Asomugha wants the Eagles to let their play do the talking

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Last year’s 8-8 record would have been a disappointment for the Eagles even without all the “Dream Team” talk, but the big talk coming out of Philadelphia made the disappointment that much worse. That’s why, this year, Eagles cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha says he thinks everyone needs to lay low and avoid any incendiary comments in the media.

“We understand how it works. I think the less we say and the more we play, the better off we’ll be,” Asomugha said today at the Eagles’ Organized Team Activities. “Obviously there are going to be people that aren’t expecting a lot, people that are expecting a lot, those are things we can’t control.”

It’s not Asomugha’s fault that Vince Young called the Eagles the “Dream Team” and that the media ran with Young’s unfortunate word choice, but his arrival as a free agent — more than any other signing — was what got the Eagles recognized as the champions of free agency. He’s wise to recognize that the Eagles are better off not saying anything to raise expectations.

Still, some Eagles aren’t shying away from setting the bar high. That includes DeSean Jackson, who guaranteed a Super Bowl when he signed his contract extension in March and is still aiming high.

“Everybody knows what’s at stake right now, from the front office, to the coaches to the players,” Jackson said. “I think it’s a bond that we’ve created together. It’s one common goal that we want to do, and that’s the Super Bowl.”

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  1. Nnamdi is a great player who flies under the radar. Playing in Oakland all those years, only RAIDER NATION knew his value.

    Last year, thrust onto the big stage, it did not go well. The scheme was partly to blame, maybe bright lights and expectations were the other culprits.

    Doesn’t matter anymore. Have Nnamdi play man defense on every opponents #1 WR and you will be more than happy. He is a lockdown/ man coverage CB- the way Al Davis wanted it to be.

    Play Nnamdi man to man only…. Please…

  2. Jackson’s real quote, per YOUR website:

    “I have five bright years to look for,” Jackson said, via the team’s website. “In one of those years, I’m going to guarantee a Super Bowl because we’ve been close the past four years that I’ve been here. Last year, with it being a tough year, just the way we caught on fire towards the end of the year, I see this team as the sky being the limit.”

    These are the kind of comments that you want anyone on your team to say, because no one wants a player who doesn’t believe he and his team can win a Superbowl.

    You talk about the media taking Young’s “dream team” comments and running with them, well the race ended months ago and you’re still running. Give up, already. The “dream team” is dead, as Vick said midway through last season, though of course no one paid much attention to those comments.

  3. So were just gonna act like Asmo-whatever else his name is didn’t kinda suck last year? & we should also act like the Eagles as a whole didn’t co-sign with Vince Youngs “Dream Team” boast. Ok, if you say so Eagles fans, sweeping it under the rug, gotcha.

  4. shut up and play the game…. v.young has the brains of a pea. keep your mouth shut and just win……

  5. He’s saying the right thing, but by doing so, he’s undercutting the power of his need age, because his message is “we need to stop talking.”

    Leading by example, and not bothering to tell the media about the plan to lay low would really be laying low.

  6. Super Bowl Championships

    Dallas Cowboys 5

    NY Giants 4

    Washington Redskins 3

    Philadelphia Eagles ZERO doh

  7. “Everybody knows what’s at stake right now, from the front office, to the coaches to the players,” Jackson said. “I think it’s a bond that we’ve created together. It’s one common goal that we want to do, and that’s the Super Bowl.”

    Why would anyone knock Jackson saying that? Isn’t that how he’s supposed to feel? Shouldn’t EVERY player in the NFL feel that way?

    I’m a Giants fan, and can’t stand Jackson. But I’m not going to knock him for stating the obvious.

  8. Lets also clarify what Vince said and meant by dream team for all you slow fans out there…he was asked what he felt about coming to the Eagles and his response was “oh its great, this is like a dream team for me”. He was comparing the craphole he was leaving in Tennessee to the talent level he was going to in Philly. He wasn’t comparing them to the rest of the league, just the titans. idiots. And its old, it was said a year ago and he’s not on the team anymore. Get some new material.

    Also, anyone with half a brain knew it was gonna be a throwaway season for 4 reasons…new d-cordinator, new scheme, free agent starters. In a normal year it wouldn’t have had that much of an effect but in an offseason shortened by the lockout, this team didn’t stand a chance early. Just look at how lights out the D was the last 4-5 games of the season. Notice how teams that didn’t have much change that offseason fared much better than those like the Eagles who changed so much.

    All of that means get your sh!+ talking in now because this season isn’t going to be like last season. Don’t forget, the giants were 8-8 and barely made the playoffs.(they have Mark Sanchez to thank for that). Philly wins NFC East this year.

  9. Here we go again
    Flapping your little wings before the season starts
    More of your stupid predictions that you make Every year.
    No super bowl this year either
    When it’s all said and done. I think you all just cut and paste these lame comments from year to year
    Fail eagirls

  10. Once again Philly fans do not know of what they speak
    Yes the giants beat the jets on xmas eve but they had win the next week againest the cowboys to win the div and get in the playoffs.

    Yeah the giants are lucky
    Lucky the shut out the Falcons
    Lucky the owned the packers
    Lucky in OT to beat the 49ers
    and once again lucky to once again beat the Pats for the Trophy
    If you want to call it luck what ever I call it winning when it counts
    And I hope they do have aso one on one Victor Cruz stole his lunch money and made aso look like a third string d 3 player and remember Cruz was an udfa

  11. And one more thing the giants were nine and seven and won the Super bowl
    Philly fans need to learn how to read

  12. I’m not knocking Jackson for saying what he did, but how he said it, like it’s some special chemistry and bond they’ve developed because they are in it for a SB. That characterizes every team, most players, every year.

  13. wow you dumb community college dropout bloggers, put the Dream team stuff to rest already. It’s been over a year, GET OVER IT!. Every single Eagles article you write mentions the “Dream Team”, every damn one.

    Get a real job.

  14. abninf says: May 23, 2012 9:42 PM

    Super Bowl Championships

    Dallas Cowboys 5

    NY Giants 4

    Washington Redskins 3

    Philadelphia Eagles ZERO doh


    OK seriously dude you know how old that argument is? I am not even an Eagles fan and it still irks me that out of everything thats all you got. How long ago was the Cowboys and Redskins sb? Exactly yet you still bring it up lol? And while the Giants did get it done (congrats) they lost 6 of of the last 7 to the Eagles. I would think that means that the Eagles have the Giants number. Now beat it!!!

  15. @tweeter75 says: May 23, 2012 8:46 PM

    So much talent, so little leadership in the locker room. That’s the #1 reason the Eagles went 8-8 last year.

    How can anyone say that there is no leadership on this team?

    Trent Cole
    Cullen Jenkins
    Now add in DeMeco

    Plenty of leadership…… They were fighting an uphill battle last year with new guys, in a new scheme, under new coaching, in a short off-season. Anyone that thinks this D won’t perform this season is out of their mind.

    The offense has me a little worried about a leader, but I think Vick is getting there, and Djax when his head is on straight, seems to do a great job rallying everyone together.

    If there are less turnovers this year, this team could be dominant.

  16. I think the Eagles should bring back Brian Dawkins as a consultant, so he can teach some of the guys leadership! A retired Brian Dawkins, still leading the defense, I can see it now!

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