Goal of Winslow trade may have been helping Freeman

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So why did the Bucs bail on tight end Kellen Winslow, giving him to Seattle for a seventh-round pick that could become a sixth-round selection?  The folks at JoeBucsFan.com have an intriguing theory.

As former Giants receiver Amani Toomer famously explained it during Super Bowl week on NBC SportsTalk, the development of Giants quarterback Eli Manning became impeded by the constant demands of former Giants tight end Jeremy Shockey for the ball.  In light of evidence that Winslow may have been doing just that to Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman in 2011, it could be that the Bucs concluded that having Winslow on the roster would make it harder for Freeman to reach his full potential.

In contrast, new Bucs tight end Dallas Clark knows how to defer to a quarterback, based on his time with Peyton Manning.  And if Clark helps persuade the other pass-catchers to take whatever passes Freeman sends their way, Freeman will be able to not worry about forcing the ball to a guy who may is covered, and to focus instead on simply throwing it to the open man.

This isn’t about whether the concerns are legitimate or whether Seahawks fans now should worry about Winslow politicking aggressively for the ball with Matt Flynn or Tarvaris Jackson or Russell Wilson or whoever the quarterback will be.  It’s about trying to figure out why the Bucs would give up on a guy who provided three solid seasons of football.

32 responses to “Goal of Winslow trade may have been helping Freeman

  1. And this is why Brandon Marshall is in Chicago. Dolphins did not want the “me first” personality messing up the young QB.

  2. Yeah, this, totally. Freeman threw a bunch of picks last year, forcing the ball to Winslow. In 2010, he spread it around more (largely because in 2010 the rest of the offense was AWAKE), but last year nobody seemed to be trying, so he seemed to just force it into K2 over and over.

    I’m surprised it took this long into the offseason to send Winslow packing; the guy played hard, but, while he’s physically gifted, he’s not vaguely as physically gifted as he thinks he is. He wants the ball constantly, and he’s just not good enough to be open often enough to justify it.

  3. 100% agree. Anybody who watched Freeman closely, you saw most of his INT’s were due to him forcing the ball to Winslow. Whenever the passing offense was struggling, Winslow would always be in Freeman’s ear complaining.

  4. Sounds to me like the “soldier” just got transferred to another unit.

  5. Obviously none of us know what really goes on in an NFL locker-room or practice field, but I get the feeling Kellen Winslow Jr was a jerk.
    I feel like he probably felt some sense of entitlement, with his dad being a revolutionary Hall Of Fame TE, being a high draft pick, and one of the most talented players on both the teams he played on.
    When Greg Schiano showed up and saw that a player like Kellen who didn’t want to practice and had an overall negative attitude was one of the veteran leaders on the team, he wanted to make a change and a statement.

    That or he just is a washed up hurt TE that truly just isn’t that good…

  6. Sounds sensible.
    A demanding Diva helps no one but himself.
    Probably a good move..

  7. Many of Freeman’s picks last year were when he either went across the middle late or was forcing it to Winslow. I certainly think (hope?) the former can be corrected, and eliminating the other portion should in theory also help. Essentially now its all on Freeman, he’s gotta have a season that shows he’s worthy of being considered a franchise QB.

  8. Where are all the comments oh winslow so good they gave a 7th he is tebow heart but a back up v jackson with williams will help clark puts up better numbers then winslow this yr bet on it

  9. Bill Parcells would come in and cut the go to player of his new team to send a message and get everyone on the same level.

    Kellen Winslow is notorious for basically being the Allen “Were talking practice” Iverson of NFL players.

    Taking a page from the Bill Parcells playbook, Greg Schiano has sent a message to the team and set the example for what is expected from everyone.

    As a Raider fan I hope that Dennis Allen and Reggie McKenzie follow suit with Rolando McClain.

  10. Clowns writing comments yet again about K2 being a “soldier” are why comments ought to be banned from decent publications.

    That all said, I think PFT offered a reasonable explanation as to why the Bucs would move on from K2 despite his production.

    I thought the Browns made a mistake in getting rid of him, but that was Mangini cleaning house of anyone who posed a threat to his authority.

    Good luck, K2, hope things work out for the best for you in Seattle.

  11. K2 is a solid player, he just got into Freeman’s head and had the Shockey effect. was a good move, will force 5 to open up and read the feild not just force feed K2

  12. gotampabay52:

    Is English a second language to you? Save that twitter crap for those that enjoy the deciphering. On here, just (try to) be normal.

  13. Never been a Bucs fan. But have followed the black and blue (where they started) my whole life and am a displaced KCKS resident. As such I’m all for what helps Josh Freeman become the Army guy (all he can be). As for Winslow, he came in the league spouting off about being better than everyone. Screw him. A wasted talent.

  14. swankel says:
    May 22, 2012 10:20 PM
    And this is why Brandon Marshall is in Chicago. Dolphins did not want the “me first” personality messing up the young QB.


    Having a bunch of no name receivers to throw to instead as a young QB makes more sense right?

    The T.B situation is not the same as the Miami situation. T.B now has Vincent Jackson.

  15. You have to also remember who the Bucs new OC is, where he came from and the roles he had there.
    He would know first hand how Shockey effected Mannings play.

  16. I really hate the offseason. This could be said about any team getting rid of a player,as in: “Goal of cutting Jacoby Jones may have been helping Schaub”, or: “Goal of cutting Evans may have been helping Flacco”.

  17. All sounds a little too contrived for me…..If Winslow was really a problem, Freeman should have enough leadership ability to handle it himself….And by the way, ALL receivers want the ball all the time; you really wouldn’t want a guy that does not….

    That said, if Clark works out there will be no ill effects…..assuming he doesn’t demand the ball !

  18. ‘Messing up a young QB’ implies that a young QB can be ‘messed up’. That is NOT the kind of QB you want.

    Read about Unitas, Montana, Manning, Brady – any of the great QBs. They all shared one trait – in the huddle they RULED, and you did NOT challenge their authority.

  19. That’s a load of crap because Mike Williams had more targeted balls than Winslow!!!

    Plus, Freeman is responsible for his own play; not KII!!!

  20. Looks like Coach Sciano thought Winslow was just not a “Buccaneer Man” . So look out for Talib to be next out the door.

  21. All these commentators and QB sycophants are the reason why football being a team sport is the biggest lie in sports today!!!!!

    Even teams like the Falcons can’t wait to much about their quarterback instead of the rest of the team!!!! The defense was not scary, they never had a coach or quarterback with the kind of success that one needs before going to the Super Bowl, and they gave up way too much for Julio Jones (without hindsight)!!!

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