bucs went 4-12. Besides freeman and the young core, who really cares who is let go. Winslow rarely practiced and always skipped workouts. Regardless of game day, that is not the example the Bucs are looking for, so you just move on from that situation. No one player is bigger than the team, see tanard Jackson, kellen Winslow. We should see Desmon brisco go soon. It’s reality before mentality time

  3. He’s the reason Freeman regressed last year! He’s a whiner who thinks he’s way better than he really is! U know if Freeman didn’t throw him the ball instead of Williams he would be all over josh, he hated being second fiddle to mike Williams. Thank u schiano for seeing what bucs fans like me have been seeing for the last 2 years from as far away as Canada! The cancers gone, go bucs!

  4. Mike you kill me with ” be back” on Winslow. I will be back later to check . Amazing work and website. Must read several times a day. Thanks !!

  5. It’s the Jeremy Shockey theory. Eliminate productive, but loudmouth, diva distraction, but increase QBs confidence (like it did for Eli) because he doesn’t have to deal with it. Hope it works again.

  6. @shian11:

    It’s Dezmon Briscoe. Maybe you can replace him with yet another player from our practice squad.


    Bengals fans

  7. Btw, in the picture on the story, Kellen Winslow looks like he’s about to hop into a black charger and race someone for their pink slip.

  8. Its pretty much common sense. Winslow is a crybaby who always wants the ball, and Vjax is similar but not quite as bad. Those 2 personalities would clash in the lockeroom.

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