Tracy Porter has no problem with leg pads

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Earlier this month, the must-ask question for current and former NFL players centered on whether they’d let their children play football.  Now, the question is whether current NFL players welcome the proposed rule requiring players to wear thigh and knee pads.

Most players don’t.  Broncos cornerback Tracy Porter does.

“I’m a believer in it,” Porter said Tuesday, via comments distributed by the team.  “I’ve been wearing them since my rookie year.”

He recognizes that most defensive backs don’t want to wear leg pads.  “[T]hey aren’t too worried about getting hit in the thigh or knee. . . .  A lot of guys are frowning upon it because they like to not wear thigh and knee pads, but much like wearing shoulder pads and a helmet, it’s a rule of the league and you have to do it.”

Porter doesn’t buy the notion that wearing leg pads affects game play.  “Some guys are superstitious to say that wearing the thigh and knee pads slows them down, but for the most part, I think it’s a myth,” Porter said.  “I still feel pretty fast when I’m out there with thigh and knee pads.”

Consider Porter to be among the few who have no problem with leg pads.  And expect to hear from more and more players on the topic, until perhaps the line of questioning merges with the most recent hot topic into whether players will force their kids who play football to wear leg pads.

11 responses to “Tracy Porter has no problem with leg pads

  1. I almost wonder if this leg pad rule change is ultimately for the concussion lawsuits to show that the players (union at least) will argue against even the smallest measures to improve player safety

  2. It funny, players are suing the league for their injuries but when the league offer safer equipment, they have millions and one reasons on why they don’t want to wear them

  3. Even if it does slow the players down by a little bit, if everyone is a little slower it may reduce some of the injuries that happen when these guys are running into each other at full speed.

  4. The NFL is coming up with all kinds of ideas for players safety if the helmet are not helping, shoulder pads not helping. What’s the reasons for leg pads and knee pads that’s not going to stop a injuries from a solid hard hit only thing a player can do is pray and hope he make it through the season with no injuries. Because football is a very serious contact sport know way around injuries so a player must take care of his body by working out everyday.

  5. The NFL will have to dictate the thickness and materials used in the pads because players will find loopholes and exploit them. Seems to me they should be working on safer helmets and mouthpieces since I haven’t seen any thigh bruise lawsuits.

  6. I don’t know why anyone cares. Unless equipment updates have to do with the helmet I feel like very little in regards to player safety is going to change.

  7. How can it possibly be a bad thing? They’ll ALL get slowed down equally and it WILL help when you’re hit in those locations. Simply stupid that they don’t wear them. No competitive disadvantage if ALL are forced to wear them to some standard (ie some pads can’t be smaller/thinner than others, etc)

  8. So. We are going to sue you for past injuries and care that we knew were part of the game. But we don’t want to wear certain protective items. Oh, and when you come out with helmets that reduce concussion, we dont want to wear them because they are bulkier then the old ones and don’t “feel” right.

    While you cant say that today’s players are suing, that attitude has prevailed for a long time in the league.

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