Stanford announces the Andrew Luck Directorship of Offense

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Stanford’s offensive coordinator is getting a new formal title as the school has announced the Andrew Luck Directorship of Offense.

Luck, the former Stanford quarterback picked first overall by the Colts in the NFL draft, has been honored by an anonymous donor who endowed the Directorship in his name.

“It is a tremendous honor to hold this position and to be associated with an outstanding young man like Andrew Luck, who means so much to Stanford football and the Stanford community,” Stanford offensive coordinator Andrew Luck Director of Offense Pep Hamilton said. “I will do everything in my power to proudly continue the tradition of creative and exciting offensive football at Stanford.”

Whoever this anonymous donor was, he or she will get a tax write off for the donation, thanks to the bizarre IRS rules that consider a football team that plays in a conference with a $3 billion TV contract to be a nonprofit charity.

Luck, a two-time Heisman Trophy runner-up at Stanford, is scheduled to graduate next month with his degree of bachelor of science in engineering.

20 responses to “Stanford announces the Andrew Luck Directorship of Offense

  1. In a related development, an anonymous donor created the “RGIII Director Of Traffic To Parking Lot B” at Baylor University. Formerly known simply traffic control guy in orange vest. Eating a sandwich.

  2. Can we see how this kid does in the pros first? I’m getting a little tired of hearing the hype on this guy until I see him do something on the NFL level.

  3. What a disgrace. You think Luck donated the money and get his name memorialized at the same time… hmm.

  4. Yikes. Nobody wants to see Luck be great more than me, but until he is, can we quit inducting him in to the Hall of Fame before he’s even played? I guess this is just a Stanford title, but really? What if he flops in the NFL? Is still deserving of this even if it is at his Alma Mater?

  5. And the New York Jets, Tony Sparano’s Title is the John Holmes Director of Ram it in There. I’m mean c’mon. Seriously?

  6. nflofficeadmin says: ” What a disgrace. You think Luck donated the money and get his name memorialized at the same time… hmm”

    I’m guessing he’ll be pretty well remembered without backing a stunt like this . . .

  7. Come on not even Plunkett or Elway were getting this kind of recognition when they left Stanford…before you know it the Colts will have a statue of Luck in front of their stadium by mid June

  8. Wow, how much *ss can you kiss?
    It’s not like they built a statue in his honor the year after he graduated.

  9. Do you get a trophy for being a two time runner up? lol. How many National Championships did he win? How many PAC10/12 Conference Championships did he win? When you really think about it. He wasn’t all the great…lol

  10. Boy if he’s anything short of elite he will be considered a failure. That’s kind of sad, give the young man a chance to succeed. Because I don’t care what people think, like GTrav said above, he hasn’t taken an NFL snap. We may calling him Andrew “Suck” at this time next year. We may be saying, wow he’s better than thought. Let’s consider this too, he could have injury keep him from ever amounting to anything. I for one think he’s going to struggle at first because he may be on the worst team in football. This is the NFL, there is no QB that can overcome a terrible team. And there is no QB that can play elite in a situation like that. As far as the OC title @ Stanford…the world get’s a little more ignorant each day.

  11. Why is everyone giving the thumbs down to any comment that suggests that we should wait and see Luck play in the NFL before crowning him king of it?

  12. In a related story, the University of Florida (not to be outdone) is working on legally changing every player and coaches name to Tim Tebow, they’re also requesting the entire roster be allowed to wear the number 15 jersey. The other rumor going around is they will no longer be the Gators, they will now be the Raging Jesus’.

  13. Is this serious that most people believe he will be a Pro Bowler for years to come. I mean if I had to bet, that’s the bet I’m making too. But I know too many things can happen that can change what was “supposed to be”. Ever hear of Jim Plunkett? He’s was supposed to be great too. And he was, 3 teams and 10 years after he was the 1st pick in the ’71 draft. But for those first 9 years, he went from #1 pick to to not taking a snap in that 9th year, and then won the Super Bowl the next year. Why didn’t he succeed? He just wasn’t as good as they thought he would be for one. Second he played on terrible teams with terrible Olines until signing with the Raiders in his 9th season. Third after his first 4 seasons he never again played a full season. He suffered injury in every year after that. So the scouting was a little too aggressive on him, bad Olines caused too much punishment with a sack rate of 9.9% over his career, and bad knees.

  14. That is so freakin’ dumb. I can’t wait to see him play in Indy though. Dude’s gonna be a HOF’er but it’s a little early to make this name change for the Stanford O-coordinator. Dumb.

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