Mike Wallace doesn’t have a contract, does have Steelers’ playbook

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Steelers restricted free agent receiver Mike Wallace doesn’t appear to be close to coming to terms with the team on a contract, but he has been given new offensive coordinator Todd Haley’s playbook and should be ready to go whenever he shows up for work.

Given that, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin, who talked to Wallace last week, says he’s not overly concerned about having Wallace up to speed when the regular season starts.

This process is going to run its course,” Tomlin told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “It will be a little bit of short-term misery, but it won’t be significant in the big scheme of things, hopefully.”

Wallace’s friend and teammate Antonio Brown said he’s confident Wallace will be fine this year.

“He’s going to be studying, so when he comes he knows [the plays],” Brown said. “Hopefully he can get here soon o he can get on board.”

When he does get on board, Wallace shouldn’t have any problem getting up to speed quickly. For all the talk about Wallace’s contract situation this offseason, it’s probably not going to have much of an impact on the Steelers when the season starts.

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  1. “For all the talk about Wallace’s contract situation this offseason, it’s probably not going to have much of an impact on the Steelers when the season starts.”

    Wallace will be fine but he probably still want get the kind of money he wants.

  2. LOL – Now that the bubble screen has moved on to Indianapolis (thankfully), they gave Mike Wallace a one-page playbook. Run down the field as fast as you can. Love this one-trick pony!! See you in August at Latrobe.

  3. My favorite part of Steelers stories is seeing Steelers fans post like they have some sort of insider knowledge about the organization.

  4. Wallace seems to think this is 2 years ago when he was unstoppable. He should probably remember there is another guy on the team named Antonio Brown is proably a more complete receiver. He should sign and get his butt to camp

  5. Wallace doesn’t deserve $10 mil. a year type money but he does deserve more than what they are offering. With the new rookie wage scale players will be looking to make their money in their 2nd and 3rd contracts. We should all get used to this scenario because cap strapped teams like the Steelers will be trying to keep good players when it’s obvious they can’t pay them what they’re really worth.

  6. Other than the rose-colored sunglasses worn by major Steelers homers, I’m having a hard time getting my head wrapped around the concept that Wallace (and/or his agent) thinks he’s worth Fitzgerald money.

    I think he’s an awesome piece of the Steelers offensive game plan, and he adds a dimension that is lacking when he is not there.

    That said, I just cannot see him commanding the kind of contract that has been reported.

    I can only hope this was a “start high, then compromise above your original goal” kind of negotiation tactic, otherwise we got a pretty deluded receiver on our hands…

  7. Mitchitized,

    I must say i disagree. The vast majority of steeler fans recognize fitz, andre johnson, calvin johnson, etc. are on a complete different level. Yeah wallace is nice to have but he’s nowhere near the elite at his position.

    5-7 mil a year or move on.

  8. Thanks Stiller43, I am not alone! hehe

    My guess is that he’s coming back for this year only, and then leaving as an UFA for 2013. As much as I love watching him stretch the field, this roster is packed with young talent at wideout and they should keep on rocking with or without Wallace.

  9. One of the luxuries of consistently drafting well is that at some point, you can let go of a talent like Wallace because your bench is deep enough to make up the difference. Not many teams are able to do that.

    But still, Wallace is a top talent, and I’d be surprised if the Steelers let him get away.

  10. Studying the playbook, doesn’t develop timing on new routes, nor does it keep you in shape. Just ask Desean Jackson.

  11. Haley, like his predecessor at OC, was a WR coach so I’m guessing he can make the most of the guys they have with or without Wallace.

    Wallace may think he’s worth Fitz money, but the fact of the matter is that as far as we know, he garnered 0 offers at his tender. Anyone think that Fitz couldn’t fetch a 1st rounder, even at his age and salary?

  12. ravenator says:May 23, 2012 10:21 AM

    Implosion in 3…..2…..1….

    you must have this confused with Joe Flacco’s contract talks. Or maybe Ray Rice?

    Wallace is not an issue- he will sign his tender. He has to- he has no leverage now. He just wont do it until he has to, which is in mid-june.

    He cant risk holding out and going down to a pro rated $500,000- He hasnt made enough money in his career to shrug off losing 2 million.

    The Steelers played this situation masterfully- 1 year at 2.74 mil and then work on the long term deal next year when there is more cap flexibility.

  13. you must have this confused with Joe Flacco’s contract talks. Or maybe Ray Rice?

    You mean players that are actually under contract and plan on being at team facilities practicing?

  14. In the long run, the management team in Pittsburgh will make the right choice from a team standpoint. That’s the way it’s been in Pittsburgh for years and it’s what has enabled the team to be consistantly at or near the top of the league.

    Wallace has zero leverage this year. He wants a long term deal and so do the Steelers; however, they’re not going to break the bank. He doesn’t need to sign for a hometown discount, but he needs to be reasonable. Otherwise, next year he’ll either sign a long term contract or he’ll walk.

    The funny thing is, when Wallace was tendered by the Steelers, fans of the crows, Patriots and 49ers flooded the boards proclaiming that Wallace would surely be catching bombs in their city going forward. Now, and especially when/if he signs a long term contract in Pittsburgh, he’s a one trick pony and not worth the money.

    The proof is in the pudding. Steelers management rarely makes a wrong call on free agents.

    Now back to “As the Nest Burns”.


  15. The Steelers are NOT like many of the teams some of these posters support. They know the true value of players and have consistently been able to pay them properly.

    Negotiations happen for all players on all teams. Part of negotiating is waiting for the other party to move – game of “chicken” if you will. Another is to start high (or low) and negotiate.

    Please name me the players the Steelers wanted to keep in the last dozen years but were not able to do so. Fanica is the only one I can think of. They always pay FAIRLY and keep the players they want and the players are almost always happy with their situation.

    Mike will be signed and happy in due time!

  16. Thank you Bray72

    Wallace can not force us to pay him what he wants. You’ll notice that we drafted Tony Clemons who is just as fast as Wallace but taller. We don’t let players dictate to us. We will offer him a fair deal for what he’s done, if he doesn’t like it, he can move on. And we will put Clemons in his place and keep it moving. No worries.

  17. What I don’t get is what Wallace hopes to gain by doing this. In what scenario does holding out help him in the long term? Is he simply acting like a diva to convince people he is a diva-class WR, and to make sure that PIT doesn’t franchise him next year?

    My only theory is that Wallace has a problem, expects his decline from last year to continue, and is trying hard to get whatever longterm contract he can get before he has to show his hand on the field.

  18. i don’t understand wallace’s holding out at all…how can he possibly think he deserves fitzgerald/megatron money? all he’s good for is running straight downfield and beating the defensive back over the top…when does he ever outjump or outmuscle defenders for the ball and in what other way does he contribute to this offense? the fact that not one of the other 31 teams even hinted at offering a contract should have been the slap he needed to realize he’ll never get anything close to what he wants

  19. ravenator says:May 23, 2012 10:21 AM

    Implosion in 3…..2…..1….


    Camon, Wallace is just trying to get a long term deal.

    It’s not like this is another Ravens AFC Championship game.

  20. bdub85 says:
    you must have this confused with Joe Flacco’s contract talks. Or maybe Ray Rice?

    You mean players that are actually under contract and plan on being at team facilities practicing?


    You’re half right. Flacco is attending OTA’s.
    Ray Rice is Not currently working out with the team and has hinted he won’t report until camp. Basically the same situation as Mike Wallace.

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