Jason Garrett says Cowboys won’t trade Mike Jenkins

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Dallas cornerback Mike Jenkins is absent from Organized Team Activities and says he wants to be traded, but the Cowboys say that’s not going to happen.

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett told reporters today that whatever Jenkins’ feelings are, that doesn’t change the fact that the coaching staff considers him a big part of the team.

“He’s making a business decision. We’re not going to trade him,” Garrett said.

There’s been talk of the Cowboys trading Jenkins since the team used its first- and second-round picks to trade up and draft cornerback Morris Claiborne, but officially the Cowboys are continuing to insist that they view him as part of the roster for the long haul. It’s still possible that some team could suffer an injury at cornerback in training camp and make the Cowboys an offer they can’t refuse to pry Jenkins loose, but at the moment the Cowboys are saying he’ll be part of their roster throughout the 2012 season.

9 responses to “Jason Garrett says Cowboys won’t trade Mike Jenkins

  1. If you think you are a starter, Jenkins, go win the job.

    Still haven’t heard much from anybody else other than Calvin Watkins that Jenkins even wants/demands traded. He’s been spewing that since draft day.

  2. He’s not good with business decisions. The last memorable one was when he decided to escort Bradshaw into the endzone rather than deter him.

    Jenkins is a solid young DB, maybe even above average starter but not a bright guy. Good thing he’s represented by a level headed guy like Rosenhaus.

  3. Cant trade Jenkins. What if Claiborne does not work right away? Including the fact that he just had wrist surgery. I really would hate to see Scandrick out there covering Victor Cruz for 60 minutes week 1. We need Jenkins!

  4. Based on last year secondary performances I wouldn’t trade em either…he’s young, played fairly well last year, and is under a very manageable contract. Who knows, it could take Claiborne a while to learn the playbook. As “daysend” pointed out…go win the job Jenkins.

  5. I think this story has been pretty blown up from the beginning. Jenkins only has 1 year, $1.052M or so on his contract left (about a $1.7M cap number), so it’s not like Dallas needs to dump his salary like the Eagles did with Asante Samuel. Plus Dallas still needs depth in the secondary even with Carr and Claiborne.

    Unless Jenkins has a major slip in productivity, one year of his services while Claiborne gets used to the speed of NFL offenses is much more important than a 6th or 7th round pick.

  6. Trading him would be absolutely stupid at this point. His salary is bearable, and if they lose him in free agency next year they will be in line for a good compensatory pick, better than they will get in trade now. Wait and see how your 2 new CBs get acclimated. If someone is in desperate need at the trade deadline, then maybe you will get good trade value.

  7. the nfc east would love him to stay there… = 2 wins each for the eagles, giants, and skins…

  8. Its the smart thing to do to say they ‘re not trading him. The Cowboys don’t want to get caught with their pants down in a trade again (Lion’s Fans sure miss Roy Williams…) and now they have the advantage of some team giving up too much.

    Also like @nortonfest said, his salary is not bad and I look at the Eagles from last year, why not have three-potential starters in a passing league (they have to face teams with three good WR in their division). Plus just like the Eagles last year, when that high-priced free agent has to adjust to a new system, it can take a while, so its better to have some continuity just in case.

  9. Best corner the Cowboys have had the last 2 – 3 yrs. Take notes…it takes pressure on the QB and safety support over the top to help corner backs with coverage. Jenkins is good,has some improving to do with some techniques, but good nevertheless. It’s about TEAM.

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