Osi an OTA no-show

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Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora, who hasn’t been happy with his current contract since the ink dried on it, is entering the final year of his deal.  And he remains unhappy with the situation.  So he’s doing what he’s fully authorized to do and not showing up for voluntary Organized Team Activities.

Umenyiora’s unhappiness with his deal created a training-camp standoff in 2011, and injuries limited him to nine regular-season games with seven starts.  He appeared in all four postseason games, starting none of them.

The good news for the Giants is that a contract rift with a high-profile defensive end has launched each of the team’s last two championship seasons, with Michael Strahan holding out for most of training camp in 2007 and Umenyiora creating a contract-driven distraction last year.

Still, the smart move for the Giants would be to trade him.  The problem is that his next team would want to work out an extension to his current contract, and there’s a chance he wants more than a trade partner would pay him.

Until then, the question is whether he’ll report for a mandatory minicamp and whether he’ll report for training camp.

Maybe he’ll eventually offer to show up if he gets 500,000 Twitter followers.

11 responses to “Osi an OTA no-show

  1. Osi just doesn’t get!! no one is offering anything for him, so what makes him think he’s that valuable?

    take a good look at TO’s career Osi, because that’s exactly where your headed.

  2. Comparing Osi to T Owens is not smart. T Owens is a moron off the field. Osi is very bright and will never have the same money/women/ mental illness issues T Owens has. Osi will complain all off season then play his ass off come game 1.

  3. T. Owens Career wise is also not a good comparison to make for Osi. Non elite Wr are no where close to as valuable as D ends in todays Nfl. Plus t.owens was a problem in the locker room where as Osi is the opposite.

  4. Trading Osi would be the dumbest thing Reese could do, which thankfully he isn’t. If Osi is traded and Tuck or JPP go down with an injury, there goes our depth at DE, which is the focal part of the defense.

    Make Osi play out the contract he signed himself and if he wants to walk after the year is over, let him and pick up a compensatory draft pick in the process.

  5. Osi is a pass rusher only. Sucks against the run. Injury prone and a phony. He needs to play out his contract

  6. hes a big mouth who talks bull$hit… playout the contract you signed you bum….. you can always go stocking the shelves at walmart. your luckey enough to make the money you make. STOP CRYING OSI.

  7. The Giants have a pass rusher on there squad named Craig Marshall who also went to USF with JPP. The kid is a freak of an athlete. Didn’t play last year because we had Osi and Toli. This kid given the chance is going to blow up. Reese knows how to pick them. Just saying

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