Report: Plaxico wants a Dolphins tryout, but they don’t want him

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Free agent wide receiver Plaxico Burress had eight touchdown catches for the Jets in his first season back on the field after two years in prison, but that wasn’t enough to make other teams interested in his services.

The Jets didn’t re-sign Burress, and he hasn’t been able to find a new home this offseason, and the Miami Herald reports that Burress would love to audition for the Dolphins, but they’ve shown no interest in him.

The Dolphins, who traded away Brandon Marshall at the start of the offseason, could still add a free agent receiver. But they’ve shown little interest in Burress, or any of the other well-known veteran free agents available, like Braylon Edwards, Terrell Owens and Roy Williams.

Burress turns 35 in August, and NFL teams may have concluded that he just doesn’t have a lot left.

45 responses to “Report: Plaxico wants a Dolphins tryout, but they don’t want him

  1. Now he wants to play and be a good solider, just like T.O., just like Braylon Edwards…in other words be like 90% of the guys in the NFL who show up to work, do their jobs and go home. These guys when they burnout and burn bridges at various teams then get old/broke,injured want to act normal and not like a donkey. I say no. You had your opportunity and now its gone. NFL= Not For Long.

  2. What is wrong with your dohpins? Are you trying to improve your team or do you just not care. Burress may be in his 30s but he showed last year that he still can help contribute on a team. I don’t understand their intentions, help matt moore to succeed if you think he’s gonna be your starter, give him someone to throw to

  3. I don’t think there’s a lot of team’s that want plastico he’s washed up he ruined the jets last year with his atitude he has just retire dude you made plenty of money hopefully he didn’t blow it all.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I don’t get it.

    Zero risk, high potential reward.

    One year, minimal salary, no guaranteed bonus, cut him if he gives you an ounce of trouble.

    Unless he is asking for way too much money, who wouldn’t at least give a try out to a guy who caught 8 touchdown passes last year?

  5. I think some team would sign him if he’d be willing to play for the vet minimum. But nobody is going to pay more than that for a situational receiver.

  6. Imagine being so gifted (and I’m guessing working hard your whole life) that you are one of less than 2000 people able to make an NFL team and get paid millions.

    Then you throw it all away to “Be Cool” by carrying a piece in your sweatpants into a club.

    Some of these guys are so DUMB!

  7. First off he doesn’t fit into what they want to do

    Second he is Jet garbage, same thing with Braylon.

  8. Lol, well that’s dumb because the phins are one of the teams that could REALLY benefit from plax’s skill set. Sans any south beach nightclub shootings, ofcourse.

  9. Last week he was on the Radio saying…

    ” I would love to go play with Smittie and Cam down in Carolina”

    Does he think if he continues to say he wants to play for every team in the league someone will eventually want to bring him in?

    All the teams know him, know his story, and have an opinion on what he has left in the tank. So he can keep saying whatever he wants, but its not going to change the fact that no one wants him.

  10. Anyone who thinks the Dolphins are dumb for not pursing Plaxico or TO or Edwards should stop watching football. You are the idiots. Philbin is implementing a new system and is giving guys a chance to step up. There are 13 hungry receivers in camp that are not locker room cancers or prima donas. In case you didn’t notice, the offense id being rebuilt. No one knew James Jones, Greg Jennings or Jordy Nelson before they rose up in that system. Give Philbin a chance. No Plaxico ….. thank you!

  11. Philly will end up signing him for the veteran minimum. Vick will make a pitch for him and they could use a red-zone threat.

  12. They don’t need him because they just had a draft. Now that wasn’t so hard to figure out was it?

  13. Miami have quite a few young WR’s on the roster and I am sure they are hoping someone steps up. It’s about 13 WR’s on the roster and 4-5 spots so let the best WR’s make the team….

  14. latenightroach says:
    May 23, 2012 11:24 AM
    They don’t need him because they just had a draft. Now that wasn’t so hard to figure out was it?

    Didn’t they have a draft last year, too?

    Same guy making the picks?

    How’d that turn out for ya?

  15. Go stand with Owens, Burress.

    In the line of “Washed Up & Desperate Trouble Makers.”

  16. Joe Philbin has declared Miami a diva free team. That is why they traded Marshall. You don’t substitute one diva for another. Miami is still in rebuild mode and they want to see what they have in their young receivers.

  17. latenightroach: It can be argued by some that it had nothing to do with the talent but more to do with poor coaching…so time will tell how our draft picks last year pans out.

  18. It’s obvious what Miami is doing. Philbin spent a lot of years watching Donald ‘Quickie’ Driver not only play well but also provide team leadership for the Packers. The Packers are going to release him now that he’s conquered Dancing with the Stars. Expect him to sign with the dolphins shoirtly thereafter .

  19. The Dolphin’s success doesn’t hang on signing a washed-out WR. It hangs on the execution of 11 players on the field. If the offense is run correctly, almost any NFL WR will seem better. Do you really think Welker or Branch would put those numbers up in KC or Minnesota? How about Jordy Nelson? No disrespect to any of those players but their offenses make them look way better than they are. All you fantasy-coaches don’t know sh#t about real football. Yes, I mean you and you dungeons & dragons-football you play each week.

  20. No one wants these washed up has beens, so happy Miami is not signing any of these bums or PFTs so called great free agents. It’s called keeping the cancer out. Miami has enough talent at wide receiver with all the young guys. So yes Miami has no interest go lobby to the dream team or maybe peyton might want you but your not coming here.

  21. You don’t get rid of a headache that’s a younger more talented and more healthy version of a guy (Marshall), just to add an older version of him (Plax).

  22. realitypolice says:May 23, 2012 11:38 AM
    Didn’t they have a draft last year, too?

    Same guy making the picks?

    How’d that turn out for ya?
    Mike Pouncey: Made team, quality starter
    Daniel Thomas: Made team, had problems with injuries, though
    Edmond Gates: Made team, little used by Sparano
    Charles Clay: Made team, quality player
    Frank Kearse: Poached off the developmental squad
    Jimmy Wilson: Made team, may develop into starter
    I’d say Ireland had one of the better drafts last year.

  23. myabe he can play for TO’s IFL team. You know, one guy plays the home games, the other plays the away games. They can ro-sham-bo for it.

  24. You people r out of your minds pled is better than any reciever we got… we need him n Tue red zone bad.. we have a bad redzone offence…I would take him n Edwards. To teach the young bucks n maybe even t.o and have them all try out n let the best man fill the roster … give them themba shot to prove them selves they did it before and it can’t hurt… watch moss in s.f. shine this ye. And he was old and washed up a few times …when they wanna proofs something they act like moss in his firstyear with the pas.. don’t us fin fans wish he was washed up than..look what he did to us..and with the run game we got omg and the new line supper bowl with Edwards. N pled..n have to even try … these r facts to all u idiot non fin fans..n for the real fans u gotta agree n Matt Moore has Moore to price than ever n will be a top ten q. B. This ye .. top ten r.b top ten line and with them top ten w.r and a top five offencec…..lets get a ring now not in three to five yrs..

  25. Some. Of my words are misspelled. Cuz this phone sorry… but u get the point plex ..Edward s…and t.o should all be able to atleast try out and watch them take over like the proven vets they r… please Ireland ..fill these seats and make the dolphins a proud feared franchisei

  26. nremi85. How do you know they have a bad redzone offense? Have you seen them play? With this new system? New offense? I don’t recall them playing a game yet. Correct me if I’m wrong,but doesn’t the season start in Sept.? It’s only may, so they aren’t playing yet,are they ? I do recall last year, they were bad in the redzone,with a wr better and younger than plax. Remember Brandon Marshal? Philbin is trying to install a team concept to our offense, not a one guy has to get the ball all the time concept. He doesn’t want opposing defenses to KNOW who the first read in the quarterbacks progressions are going to be,every passing play. That’s what we had with Brandon Marshal, and that’s why he was traded. That’s also why we don’t want Plax,or TO.etc……

  27. “Burress turns 35 in August, and NFL teams may have concluded that he just doesn’t have a lot left.”

    I guarantee he’s got a lot of turd left in him.

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