Jim Schwartz mum on Titus Young’s absence from OTAs


Lions receiver Titus Young has been absent from Organized Team Activities, apparently for sucker punching teammate Louis Delmas last week, and head coach Jim Schwartz is refusing to say when Young will be back.

Schwartz previously said that he wouldn’t talk about players who didn’t attend voluntary workouts, and he said today that he will stand by that.

“I think I addressed that a couple of days ago,” Schwartz said, via Anwar Richardson of MLive.com. “That’s the most I’m going to address it. When there is a change, I will address it again.”

The Lions have said through a writer for the team’s website that Young is not suspended, but they haven’t said whether Schwartz told Young not to attend OTAs. After a loss to the Saints last year in which several Lions (including Young) picked up stupid penalties, Schwartz said he would bench players who cost the team 15 yards with personal fouls after the play. But Schwartz said he handles incidents during offseason workouts differently.

“There’s all kinds of different things,” Schwartz said. “There’s things that happen. There’s some things that should be avoided. There’s other things that can’t be avoided. Every single situation is a little bit different. One thing you don’t want to have, if you’re on the field, fighting is a 15-yard penalty and cause for ejection. Those things are not good for us.”

And one player sucker punching another player at offseason workouts isn’t good for the Lions, either. It’s not surprising that Schwartz is in no mood to talk about it.

18 responses to “Jim Schwartz mum on Titus Young’s absence from OTAs

  1. The Lions are like that guy at the bar who gets two drinks in him and is looking to get into a fight. No discipline whatsoever. I’m just shocked it wasn’t Suh this time.

  2. I’m sure Schwartzy is ticked off. You’ve seen how he reacts to a slap on the back. How do you imagine he reacts to watching a member of his team sucker punching another?

  3. Yeah, and meanwhile the rest of the league are saints…..bwahaha…….Saints. You see what I did there? I’m glad the Lions are not saints!

  4. As a Lions’ fan, I guess if I have to pick between the “Hating” over all stories (large and small) versus the previous state of irrelevancy, I’ll take the former…so, bring it on folks!

  5. I’m herebye begging Jim Schwartz and the Lions organization as a whole to ELIMINATE all members of this team that are not 100% focused on WINNING!

    #51 was dead on the money when he suggested
    that these little weedheads simply
    “grow the f$%# up and play football”

  6. I think Schwartz can be a little over reactive and quite immature, but kudos to him for trying to rein in the bad behavior instead of turning the other cheek

  7. “I really don’t care what they do as long as they don’t give me a clap on the back when they shake my hand. Then all bets are off.” – Jim Schwartz

  8. Big Ben sexually assults two women

    PacMan Jones gets involved with a shooting at a strip club

    Brandon Marshall beats multiple ex gfs

    Mike Vick runs a illegal dog fighting ring

    Saints run a bounty program

    Stallworth kills a man while he’s drunk and high

    Rex Ryan makes foot fetish pornos


    My point is that every team has their own personal problems, so before you open your mouth and bash the Lions, look at the problems your own favorite team has.

    P.S. I’d rather have Titus sucker punch Delmas than any of the above.

  9. People need to watch the handshake incident on youtube. Jim schwarts didnt get in a tizzy over the handshake,it was whatever harbaugh said after the handshake that flipped him off. Nobody knows exactly what was said but players say that there coach was sticking up for them. So thats sounds like a normal dude not letting someone talk ill about his players/team.

  10. The Detroit Pistons of the late 80’s did these sort of things in practice all the time.

    Much like Chuck Daly, Schwartz isn’t about to air laundry and keep everything “in house”.

    Certainly worked out for them in the end and perhaps the same will be said for the Lions.

  11. Lion haters need to remember that people that live in glass houses, should not throw stones. I would bet that over the years, there is not one team in the NFL that hasn’t had a physical altercation between two of their own players.

  12. Honestly…I’m surprised Delmas doesn’t get punched more often. That guy just talks and talks, etc…

  13. @ detroitrollin22:

    Sadly, there are many others you left off (GB’s Mark Chmura comes to mind) , but as a Bears fan I will cut Brandon Marshall some slack only because his past problems were due to a mental disorder he is now getting help for, and he has been cleared of some gold-digger’s false accusation. To be fair, I will nominate another (now ex) Bears WR to take Marshall’s place on your list – Sam ‘I Wanna Be Drug King of Chicago!’ Hurd.

  14. Is anyone tired of the words “hating” and “haters” or the phrase “hating on?”

    To all the Lions fans, no one is “hating on” you. Honestly, who hates the Lions? Your team has not been relevant for years upon years upon years. This is not “hating,” this is fact. One 6th seed in the playoffs and a couple perceived bad guys on the team doesn’t mean people are starting to “hate on” you. Actually to other fan bases, the emotion the Detroit Lions draw is apathy. Nobody cares. For the longest time, your own fan base didn’t even care. There were plenty of empty seats. Stop saying people are “hating on” you.

    I can’t believe I wasted this much energy on the Lions. Thumbs up and you know I am right. Thumbs down and you are just “hating.”

  15. I am guessing Titus is going to see a lot of press man coverage with a few shots to the face mask off of the line. Looks to be someone who could be provoked into responding. Short fuse = 15 yards.

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