McCoy expects a fair shot at the starting job


The Browns “fully expect” rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden to be the starter in 2012.  Last year’s starter, Colt McCoy, hopes for a full and fair chance to change the Browns’ expectations.

After Tuesday’s opening OTA session of the 2012 offseason, McCoy said he didn’t ask for a trade after the team used the 22nd overall pick on Weeden because McCoy was told he’d have a chance to compete for the starting job.

This is the card that’s been dealt,” McCoy said regarding his status as the underdog to Weeden, via the Associated Press.  “I can just say that I’m working as hard as I can.  You never know what to expect.  One of my favorite quotes by the NAVY Seals is, ‘The only easy day was yesterday.’  That’s just kind of how I have to live right now.”

McCoy believes he’ll get a fair shot to unseat Weeden.  “They just said, ‘Hey, come in here and compete.’ As a competitor, that’s all you need to hear, really.  Just come in with your head on right and give it all you can every day.  I want my teammates to see the same guy every day.  Amidst some difficulties as a quarterback, you’ve got to be able to thrive in those situations.  At the same time, you’ve got to kind of regard them as routine.  Those things are going to happen throughout your career.”

Still, it’s hard to believe McCoy will be the starter unless he dramatically outperforms Weeden.  Especially after the Derek Anderson/Brady Quinn debacle of 2007, the Browns surely won’t be inclined to give McCoy a chance to play well enough to render Weeden a wasted pick.

Likewise, if McCoy ends up as the backup to Weeden, it could make plenty of sense to trade him before he becomes even more popular in Cleveland than Drew Carey.

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  1. Keep McCoy. This is not Anderson/Quinn. McCoy will keep pushing Weeden and if Weeden is injured McCoy will do everything he can to keep starting. Sorry Colt, it won’t be a fair competition, but knowing how many QBs get injured you’ll probably get your shot again.

  2. HE SHOULD have a fair shot… I mean what has Brandon Weeden ever done in a NFL uniform? But have YOU ever gotten the feeling Colt McCoy has a fair shot? Everything they say is WE LOVE COLT McCOY… Everything they do says we would cut him tomorrow if we could.

  3. He expects a fair shot like he expected a shot at getting drafted in the second round.

  4. Colt McCoy sucks & doesn’t deserve the job. He’s had his “fair shot” the past two seasons and hasn’t done a damn thing. Making matters even worse, McCoy had a full season under Pat Shurmur, a very good offensive mind, and Mike Holmgren, a QB guru who has helped produce two damn good QBs named Brett Favre & Matt Hasselbeck. McCoy is nothing more than a child in a man’s body & you can bet you a$$ his daddy will be calling Holmgren & Shumur to tell them how they are not giving Colty Boy his “fair chance.” I’m not a Texas fan, but when his daddy pulled him out of the BCS Championship Game because of a boo boo, I lost all respect for the kid.

    As for Weeden, I’m telling you, the Browns may have gotten the steal of the draft. Luck will probably be great, but I’m not sold on RG3. He had one good year in a spread offense that didn’t even call plays & was filled with weapons. I think the Newton success made people jump all over RG3, yet it is Luck who has all the combine numbers & arm that Newton had. Weeden is older, more mature, has pro experience through baseball & can make every throw. The kid is the real deal & the Browns may be onto something with him & Richardson for the next 7-9 years. An NO, I’M NOT A BROWNS FAN

  5. Also, Colt should NEVER be quoting Navy SEALs. Navy SEALs don’t have daddy pull them out of a tough battle then answer questions them because one of them gets a boo boo. Show your BCS Championship game tape to some SEALs, tell them how you “couldn’t feel” your arm. They’ll laugh at you & probably throw you a good ass kicking for being such a baby.

  6. I don’t see McCoy saying he “expects” anything in his quotes, since it’s not there.

    He said “I can just say that I’m working as hard as I can. You never know what to expect”.

    What a bad guy.

  7. Wish all the luck to this Colt, but I don’t think he’s got a chance against Weeden. If he does well in the preseason, Browns are gonna trade him right away.

  8. McCoy, what you want, but I expect that you are already screwed. Once a team invests (monetarily or emotionally) in a new QB it doesn’t matter much what you or he does. Trust me. I lived in KC for over 25 years. Brody Croyle (0-10 as a starter), Todd Blackledge, Matt Cassell and many more have been labeled the “QB of the future” and that got them far more chances than any of them deserved. If you believe you are a #1 find a way to get out. If not? Second string QBs work very little, are always popular and get paid a pant load of money. Not a bad outcome. But don’t BS yourself about a “fair shot”.

  9. For God’s sake Holmgren put a end to this nonsense,if You would have gotten RGIII would You have said were going to have a open competition?

  10. …….and Jimmy Clausen expected a fair shot when Cam Newton was drafted? Where is he now anyway ???!!!

  11. Am I missing something? If a number #1 pick comes into camp and is outplayed by the incumbent, I don’t understand the incentive to play the second best quarterback. Quarterbacks do not operate in a vacuum. The quarterback of the Browns will be a much better statistical performer with the addition of Trent Richardson. If McCoy proves to be the better quarterback in the pre-season then he should play. That is, until he proves that he is not the answer.

  12. They drafted Weeden to replace McCoy.

    That’s like buying a Taurus to replace a K-Car.

  13. Have you guys seen the video of Weeden hitting clay pigeons with the football? I went trap shooting today, and those things are flying at 40 mph. Weeden is AMAZING. So go ahead and give McCoy a shot. Let him spend one whole day trying to hit one clay pigeon. While in that day, Weeden will go 4 for 5 all day. Weeden simply has an arm that is God’s gift to football. Ive never seen anything like it to be honest.

  14. I sort of like McCoy. He’s always been a cash cow of sorts. He seems to fold-in-two at the most opportune of times. I hope to see a lot of him again this season.

  15. No matter what happens here, I have a bad feeling Weeden will end up a wasted pick regardless. Browns simply have too many other holes and you do not want to end up with a shell shocked QB as your long term plan. Might have been better off letting Colt be caretaker for another year until they shored up some other aspects. As things are, 28 year old rookie on a shaky team kind of reeks of Weinke-Beck version 3.0

  16. is their any other job in america where you put all your heart & soul into a company & get your @$$ handed to you for about 6months from week to week & your future health and way of life possibly jeapordized, only to be kicked in the teeth & told to GTFO, its so wrong but i cant stop loving this game!!!!

    and im not a colt mcoy fan or hater but, why is it his fault that his HC sucks, his running game sucks, and his best option was a KR/ PR, & that his division is brutal, give him some time & playmakers!! sounds like holmgren is looking for a scapegoat, when in fact he drafted mcoy & hired shurmur, i truly feel bad for browns fans they got a loyal, solid fanbase & a very underated defense!!

  17. The Browns are certainly between a rock and a hard place on this one. They need to keep McCoy as a backup. He’s young, cheap, and has some experience. On the other hand, it will always be there in the media and the locker room, but imagine this; they trade McCoy, Seneca Wallace (no spring chicken) gets hurt in practice. Now you have a 28 year old rookie starting QB and NO ONE to back him up!! So how can they trade McCoy? See what I’m saying?

  18. I am not sure why people insist on the ability to trade Colt, he was just removed as the starter of CLE.. I highly doubt anyone would waste their time if Weeden ends up taking over. His best bet is to compete and stick with what he has

  19. Sorry Colt. As a Browns fan I have always supported the jersey no matter who’s name was on the back. But, Weeden will take over very quickly with his arm strength, and everyone who has been bashing my Browns for picking him at 22 will admit that the front office did the right thing and bring a guy in that can make all the throws! Different offense in 2012!

    Just Sayin’…Go Brownies!!

  20. Does anyone honestly believe that McCoy is going get a fair shot to start in Cleveland? There is no way that Pat Shurmur is going to risk his job after signing off drafting a 29 year old rookie QB in the first round!

    Colt will be lucky to be the back up next year and his only saving grace is that he is a cheaper version of Seneca Wallace. Honestly, it was a very big mistake to hire Pat Shurmur and it will be compounded by gambling on Weeden in the 1st round. H&H should have filled another need position like LB or WR there.

  21. A “fair shot” would require Colt to be show far and above more ability than Weeden. Some argued last year that Seneca Wallace was the better QB, and that Colt was named the starter because he had less experience and, presumably, more potential.

    This year will be the same. Colt needs to blow the coaches out of the water in order to be the starting QB. If Weeden is close to as good as Colt in camp, Weeden will be given the reins. That is just as fair as it was to Seneca Wallace last year.

  22. @RemDawg:

    We agree on one thing: Hiring Shurmur was the biggest mistake of the Holmgren era. Here’s to hoping that Childress can help mask Shurmur’s horrible 4th quarter decisions.

  23. Anderson and Quinn are not a fair comparison, because neither of those guys could play. McCoy has shown some NFL chops. Weeden maybe can be good right out of the box, but at his age, he has to to make an immediate impact for the Browns FO to not look incompetent in selecting him.

  24. Neither one can perform well enough with the rest of the team playing so bad. It doesn’t matter who is at QB with NO playmakers to help them.

  25. Man, has Mike Holmgren botched the QB position ever since going there or what? It’s pretty simple – you have to trade up into the 1 or 2 spot to land your franchise QB. (Not that he’s done a great job with the HC position either).

  26. hedleykow says:
    May 23, 2012 3:20 AM
    I sort of like McCoy. He’s always been a cash cow of sorts. He seems to fold-in-two at the most opportune of times. I hope to see a lot of him again this season.

    I hope to see a lot of him again as well, just sitting on the bench as a backup…hopefully watching Weeden sling out deep play action passes for teams loading up the box for Richardson.

    Seneca Wallace should get cut if anyone. He never tried to help mentor Colt, I don’t expect him to do much for Weeden either. Colt on the other hand is smart and seems like a good person. Colt just didn’t make anyone around him better and an upgrade was needed.

  27. the data i looked put the most simplest of words are:
    Colt was about 7th in all of the AFC in completions but his receivers set records for being the worst. (Had he had 1000 yard receivers like Steelers that had two) his stats would probably been much higher and probably had more wins’. His stat was also like 17th best pass completions in all NFL.

    Now you’re bringing in another ‘rookie’ no matter what his age? Against the two toughest defenses in the league in Ravens and Steelers?

    I’m not convinced Holmgren and his choice of coach is anything great. Why do fans forget he jumped at Jake Delhomme with millions of dollars a month before he even drafted (Colt). Having one SuperBowl win with Favre and only one appearance with Seattle in 20 years in the league, doesn’t impress me much.

    We’re now at starting the 17th QB since the franchise returned in 1999.

    Where did that Factory of Sadness come from any way?

  28. I don’t feel sorry for McCoy because he has lived a charmed existence and is financially set for life.

    Having said that there is no way to get around the fact that the Browns are jerking him around. They tell him (a story McCoy refuses to deny) they are not taking a QB in the first round and go home and recuperate from cheap shot artist Harrison’s hit.

    The next thing he hears is the Walrus whining about how St Louis wouldn’t give him a fair shot at trading for RGIII. THEN they draft Chris Wenke (I mean Weeden) in the first round. Anyone with an IQ over 55 knows this means McCoy is done in Cleveland. Yet they insist on putting on this BS nonsense about an “open competition”.

    If I was a Browns fan (thank goodness I am not) I would be less than thrilled about an organization that so blatantly lies to the players AND the press AND the fans.

    Do the right thing Cleveland. Trade McCoy to the Packers (he deserves a first class team after dealing with the clowns on Lake Erie) and stop jerking everyone around.

  29. Colt already got his fair shot at the starting job – it was called the 2011 season. And he was terrible. I’m fully aware that he wasn’t surrounded by premium talent, but he was also a big part of the problem.

    For all those who feel Colt deserves another chance at starting in Cleveland, please tell me what other team in the league he could start for. If he would be a backup for 31 other teams, he should be a backup for the Browns.

  30. McCoy had his chance to show the Browns what he could do, all last season. His performance while the “bullets” were flying for real last year was far more telling than anything he will do this summer in the make-believe games that are preseason football.

  31. “is their any other job in america where you put all your heart & soul into a company & get your @$$ handed to you for about 6months from week to week & your future health and way of life possibly jeapordized, only to be kicked in the teeth & told to GTFO”

    The police and firemen laid off by budget cuts demand an explanation.

    Soldiers returning from active duty to poor financial situations demand an explanation.

    Construction workers injured on the job demand an explanation.

    Would you like me to go on?

  32. Jerry Jones needs to sign the man. Romo is too comfortable. If there’s one backup Cowboys fans would be chanting for when Romo chokes it’s Colt. Plus he would be a bad ass backup anyway. Like to see what he could do with actual receivers.

  33. I agree with abninf. McCoy could probably be the QB of the future for the Cowboys or a starter in Minnesota. Cleveland isn’t exactly a mecca for QB development so the fact that he played as well as he did means he’d probably be something special on a team with a real offense.

  34. “… and hillbilly’s want to be called ‘Sons of the Soil’, but it ain’t gonna happen.”
    – Dr. Julius Hibbert

  35. I like this. At the worst, McCoy proves he’s nothing more than a backup. At the best, the Browns wind up with a backup capable of starting. The optimum situation would be a trade of one of the Browns QBs at a starters price.

    There was no offseason last year. Add that to a new offense, new coaching staff, new playbook, etc., McCoy will have the chance this year to learn the WCO and prove his value or not. I’m suprised they did as well as they did going from Mangini’s ‘this offense isn’t good enough to name’ scheme to a WCO without coaching. I just hope he didn’t develop permanent ‘happy feet’ with the lack of OL, running game, or passing game last season.

  36. @biglebronski
    I respect your opinion and whoever starts the season, I wish Weeden or McCoy the best in getting the Browns off to a quick start. I think you are right in thinking that Childress will help Shurmur keep his head screwed on straight this year. If Shurmur flounders as the HC early on, Childress may get the reins as HC later.

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