Cowboys, Redskins say they respect, will abide arbitrator’s decision


The NFC East rival Cowboys and Redskins have issued a joint statement after they lost their appeal of their salary cap penalty from the NFL, and the statement suggests that the teams don’t intend to fight on.

“We pursued our salary cap claim pursuant to the CBA and we respect and will abide by the arbitrator’s decision to dismiss. We will continue to focus on our football teams and the 2012 season,” the statement says.

That statement doesn’t specifically say that the teams won’t explore other avenues of relief, but it suggests that the teams are ready to move on. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and Redskins owner Dan Snyder may have concluded that pressing the fight further could be damaging to everyone involved, even if Jones and Snyder still believe that they were treated unfairly.

And it’s easy to see why they would believe they were treated unfairly when the NFL docked the Cowboys $10 million in salary cap space and the Redskins $36 million in salary cap space, all for allegedly violating a salary cap that didn’t actually exist at the time. The Cowboys and Redskins are saying conciliatory things about respecting the decision on the cap penalties, but it would be completely understandable if they’re still privately seething.

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  1. Oh this is just the calm before the storm…and if anything I almost think something has been promised in return to let it go…stay tuned as I don’t believe at all this is over!!!

  2. I can’t stand Goodell.
    He answers to no one.
    Arbitration and appeals are useless.
    He’s drunk with power and there are plenty of lemmings willing to follow him around to eat up his crumbs that he plucks off of his robe.

    Come on lemmings, lets hear about how great your GODdell is.

  3. Washington and Dallas got screwed but pursuing the matter only threatens to upend the system they and their 30 pals take advantage of. Better to just hush hush wink wink from their point of view.

  4. Seems like scheduling the Cowboys on opening night this season was the only olive branch they’re going to get.

  5. It’s the Skins and the Boys against the World. Of course they pretty much weren’t going to win. Even if they were right and innocent, it’s going to

  6. As I Giants fans I don’t like the cowboys or redskins but props here thinking they got screwed but willing to take the hit so the league can move on.

  7. I have long said this benefits the Cowboys in 2013.

    Here is how in 2010 they got 1o million cap space for Austin expense on off the books.

    In 2012 & 13 they lose 5 million but it would have been used on Austin’s contract anyway same for 2012-13 seasons. So a push.

    Now is 2014 they get the 5 million back (well not a reduction) but they have $5 million free they would not have had.

    This lets them now go spend $5 million (even more as they could not spend the money.

    With little effort Jones will back a bit and avoid much of the impact on the $5 million of paper money over to 2014 anyway.

    So this in all reality is not big deal and creates a better cap situation in 2014 compared with other teams when you figure each of them will lose about $3 million they got allotted from the distribution.

    The skin number hurt a bit more the next 2 years but watch out they spending will explode in 2 years as they load up for RG111

  8. If you agree with this ruling and GODdell and the other owners you are an idiot…every rule and regulation within an office/business is written and required reading/training material…if they are being penalized for something that was a sort of wink, wink illegal collusion act then neither Cowboys nor Skins are guilty of anything…and GODdell and the other owners should have to submit evidence/written proof there was such a rule that was broken…which they can’t…

  9. Lawyer question – would a Cowboys or Redskins fan be able to get any traction if they sued the league for collusion?

  10. If your Snyder you respect the decision and inform the league that you will eat the 16 mil penalty attributable to Hall; then inform the league that you expect the Patriot’s to eat the 20 mil penalty attributable to Haynesworth.

    The Patriots wanted to trade for Haynesworth but wouldn’t have done it if the deal wasn’t restructured – since they got the Skins to restructure the deal (essentially on their behalf) and got Haynesworth the Patriots created a competitive imbalance.

    If I am the Skins I inform that league I will take the “entire” 16 million hit this year and ask for a pro rated portion of the Patriots increase.

  11. This makes sense. There will surely be a settlement behind closed doors. This type of collusion is the type that makes sense for all concerned. I don’t know enough about the numbers to speak authoritatively but it seems as if several other teams violated the ‘spirit’ of the uncapped season. As a basis for a complaint about acting illegally in collusion with the other owners this one might be the most valid. “We all cheated but we didn’t cheat as much as everyone else. And besides, some of the other teams that didn’t cheat as much as we didn’t cheat, weren’t punished as much as we were.”

  12. Who are all of these morons that think Rodger Goodell doesn’t answer to anyone? Seriously? He was hired by the owners to enforce the rules. He is doing the dirty work for the NFL owners. This is over. If the Cowboys or Redskins press this further, they become the new Al Davis of the league. They would be fighting the rest of the owners, not Rodger Goodell.
    Move on idiots.

  13. mpcny may have said it a bit jumbled, but he’s essentially right.

    The Redskins and Cowboys were going to get the benefit of these moves with no penalty.

    The penalty they got was equal or less of the benefit they got, plus they essentially got a free loan. No interest charged. If only we call all be so lucky.

  14. dldove77 says: May 22, 2012 2:58 PM

    Seems like scheduling the Cowboys on opening night this season was the only olive branch they’re going to get.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Dont be ridiculous player, if you call getting their ass handed too them on Wednesday night an olive branch then its going to be a long season for the boys.

    Can’t stop the Giants bum rush…

  15. In other words, if this goes to real court, and the obvious collusion is revealed in discovery, then the antitrust exemption is jeopardized for everyone, including Jones and Snyder.

    The league shafted both teams, but nothing will be done from here.

    Mara is a snake.

  16. “The skin number hurt a bit more the next 2 years but watch out they spending will explode in 2 years as they load up for RG111”.

    They will indeed likely explode in spending in 2014. That’s the way they have always done it with danny boy, and, I suspect, the way they always will. How has that worked out for them?

  17. This is sickning. Skins’ and Cowgirls should never hold hands on anything football related. They should continiously try to beat the criple each others team on & OFF field. Missing the George Allen days…

  18. As a Skins fan, I hope we beat the crap of the Giants and blow kisses up to the owners booth every time we score. If we just scored a touchdown and the score is 34 to 17, I hope we go for two.

    In my 37 years of life, I’ve hated the cowboys for every year of my life. But I’ll cheering my a$$ off for the Boys twice this year and hope they too go for two on every touchdown. Hope you folks down in Dallas give that smug SOB Mara the finger when he comes down.

  19. Now announce the closed deal made to stay mum on collusion. The Redskins & Cowboys will still find creative ways to make moves despite owners hatin’. Trust.

  20. My opinion is this as a Skins fan:

    If you let this go Danny and Shanny then I blame you for screwing it up.

    It’s either Goodell’s fault or it’s yours. Fight till the end or take responsibility.

  21. So Danny pockets 36 mil he would have spent on players and has a built in excuse to stink for two more years.

    Sounds like a win-win.

  22. Somwhere, Al Davis is seething…

    I think this was one of those “understood” situations where Jones and Snyder KNEW they shouldn’t spend way over the cap in 2012 (even though the verbiage may not have existed at that point), but they decided to push the issue in the future (now) to try to gain a competitive edge then (2010 season).

    I guess some owners will never realize it’s not how much you spend, but what (and whom) you spend the money on which makes the difference.

  23. People always comment on here that “Goodell is drunk with power” and that he “answers to no one.” That’s the stupidest thing you could ever say. Goodell was hired by and works for the owners. In this case it’s just 28 owners against 4.

  24. Wow. Even when Goodell is WRONG he wins. Damned shame. Over the past 5 years I have heard of 5 contracts , signed contracts, returned due to language or what have you. Every NFL contract must be able to withstand the scrutiny of the NFL lawyers and those contracts were approved, thus saying that the contracts were legit. Now, years later they are attempting to say that they are not? What bull. Is there no one that can stop the Goodell train? If Al Davis were alive and he owned the Cowboys or the Redskins the NFL would be in for the fight of its life.

  25. “Respect and abide by the decision………” never been a cowboys fan but I will give ’em credit for this…..something we know we can’t expect from the Taints.

  26. Jerry will make $10M hosting his next Superbowl. No luck getting a SB if they go to court on this.

    However, be ready for a fight when the next round of revenue shaing is negotiated.

  27. realitypolice sez: “So Danny pockets 36 mil he would have spent on players and has a built in excuse to stink for two more years. ”

    Ummm, he already (over)spent that $36mil prior to the uncapped year and tried to bury the cap charges from it into the uncapped year so he wouldn’t have to (fairly) carry it forward after the uncapped year.

    That would have effectively given him a $36mil cap ADVANTAGE ($26mil vs Cowboys) against the other teams NOW & going forward. The penalties merely restore legitimate cap charges back to these teams. They already spent the money.

  28. basically it comes down to this. They didn’t lose any money with this penalty. They essentially just can’t spend it. So why would they sue and risk jeopardizing the system that makes them rich? They won’t… they’ll just put a little ex-lax in Roger’s fruit cake this Christmas.

  29. It is what it is … CRAP… but the Skins/Boys will get through this. The Skins don’t have a first rounder the next 2 years, so that will help them financially. They have done well in the bargain bin the last couple years & set themselves up nicely going into FA. Next year, they will have more flexibility the way they structure contracts to beat the system a little bit like they have in the past. I just think all these jealous owners suck… As I remember it… If the Redskins just cut Albert Haynesworth, he never would of got his money (21 million), that was a bad decision for a guy that doesn’t really want to play anymore and now we have to take a salary cap hit for a guy that isn’t even contributing to the franchise. Without haynesworth… our cap hit would of been 15 million over 2 years for our D Hall contract.

  30. If I’m the Redskins and Cowboys, I get my lawyers locked and loaded, and I show the NFL the papers I’m ready to file against them. We are two of the richest teams, we don’t need the money quite as much as the rest of you do.

    We’re only taking 2/32 of the hit if we all lose, but at least everyone in the league loses together. Right now, 30 (28 sort of) teams are benefiting at our loss.

    I would threaten over and over until the NFL finally takes the whole thing back. If they’re too stupid and think we’re bluffing, then I’s take it to court.

  31. I’m an Eagles fan, and even I think the Cowboys and Skins got hosed. To me, this is Goodell’s worst, most indefensible decision – worse than destroying the evidence in Spygate, worse than the “appeals process”, worse than Bountygate (and I think Bountygate was pretty indefensible).

    It’s indicative of a man and a group of owners that want to engage in collusion, make up rules as they go along, and ignore the rules when they get butthurt because someone else did something smart and they didn’t think of it first.

  32. geemoney713 says:
    May 22, 2012 4:09 PM
    If I’m the Redskins and Cowboys, I get my lawyers locked and loaded, and I show the NFL the papers I’m ready to file against them. We are two of the richest teams, we don’t need the money quite as much as the rest of you do.

    Well, you aren’t. And the actual Cowboys and Redskins disagree with you. And when you come right down to it, it doesn’t make sense for them to pursue. The Redskins need a couple years to get their ship straightened out. Come 2014, they will be in a good spot to sign free agents. The Cowboys are docked $5 mill a year. That’s not a huge hit. And they were still able to upgrade their defense.

  33. Is it just me, or does this open the door
    For a collusion lawsuit by the players against the NFL? , the current CBA at that time called specifically for an uncapped year.

  34. Hi, I’m here to bring a little logic to your authority-hating world.

    The teams were able to do whatever they wanted during the uncapped year. The league didn’t stop a single thing….as you are all apt to point out they okay’d all the contracts. There was no collusion. NOW that there is a CBA, there need to be some adjustments made to restore competitive balance in light of those moves.

  35. Given the personalities of Snyder and Jones, does anyone not think that they will be looking for payback at the earliest possible moment?

  36. I don’t get how Washington lost So much cap space but was still able to sign garçon, overpay for josh Morgan, and all their other free agency moves. They were definitely promised something to say the “right” things and end this dispute quietly without shedding even worse light on the true BS that the NFL is.

  37. Everyone who thinks Mara did this by himself, because of an article on this site that said he “agreed” with the penalties, is a complete and utter idiot. All the owners were in on it and they all agreed to it, no owner regardless of whether he sits on any board, can act alone. Like wow, are you really that naive and stupid that you truly believe Mara was responsible? Or even Goodell on his own. It was each and every one of the 28 other owners who benefited from this and was approved by the NFLPA, to think it was JUST Mara or JUST Goodell is the most ignorant things I’ve ever heard. And I’m not a fan of any of them, yet I can clearly see that every owner of every team outside the Saints Raiders Boys and Skins agreed and was all in on this. Ha but one owner agrees and he becomes the “snake” and the doer of all evil for the Boys and Skims fans who need a singular person or entity on which to pin their hate. Ignorance.

  38. And no the players can’t sue, their union agreed to it, that takes away their cause of action. And no fans cant either because they have no standing against a private business and it’s own affairs.

  39. bag230 says: May 22, 2012 3:12 PM

    Lawyer question – would a Cowboys or Redskins fan be able to get any traction if they sued the league for collusion?
    Not a lawyer, but the answer is clearly no. Fans have no standing to file such a suit in this case. We are simply customers here. Labor (the players) can file anti-trust lawsuits claiming collusion because it severely affects their ability to earn a living in an industry absolutely dominated by a very small group of individuals. Even they can’t file such a suit as long as there is an active CBA, however, since the league has an anti-trust exemption as long as there is a negotiated agreement with an active players’ union. Either way, fans have no such standing to sue. Even if, as someone earlier claimed, it affected the competitive balance of the league, it still wouldn’t matter since neither the league nor individual teams ever make legally binding guarantees about performance levels. Sure, they put a lot of work into selling hope to all the fans, but they never promise.

  40. Where are all the arrogant fans who proclaimed that Goodell would get what was coming to him? Appears to me old Jerry and Danny boy got what was coming to them by trying to take advantage of a situation that the other 30 owners had a gentlemens agreement to keep a level playing field. IMO they have screwed up with bad signings so often they tried to correct their mistakes with the loophole but the owners and commish were having o part in it. As far as pushing the issue get a clue it is over.

  41. Heres something I don’t understand.

    The Panthers paid $32 Million to Charles Johnson in 2011, the highest NFL salary for that year.

    -But the Cowboys are penalized for front loading Miles Austin’s contract, that I believe gave him $17 Million?

    I’m no Einstein, but why weren’t the Panthers penalized for treating the uncapped year like an uncapped year, front loading his contact with nearly 50% of the 7-year deal in 2011?

  42. ajpurp says:
    May 22, 2012 10:41 PM
    And no fans cant either because they have no standing against a private business and it’s own affairs.

    Why can’t the fans sue the NFL. Skins and Girls fans provided over $80M to the teams and NFL with the expressed intent that they field the best possible product.

    The NFL gave 28 other teams $46M of OUR money. I have given the Skins plenty of my money over the years and expected them to always try (unsuccessfully for the past 20 years) to field a competative team. This was my intent. The NFL unjustly STOLE MY MONEY! I want my money back!!!

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