Brian Urlacher won’t go full speed until training camp

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Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher’s recovery after spraining his ACL and MCL in Week 17 hasn’t gone as smoothly as originally hoped.

It was supposed to be about 10 weeks for Urlacher to be back to work, but he sat out the first day of Organized Team Activities on Tuesday and he’s not likely to be a participant in any future OTAs either. June’s minicamp doesn’t look like it will feature much work from Urlacher either, which means training camp is the target date for his return to the field. Despite the slowed-down schedule, Urlacher doesn’t sound concerned about his knee.

“It’s getting better,” Urlacher said, via Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune. “I’m on schedule, so I feel good. At this stage, I know the defense pretty well. I’m not worried about being out there and not knowing what I’m doing.”

Urlacher certainly doesn’t need the extra time to learn the defense and the time spent with Dom DeCicco at middle linebacker with the first team could wind up paying off for the Bears down the road. Urlacher is 34 and this episode with his knee is a reminder that the body doesn’t bounce back quite as quickly once you get to that age. The cautious approach lets the Bears know that they will have a more experienced backup as well as the healthiest Urlacher possible come the start of the season.

8 responses to “Brian Urlacher won’t go full speed until training camp

  1. …anyone that uses LOLZ should not be allowed to comment on football related topics. Please stick to commenting on sports like womens basketball.


    Urlacher hasn’t been full speed for awhile…

    You serious dude? We are talking about one of the best LB’s the game has ever seen. Oh, right, and he made the Pro bowl last season. Brian will be the same stud that Bears fans have had the absolute pleasure of watching for the last twelve years. Here let me put this into perspective for you. Patrick Willis (probably the most fierce LB in the game today) last year had 97 total tackles – 74 solo – 23 ast. Brian Urlacher last year had 102 total tackles – 84 solo – 18 ast (with three int’s to go with it). Willis only had 13 games to do it, but yeah, Urlacher is still one of the best LB’s in todays game. You had your fun commenting on something you know nothing about, but all you are doing is embarrassing yourself. Be well and stay healthy Brian.

  2. “Typical Bear. No heart.LOLZ.”

    If only he were smart like you. Then he could prematurely return to practice, risking injury on plays that he knows in his sleep.

    Keep up the good work brainiac….

  3. pickleman77 says:

    Urlacher hasn’t been full speed for awhile…


    You don’t actually watch the games do you?

  4. Urlacher sucks. He is an old middle backer on an old defense. I believe sports illustrated poll in 2006 said he was the second most overrated player in the NFL and it was NFL players that did the voting. Almost done and NOT hall worthy.

  5. @patsaintsbroncoscheat-

    Yeah, those polls are an amazing gauge on a player’s career. Do you know who one of those idiots voted for Urlacher? Dahani “freakin'” Jones, who’s now conveniently retired. Same draft class….he basically did nothing his whole career. Did you know that the only year the Bears defense didn’t rank in the top-10 in 3rd down % was the season Brian hurt his wrist? They were in the 20s that year. I’ll add you to the group of idiots…

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