Winslow may only be a role player in Seattle

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New Seahawks tight end Kellen Winslow is a big name and he’ll be just 29 years old when the upcoming season starts, but he may not have a whole lot left after at least six career knee surgeries. There’s a reason the Bucs gave him up for a conditional seventh-round pick.

One NFL personnel source told Adam Caplan that his team explored pursuing Winslow before the draft. Though Winslow caught 75 passes in 2011, the personnel man didn’t see appealing attributes on Winslow’s game film.

“We talked to the Bucs before the draft and talked about him further internally,” the source told Caplan. “We just didn’t think he could be more than a rotational player at this point after examining his tape and performance.”

The notion was obviously shared around the league, or else the Bucs would have gotten more draft-pick compensation for Winslow on the trade market.

In Seattle, Winslow projects an option in two-tight end packages, playing across the formation from Zach Miller. Perhaps the most surprising part of Monday’s trade was the fact that Winslow’s contract was not redone. He’s probably not going to be an every-down tight end in Seattle, and Winslow’s $3.3 million base salary is hefty for a role player, regardless of how much cap room a team has.

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  1. Wait till the season starts. His contract will be restructured by then. If he gives off major attitude or is hurt he’ll be released

  2. I hope I have this right.

    Once again, thanks Cleveland, for drafting Winslow on the 10th pick and surprising everyone that you didn’t take Big Ben who dropped to the 11th for the Steelers, who were not even in the market for a QB.

    Makes up some for the Steelers not drafting our own Dan Marino and instead Gabe Rivera whose career was ruined by a car crash after his rookie year.

  3. I don’t know how Carroll values offensive role players, but it is clear that he places a high value on situational defensive role players. He just drafted a first round player who probably will not start this year but is a supremely talented pass rusher. The Seahawks spent two years on an overall talent upgrade and are now entering a phase where they will pick up players with specific skills for specific purposes. At least that is the way it seems to me.

  4. Barrett Ruud played linebacker with the Bucs last year, and was signed by Seattle before the draft. If someone is going to have the inside scoop on a guy who probably tracked him in practice all last year, it’s Ruud. Don’t you think the front office did a little due diligence on Winslow first?

  5. This article isn’t surprising. That said, KW doesn’t have to be a full-time TE with the Seahawks – He just provides another weapon and improves the TE position for them as a #2 TE.

    A conditional 7th round pick is nothing and the Seahawks are better than they were 24 hours ago. Even if KW becomes a headache then can cut him freely.

    This is a no-risk/only upside move for the Seahawks. Another good one for Schneider.

  6. largent80 says:
    May 22, 2012 4:57 PM
    Barrett Ruud played linebacker with the Bucs last year, and was signed by Seattle before the draft. If someone is going to have the inside scoop on a guy who probably tracked him in practice all last year, it’s Ruud. Don’t you think the front office did a little due diligence on Winslow first?

    1. Ruud didn’t play for the Bucs last year
    2. Winslow literally doesn’t practice, he takes 3-4 days of practice off per week to rest. No Buc tackled him in practice last year or probably any year. Part of the reason he was expendable – young guys need someone willing to shed blood, sweat & tears with them; to compete and build them up

  7. @tomthebombtracy

    You don’t. Cleveland traded up from 7 to 6 to draft Winslow, who plenty of people thought they would take. They had just signed Jeff Garcia to be their QB that offseason (which didn’t pan out well, but he was going to be the starter and they certainly weren’t in the market for a QB then).

    Pittsburgh had been dealing with the inconsistent Kordell Stewart for years, followed by the decent but uninspiring Tommy Maddox leading them to a 6-10 season. Plenty of mocks then had Pittsburgh taking Ben to finally give them a consistent answer at QB, so it wasn’t any surprise that he was there when Pittsburgh drafted, or that they took him.

  8. Largent80, Ruud played for the Titans last year when he wasn’t injured. Enjoy. Winslow will get into the head of whoever your QB is. That’s why the Bucs traded him. Good riddance.

  9. Think Lendale White. If it works, it’s a great trade…even a steal…for the Seahawks. If it doesn’t or he has an attitude, cut him and his salary cap and move on. Really a no lose situation.

  10. I don’t get it….They looked at his game film and he wasn’t impressive? The guy had 75 catches for almost 800 yard. He hasnt missed a game in 3 years and only 3 other TE’s have been more productive the past 4 years. Anyone who belittles this move isnt paying attention. Giving up a 7th round pick, possibly a 6th is NOTHING for a proven top tier TE! This is a great move by the Seahawks!

  11. Seattle has plenty of cap space left to absorb Winslow’s contract this year, so the money isn’t an issue….yet. Maybe after this season it will be, but after this season, they should have a good idea if he’s more than a stopgap solution.

    The team lost Carlson and was rumored to be going after Shiancoe, who is already in his 30s and also has some injury issues.

    For those with short memories, Seattle made a draft-day trade for Lendale White (dropped down in the fourth and sixth rounds) and then cut him before camp opened. If Winslow doesn’t want to play along in the locker room, he’ll go the same way, at a cost of the least-valuable pick any team has.

    It’s not like Seattle was going after a starter here. Miller will start, Winslow will see the field in 2 TE sets. Leave your defense in base set, Winslow will be one-on-one with a LB, which is a matchup he usually wins. Go to the nickel, get ready for some Beast Mode.

    A good pickup that fills a need on the Seattle roster, and the price was certainly right. Even if Carroll and Schneider are wrong on this one (and they may be), the cost is very, very low for a guy who has averaged 70 catches a season for the last three years, and hasn’t missed a start during that time. If your team had made this trade, you’d probably be stoked.

  12. The only people who could give Trollhammers post a thumbs down are people who have an ax to grind against Winslow or the Seahawks.

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