Michael Vick: Andy Reid won’t get fired on my watch

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As the Eagles went in the tank last season, head coach Andy Reid was jeered in Philadelphia with chants of “Fire Andy.” Michael Vick took that personally.

Asked by ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio about talk that Reid is on the hot seat entering the season, and may lose his job if the Eagles miss the playoffs for the second year in a row, Vick said he won’t stand by and watch a coach he respects take heat for another disappointing season.

“I hate to think about it. I hate to think about it. That’s part of the reason I –” Vick said, appearing to take a moment to gather himself because he was becoming emotional.

“Let’s just say that won’t happen,” Vick continued. “Not on my watch. And I’ll say that in front of the whole world.”

Vick clearly feels a lot of loyalty to Reid, the coach who signed him when that was a controversial decision following Vick’s stint in federal prison. And Vick wants to demonstrate that loyalty by seeing to it that the Eagles are a good enough team that no one is chanting “Fire Andy” at Eagles games this year.

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  1. Vick will have him put down before letting him suffer the indignity of being fired for losing.

  2. I’m sure the haters will be in full force on this one. This one doesn’t really bother me, even though I was definitely one of the people screaming for Reid to be gone midway through the season. Vick feels a great amount of respect for Reid, which is good. Realistically though, the only thing he can do is play like he did in the early part of 2010. Then Reid won’t much to worry about.

  3. If only Vick was this motivated early in his career. Could have won the Super Bowl in 04 instead of giving up in the nfc championship game 5 minutes into the game.

  4. I wouldn’t want to see Reid get fired. I’m not an Eagles fan, but he seems like a good guy. You could (and probably would) do a lot worse with a different coach.

  5. Dam I have never so many people who claim not to like Mike Vick, spend so much time seeking out articles, reading them and then take to the time to think of a comment to write. Hell I’m a huge Vick fan and I don’t do all of that. You folks worry about Vick” job more than you worry about your own, that is if you have one, hell he ain’t worried. Either way it goes Vick is going to be doing better than any of you, with or without a job.

  6. Vick said last year prior to the regular season that HE would give defenses fits. He didn’t say our offense or this team would gives defenses fits. He said I.

    I don’t think Tom Brady, Drew Brees, or Aaron Rodgers would place more emphasis on themselves as individuals over the entire offense.

    The offensive line blocks for Vick. LeSean McCoy is a weapon who helps Vick in the passing game by attracting the attention of the opposing defense.

    His receivers help Vick by getting open. Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson are talented players.

    Yet Vick feels the offense is all about him. This is one of the main problems with Vick: he still has that terrible attitude he had in Atlanta where he’s superman and everyone else is just along for the ride.

    Vick played poorly last season. You can’t blame the lockout, his offensive line, the coaching staff, his receivers, or his RB’s.

    Reid will likely be fired and Vick will be searching for another team to play for next season if he doesn’t begin to approach his role on this team in a manner similar to the other top QB’s in the NFL.

    It’s not all about you, Mike. You’re one member of the team. An important member. And the Eagles will miss the playoffs again if you don’t play better than you did last season. You’re being paid like a all-pro QB and your salary takes up a great deal of cap space.

    Focus on your job and stop making stupid comments like Reid won’t get fired on your watch. Your watch? Are you guarding the Eagles 24 hours a day? You’re not Superman. You definitely didn’t play like Superman in 2011.

    Grow up and act like a professional QB. You will be 32 years old in June. Please stop talking like an 24 year old self-absorbed punk.

  7. Gotta take the good and the bad with Andy. We all know he has no time management skills. But he also is an excellent evaluator of talent at skill positions, and one of the most winning coaches in football. I can think of maybe 3-4 coaches I would want over Andy Reid, but that’s about it. He’s a solid coach, and I’d be happy to see him stay.

  8. Key phrase here: “APPEARING to take a moment to gather himself…”. He’s pretending to be a caring person, but he’s only acting for the camera. He doesn’t care because he can’t. He’s a sociopath.

  9. Yes, he loves Andy Reid so much that he spent the entire 2010 offseason trying to lobby other teams to trade for him when he thought he was going to be the backup for Kevin Kolb, going on the radio in other cities like Charlotte telling everyone what a great fit he would be for their teams.

  10. donterrelli says:
    May 22, 2012 3:43 PM
    Another 8-8 season and neither one of them will be on the team anymore

    Outside of the media who said Reid or Vick won’t have a job if they have another failed season (in which they won’t). Reid not going anywhere until he’s ready and more than likely he will keep Vick right there with him.

    All of you haters should just get over your hate, very unflattering.

  11. Duh!!! He will never get fired (sadly 😦 ) because Jeffrey Lurie, Joe Banner, and Andy Reid are in bed together!!!

  12. Will you stop hating on Michael Vick ? Reid give him a chance to get back on a football field , he cares about Reid like Reid cares about him and I can respect that .

  13. The thing I don’t get is, as talented as Vick is, he is 32 and has never won anything. His body has taken a brutal beating and it seems to be breaking down regularly. His physique is small, and he still doesn’t know how to read defenses or avoid turnovers. so why would anyone think that this is his (or the Eagles) year? Yes, if healthy he will 10-11 games on talent alone..but he (they) will never win SB. He isn’t getting better, if anything his paly will get worse from here on out. His prime years are behind him. Same with Romo, BTW. Who has one playoff win in 9 years. Contrast with Eli, two SB wins, two SB MVP’s. I just don’t get what people are thinking…

  14. I admire his loyalty. It is rare in the NFL. And he is right, both he and Reid will be shown the door together. Probably at the end of their upcoming 7-9 season.

  15. As a pack fan I can remember that when Holmgren went we went about a decade churning through coaches till we found the right one. Wasted a decade of a HOF QB. 49ers got picky with George Seferts record and bounced him. It’s taken them 15 years to find a decent coach. Also look at the Browns after they got cute and fired Paul Brown. With Andy Reid you will get 8-8 seasons but his history has shown a bounce back the next season.

  16. Coming from a non biased Colts fan, the Eagles are one of the best teams in the league. The reason they went 8-8 is because Vick missed like 5 games to injury and they’re in one of, if not, the toughest division in the NFL.

    They’ll prove everyone wrong this year.

  17. You do realize that with Vick healthy the eagles are the best team in the east. But haters gonna hate but deep down you hope he gets hurt bc if u are a skins cowboy or giants fan you know what he can do to your team. With all his weapons happy and in camp and a solid draft we’ll just see how the NFC east goes down.

  18. You HAVE got to admit, like vick/reid/eagles or not. That kind of loyalty for a head coach is not seen often in this league

    Whatever Andy does in the locker room, the players all buy in.

  19. All I’m saying is, there is nothing in Vick’s history to suggest that all of a sudden he is going to step up and win a SB this year. And you are right, we will see how it goes down. Meanwhile, I’ll take two SB wins in 4 years. That’s 2 more than the Eagles have won in their existence. Neither Vick nor Romo will ever win SB. Eli will win at least one more. Bank on it.

  20. No problem with Vick defending his coach, but I do agree with those who are put off with his ” my watch” comment…..Mike is a great player who has created a lot of excitement and won a lot of games in both Atlanta and Philly, but it’s been proven pretty conclusively that he can’t do it all by himself….a ” not on our watch” statement by several Eagles players would be more appropriate….

  21. Not a Vick Hater, just a realist. Facts are facts. He has 111 career touchdowns and 111 career interceptions. A 2-3 record in the playoffs for his career. Other quarterbacks with these career numbers would be an afterthought. …”not on my watch” comment reflects lack of leadership and maturity.

  22. All you guys that can’t see that Vick has changed, are morons. There are certain things that can be faked. The emotion he showed in that interview were real. To be honest, he’s not smart enough to fake them. This is about Vick taking care of his team, and his coach. The only coach that gave him a chance.

  23. hey you forgot the part of the article where the interviewer said “not on your watch” first, then Vick agreed with him. You also forgot the part where he said “not on this teams watch” too.

    selective reporting sucks.

    Vick seems like he changed, and I can appreciate that, but I still doubt he can play 19 games in a row.

  24. Vick haters take a break, Vick is a good person and does not deserve all the hateration. His personal life is his personal life, nobody has to be perfect in this life that claim was given to Jesus.

    I am a fan of football because of competitors like Michaeal Vick and Desean Jackson, I just want to see the game played fair on football terms. Not players being victimized from personal jealousies that have no place in the game. God Bless Andy Reid he is the reason I am an Eagle fan, ride or die. Everybody deserves a second chance and what matters is what you do with the second chance. I admire Michael Vick. He’s talented and deserves a platform to showcase his talents. Football is football not a place for misplaced hostility. Hatemongers need a life. Channel your negative energy into something that will benefit your own life or your fellowman.

    Hail to the Eagles, I love me some DeSean, LeSean, Maclin, Vick and Andy. What can I say when it comes to football this is a Class Act.

    They play the game the way it should be played with integrity. Something the haters obviously don’t know anything about too busy hating I guess.

  25. Not on my watch – people please give it a rest. Vick can only speak for his self. I am certain he was not trying to stir up all this criticism.

    Obviously he respects a man that cares for another man enough to take a stand.

    Channel this energy into better protection for all players. I don’t like it when football is played like it is an opportunity to mame or deliberately hurt another man. The person that is deliberately doing it should suffer their own plight.

    He said not on his watch. Respect the man for saying what he meant. He can only truly speak for his self. Grow up and get a life.

  26. I love it eagles fans and Philly all hated micheal Vick when he was a falcon,he sucks,he’ll never win anything,now he’s an eagle and he’s great all of a sudden,mikes best years are behind him and with nobody being groomed to take the reigns eagles will win nothing in the next 10 years..hahah nick foles,kafka,Edwards give me a break

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