NFL owners approve moving trade deadline, allowing IR exemption


The NFL owners voted today to approve moving the trade deadline back two weeks and tweaking the injured reserve rule, two changes that will be implemented for the 2012 season if the league and the union can agree on the details.

Moving the trade deadline from Week Six to Week Eight has been discussed for years, and it became a subject of much conversation last year when the Broncos waived Kyle Orton shortly after the trade deadline, at a time when the Bears had just lost Jay Cutler and would have traded for Orton if they could have. Today’s vote of the owners means the trade deadline will be later this year, if the Management Council and the NFL Players Association reach an agreement on it.

The change to the injured reserve rule would allow each team to put one player on injured reserve for only part of the season, rather than making every player’s season come to an end if he’s placed on injured reserve. Under the revised rule, a player who is on the roster for Week One and then gets hurt during the season can be placed on injured reserve and designated for return, and then can return to practice six weeks later and play in a game eight weeks later.

It’s unknown whether the union will have any objections to either proposal. The injured reserve change would seem to benefit players who suffer injuries with a recovery time of several weeks — those players could go on injured reserve for part of the year so they don’t count against their teams’ roster limits, then come back when they’re healthy again. The trade deadline change might be opposed by some players who would prefer not to have to change teams in the middle of the season, although in most cases it’s better for a player to be traded than waived, so that would seem to be a change that players could support as well.

17 responses to “NFL owners approve moving trade deadline, allowing IR exemption

  1. Out of all the professional leagues out there, the NFL probably has the most uneventful mid-season trades.

  2. Man, this is a long time overdue. No teams wants to pull the plug after six weeks. Half a season is easier to justify. Watch for way more fire sales this year!

  3. They’re returning IR to what it used to be where you had to be on it a minimum of 4 weeks. I forget the max number of players who could be on it, but the Redskins used to take full advantage of it back in the day.

  4. If a player is placed on this new IR rule, and a better player gets hurt and needs to be placed on the IR, can the previous player be placed on permanent IR?

    For example. If the Broncos lose a running back, and he is going to be out for 8 weeks. They place him on this new IR list. 2 weeks later, Manning goes down for 8 weeks. Can they place Manning on this list instead?

  5. One of the few things the NHL does right is their trade deadline. It is an all day event on deadline day.

    I actually think it would be even better if the NFL pushed the trade deadline to Week 10. If the NFL could get this right, deadline day would be VERY exciting for fans of contending teams.

  6. I’m fine with one IR guy for 6 to 8 weeks, but when the IR gets too big and the timeframes get too short you end up with baseball, where it seems every strugging veteran has a timely tweak of his hammy right when they need help at other positions.

  7. Never thought the IR rule made sense, in particular when it was feasible for a player to make a comeback even if they did miss a good portion of the year.

    The trade deadline has always been far too early. Trades are few and far between anyway, but it could mean a contending team (in particular one that is surprising in contending) could make a trade and a team that things aren’t going as well for (say like Tampa last year) could shake things up by trading a player with talent but perhaps setting a bad example in the locker room (Aquib Talib or Tanard Jackson come to mind).

  8. The IR rule is great because now teams won’t waste a roster spot on someone they are hoping will be healthy. Trade deadline is a nice update, but I doubt it will have a major effect because teams don’t usually like to help one another out and players will still go threw waivers.

  9. The obvious problem with the plan for the trade deadline is it’s 8 weeks, not 8 games. I say week 9 is good. Maybe even week 10. But there is a system issue in the NFL that makes it a bit different. I never got the early trade dealin in the NFL. It was just too early for teams to bail on the season and make a move.

  10. I don’t think the changes in the trade deadline are going to make much of a difference. The problem is… the prorate portion of the salary for salary cap purposes. MLB doesn’t have this & NBA just requires salaries to be close…. NFL… you have to consider the bonus & if there is say a $10 million roster bonus due or some other bonus… it counts against the cap for years of contract divided into $10 million. The NFL just has too many penalties built in to promote an open league that includes deadline trades… You better have a SB Team on September 1st.

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