Greg Schiano doesn’t want to talk about Kellen Winslow

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Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano met with the media on Tuesday for the first time since the trade of tight end Kellen Winslow to the Seahawks.

As you might expect, there were quite a few questions about Winslow and why the team decided to send him to Seattle in exchange for a seventh-round pick that can become a sixth rounder if certain conditions are met. Schiano wasn’t willing to meet any of the interest with explanations for why the deal was made, however.

Rick Stroud and Stephen Holder of the Tampa Bay Times each tweeted that Schiano passed on the opportunity to talk about Winslow. He said that he wanted to think about the future instead of the past, a path that Stroud related to baseball player Mark McGwire’s appearance before Congress when he refused to answer questions about his steroid use.

It doesn’t take much to understand why the Bucs were willing to part ways with Winslow. His knee problems aren’t going to start getting better at this point in his career, he’s got a lot of time left on his contract and he doesn’t flash much of the playmaking ability he had earlier in his career. For a coach taking over a team that went 4-12 last season, those are hardly appealing traits.

That said, Winslow still caught 75 passes to lead the Bucs last year and it wasn’t like he was part of a high-flying offense that inflated everyone’s numbers. Surely Schiano could have come up with 30 seconds about the trade of such a player, even if it was filled with generalities that avoided any discussion of specific problems between Winslow and the team.

32 responses to “Greg Schiano doesn’t want to talk about Kellen Winslow

  1. Time for another Morris Claiborne Wonderlic response:

    “If it takes 30 minutes to paint each side of a house, how long will it take for Bob to paint 11 sides?”

    MC: “Hold up, hold up… what color is the paint?”

  2. Winslow, don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you! Bucs are on their way up. Way to go Schiano… Nothing but good character players (Except Blount)

  3. Who is Schiano? The Big East almost folded and I forgot Rutgers was even in it! We have the worst leadership in NFL with all of Malcolm Glazer’s children running the ship. Maybe, just maybe we get back to six wins again this year.

  4. From what I have read, he is a “me me” player.

    That doesn’t sit well with Schiano.

    Bet there will be more surprises before the season starts and that doesn’t count Talib.

  5. .

    Nobody really knows what kind of NFL coach Schiano is going to be. Let’s at least give the man a year.

    Like Belichick, Schiano is never going to be a quote machine. It’s not an act. It’s their personality type.


  6. Winslow’s knee problems have slowed him down, and they’ve slowed him more than he will admit. The guy gets very grumpy when he doesn’t get the ball, and a lot of Freeman’s picks last year were forced balls to Winslow. Glad the guy’s gone.

    Not sure how I feel about Clark, but know how I feel about Winslow.

  7. “Kellen came to us with an issue he had, and we decided that trading him to Seattle would be the best move. The 3,000 miles gets him an upgrade with his frequent flier program.”

  8. Gotta love all of these criticizers of Schiano when he hasn’t even coached one NFL game yet. He’s done nothing but cleanse the program of a me-first, injury-prone, small-sized TE and replaced him with a solid winner that can help mentor the young TEs that Tampa already has. Who would you rather have in your locker room honestly? Undoubtedly, all these experts will then be talking about how great Schiano is and how they liked him all along when he rights this ship. The Bucs are simply climbing out of the hole and getting back to being relevant again. If you’re a true fan you should be rejoicing, and if you’re a hater then you are just gonna have to deal with it.

  9. Totally agree with the post above me.. Give the guy at least a season before you rip into him. You might not like the bucs but if you respect the game don’t be a retard and post hate remarks just to sound like you know what your talking about.

  10. pb420 says:

    “He’s done nothing but cleanse the program of a me-first, injury-prone, small-sized TE and replaced him with a solid winner that can help mentor the young TEs that Tampa already has.”

    So let me get this straight, just so I understand.

    The 28 year old TE who led the team in receptions last year and made all 48 starts in his three seasons with the team is “injury prone”.

    What does that make the 33 year old TE who has missed significant time (at least five full games)with injuries in each of the past two seasons?

    Don’t get me wrong. I understand what Schiano is doing. He’s defusing what he saw as a potential threat to his leadership, and as a guy who’s just starting out in the league, he needs to establish himself as The Guy in Tampa. But to consider Clark some kind of instant upgrade is a very serious stretch.

  11. I know Bucs fans hate Winslow but he caught 75 passes last year and if he can catch half that many for the Seahawks he’ll be worth a seventh (or sixth) round pick. And if he gets injured or cut no big deal – Seattle is well under salary cap, has signed all its draft picks and is unlikely to sign any high priced free agents.

  12. Not sure anyone considers Clark an upgrade in anything but leadership. This is addition by subtraction plain and simple. K2 had his own set of practice rules( basically didn’t practice), I am willing to give schiano a chance.nobody can be worse than radio!

  13. pb420 says:
    May 22, 2012 2:02 PM
    He’s done nothing but cleanse the program of a me-first, injury-prone, small-sized TE and replaced him with a solid winner that can help mentor the young TEs that Tampa already has. Who would you rather have in your locker room honestly?

    That’s easy. Greg Olsen. Or even Mike Tolbert.

    Bucs start 0-1

  14. I think about 9 of Freeman’s int’s last year came off winslows sorry-ass hands…. Guy is a jerk. Glad he’s gone. Bring in a guy that works hard and can help teammates.. Not be an arrogant sob..

  15. Didn’t you buc fans see him and freeman on the sidelines arguing about the route and mistakes?? He’s bad for young QBs and the lockeroom. Clark is an upgrade for Freeman’s game.

    The reason Winslow led the bucs in catches is cause freeman had no time to throw it and had to check down so much in that horrible offense last season.

  16. @trollhammer20:

    The only reason K2 led the team in receptions last season is because of an inept OC, Williams being double and triple covered, and K2’s relentless whining for the ball. The only guys willing to deal with that were coincidentally the ones who were fired. Mentoring the future leaders is hardly what I would call an instant upgrade, but I think you mistook what I said.

  17. He was traded because he didn’t fit the hard working lunch pail mentality of his coach. But his coach didn’t want to bad-mouth him to reporters. Ask Belichick why he dumped Randy Moss. It’s the same story. Schiano wants a team that moves the football via well-practiced flawless execution; and not a team that relies on a few big plays from a guy that doesn’t practice with the team.

  18. Doesn’t wanna talk about the past?…. He sure is gonna be fun during post-game press conferences! 🙂

  19. @jgedgar70:

    Awesome, thanks for injecting irrelevant panthers players into this discussion. Can we talk about Cam Newton’s socks next? You keep drinking that kool-aid though, cuz I have a feeling Carolina is going to experience what the Bucs did from the 2010 season to last season. What is that you say? Opposing defenses concentrate on and eliminate your main scoring threat. As a result, your mediocre coach who was hiding behind talented players is exposed and fired. Enjoy the ride!

  20. this coach is changing the culture in TB and looks to be a class act. only 1 way to go and that is for the division title. just need to straighten up blount and get ride of talib, and we are all systems go……

  21. I’m not a bucs fan & idk if schiano is gonna be a bad coach & I’m all about discipline but to get rid of somebody who doesn’t show up for voluntary OTA’s & trade him I think that’s harsh especially a veteran player who already knows what he needs to do. Schiano should have already had a feel for this guy in the beginning & if he didn’t like him he should have looked for a better TE in FA just my opinion

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