Brandon Graham: Right now, I’m a bust

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Things have not gone as planned for Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham.

When he was picked 13th overall in 2010, Graham looked like a productive edge pass rusher in a scheme that gives players like that a lot of opportunity. Because of injuries, he hasn’t gotten those opportunities. Graham played in just 16 games over his first two seasons thanks to a torn ACL and microfracture surgery in successive years. He’s picked up three sacks in those games and he knows that’s not enough for a player with such high expectations.

“I haven’t [done] nothing, really,” Graham said, via the Philadelphia Inquirer. “Right now, I’m a bust, so I’m going to deal with that. I’m a bust, and I’m going to keep being a bust. Even when I make plays, I’m going to still act like I’m a bust. You know what I’m saying?”

Graham’s motivational tool has led him to drop 20 pounds and improve his all-around conditioning. He’ll need every edge he can get in the fight for snaps at defensive end in Philly. Trent Cole and Jason Babin are the starters and second-round pick Vinny Curry will also push for playing time.
Babin isn’t taking part in the Eagles OTAs, which has given Graham some time with the first team. He’ll need to make the most of those chances to shake off the label Graham slapped on himself.

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  1. this guy has always had the right attitude, but he was a reach. Hopefully he can pull a Derrek Burgess on all of us instead of a Jerome McDougle.

  2. I’m glad he’s not delusional or sugar coating his self evaluation, but why drop 20 lbs? I thought he was already undersized for a down lineman.

  3. Fighting for snaps as a DE isn’t a problem. The Giants can tell you that you can’t have enough pass rushers. And if they’re all good enough, they’ll find a way to get on the field, possibly all at the same time. There’s a ton of opportunities to rush the passer in a game, and having fresh legs in the 4th quarter can be the difference between winning and losing.

  4. Your dam right your a bust. You were picked ahead of the Giants JPP, and other better Devensive Ends.You are undersized and often injured. Dont talk about it, Do something about it.

  5. “I haven’t [done] nothing, really.”

    Wow! Please no more talking. Save our ears from your destruction of the English language.

    We know you are a bust and will continue to be a bust. The 20 pound weight loss won’t help. You just weren’t that good to begin with. Senior Bowl warrior.

  6. “I haven’t [done] nothing, really,” Graham said, via the Philadelphia Inquirer. “Right now, I’m a bust, so I’m going to deal with that. I’m a bust, and I’m going to keep being a bust. Even when I make plays, I’m going to still act like I’m a bust. You know what I’m saying?

    No I don’t know what your saying.. Drew and I would like an explanation. God how do these guys get into collage…

  7. Hate to say this as an Eagles fan, but he’s right.

    The fact that the Eagles drafted Vinny Curry and bought in Babin last year shows the Eagles dont have much faith in him.

    Another great draft move by the front office. We trade up for Graham, who so far is a stiff, the Giants sit tight and draft an all-world DE. I know the draft is a crapshoot…but…classic Eagles.

    I’ll say this though….if we finally hit on Fletcher Cox and Vinny Curry….if Graham gives us anything next year….we’ve got a formidable defensive line.

  8. Stings a little more knowing the Giants drafted that stud defensive end Jason Pierre- Paul with the very next pick.

    1960 and counting Eagles fans.

  9. Kind of refreshing to see a young athlete take responsibility for his performance, instead of blaming injuries (he’s definitely had his share), the coaching staff for not using him right, or otherwise deflecting responsibility.

    It’s the right attitude for someone who is underperforming to have. It’s called “humility”, and it often seems to be in short supply in some quarters these days.

  10. The “Bust” label is routinely missused. A bust is someone who comes in with high expectations, but is unable to fulfill those expectations due to poor performance on the field or because of off-the-field distractions/arrests. Someone who incurs an injury is not a bust because their physical limitations haven’t allowed them to fulfill their potential or meet expectations. In the event that an injury is a result of bonehead decision, then that player could be considered a bust. JaMarcus Russell was a bust because he wasn’t able to produce on the field. Brandon Graham isn’t a bust because his injuries haven’t allowed him to produce on the field. Now if he’s healthy this year and doesn’t produce, then we can label him a bust.

  11. I have faith that Mr. Graham will prove to everyone that he was well deserving of his draft position. The injuries he sustained aren’t something he can control. His rookie year in limited playing time, he led all rookies in QB pressures. Yes, JPP was selected after him, but he hasn’t had injury issues. Those issues are out of the players control. After watching Graham workout last year at camp, and seeing video of him now, he is a totally different guy. He’s bigger and stronger, yet lighter than he was in college. That a dangerous combo for a pass rush DE. Ask Trent Cole, or better yet ask all the LT’s he tosses around.

  12. I thought Graham was a can’t miss player who had so many similarities to Lamarr Woodley outside of the same college. Its a shame how injuries can derail a career before it gets started and shows that there is no such thing as a ‘can’t miss’ in my eyes.

    Hopefully Graham can get back on track and become the player most of us wolverine fans thought he would.

  13. Comments like the above go to show how short people’s memories can be… JPP was a HUGE question mark coming out of college. Clearly he has panned out but Graham was a terrific college player and dominated the senior bowl so to call him a reach is a bit much.

    And everyone of the Eagles front office people said they had no intention of drafting a DE this year but the value was way to high to pass on/…. which is exactly what we keep saying we want team to do.

  14. With his weight loss maybe he can play LB…There isn’t an Eagles fan out there that feels comfortable about Brian Rolle or Lil Matthews starting at weak side LB. If he can’t make it as a primary back up DE, then maybe the Eagles can trade him for a decent safety? The Eagles can’t just cut him he carries too high of a cap # this year….

  15. Aaron Kampman/Cullen Jenkins both took 2 years to develope until they finally became productive for us… KGB needed a season.
    Just saying, dude could wind up being a late bloomer.

  16. As a father, i wish the young man the best of luck in his rehab. As a Giants fan, i hope he gets cut and become’s a great player elsewhere. Like the AFC. or Canada.

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