Dallas Clark: I’m not done


On his first day as a tight end for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Dallas Clark said he believes he has plenty of good football left in him.

I’m not done playing,” Clark told ESPN.com after today’s Organized Team Activities. “You’re an NFL player. Every day you are proving yourself. The second you stop, you are out the door.”

Clark may not be done, but he certainly appeared last season to be a long way from his prime. Clark had just 34 catches for 352 yards last season, has battled multiple injuries the last two years and turns 33 next month. He reportedly signed a one-year, $2.7 million contract with $1 million guaranteed, which represents a lot less than he was making on the six-year, $36 million contract he signed with the Colts in 2008.

Bucs coach Greg Schiano is buying into the idea that Clark isn’t done.

“I believe wholeheartedly that he is going to return to his form and play the way he is capable,” Schiano said. “That’s what we need. I think he can do everything we are going to ask him to do. And it is really good to have strong veteran presence in that tight end room as well.”

There’s no doubt that Clark is the veteran presence that Schiano wants in the tight end room, but he has some work to do to convince everyone that he still has something left on the field.

13 responses to “Dallas Clark: I’m not done

  1. So the tight ends have their own room? I know one thing Clark will not be doing in that room – Teaching them how to block:)

  2. Dude you went to Tampa, home of the quarterback that looks like he should be in a Sears catalog modeling a sweater vest with an asian child and a white woman throwing leaves in the air.

    You’re done.

  3. I like this move. Clark didn’t have a real qb throwing to him last year and has battled some injuries, but he will be great in the pewter and black.

  4. Citing Colts catch/yards statistics from last year is like pointing out that the sewer stinks… we get it, they were terrible.

    That has little bearing on what Clark is capable of this year.

  5. I wish him the best. He’s a class act all the way. Injuries have really begun to add up though, and I don’t know if that wrist will ever fully heal. Even if he was 100% healthy, I don’t know that Freeman could get out of him what Manning did.

  6. Winslow was leaving regardless of who else signed with Tampa; Clark’s a good signing based on the contract. Tampa has loads of cap space, and Clark signed a one-year deal; it’s win-win for everybody. If he’s hurt again, Tampa’s not out much, if he’s good, Clark gets a chance to show he’s not done and get another contract down the road.

    It’s not like somebody was going to throw a giant bucket of money at Clark after all his injuries the last few years. He signed with a team in need of a pass-catching TE. Really logical signing all around.

  7. Dallas just has to be a role player for the buc’s he doesn’t need to be the guy …. In that role he will be great he can’t carry the team but he has more going for him than KW

  8. Clark can be a good influence on Stocker and the other young TE’s, something that “I can’t practice” Winslow could not. I didn’t mind K2 while he was in Tampa – he was always productive, but as we rebuild the team with solid charictor type players, it made sense to let K2 walk (even better that we traded him) and bring in Dallas. The guy was practicing immediately after signing his contract (that day) and made an amazing 1 handed catch (check it out on the buccaneers website). K2 still had not met with the new coaching staff during OTA’s and hasn’t been on the field yet.

  9. I know people keep bringing up last years stats but look at who was throwing to him… It’d be hard for anyone to put up good numbers with an offense like that.

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