Nate Burleson on Titus Young: This kind of thing happens all the time

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We’re still not quite sure where wide receiver Titus Young stands with the Lions right now.

The Lions say he hasn’t been suspended for punching safety Louis Delmas at a workout last week, but Young isn’t at Detroit’s Organized Team Activities. Whether that’s just semantics, i.e. the Lions asked Young to stay away without actually suspending him, or Young is staying away for his own reasons isn’t impacting fellow wide receiver Nate Burleson’s impression of his teammate.

Burleson said he didn’t see what happened at the workout, but he doesn’t think fights between teammates are a big deal generally speaking. Burleson said that the Vikings fought all the time when he played there and he described it as the closest team that he has ever been on in the NFL. He also wants Young back with the team as soon as possible.

“Titus is probably one of the hungriest young athletes I’ve been around and that’s where a lot of his emotion and passion come from,” Burleson said. “And I feel like a lot of guys on the team are close to him, but I’ve probably been more hands on than anything. I love him like a little brother, so I’m just looking for him to get back to work.”

It’s unclear when that will happen, but Young knows he’ll have at least one player in his corner when it does.

9 responses to “Nate Burleson on Titus Young: This kind of thing happens all the time

  1. With the types of drills you participate in, even in high school, I took part in and witnessed little skirmishes or fights on an almost daily basis. I’m sure it is even more intense in the NFL with all that money, pride, and steroii…….. supplements.

    The only thing that is off to me is the sucker punching. It’s called a sucker punch for a reason, because only suckers pull that crap.

  2. I got me some Seagram’s gin
    Everybody got they cups but they ain’t chipped in
    Ya know this type of things, happen all the time
    You gotta get yours before I get mine

  3. Shouldn’t be sucker punching anyone that is the problem I have and I hope that Titus Young learns his lesson not to sucker punch your own teammate.

  4. Josh – thanks for writing this report which puts this very minor incident into football perspective. I was beginning to wonder reality would ever be addressed

    It’s football. Of course there are fights during OTAs and training camp … especially training camp. There isn’t team without fights during camp.

  5. Delmas must be getting to his best since young took issue I love it .this lions team is feisty and wants to win bad the old lions are dead with the 50 year bobby boy curse .

  6. Get off our you know whats? There isn’t a team out there that didn’t wish they had Titus Young. We will get him into shape…and he will be scoring TD’s like a crazy man.

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