Romo says Cowboys’ window isn’t closing


Earlier this month, Cowboys tight end Jason Witten acknowledged that, as it relates to his own ability to win a Super Bowl with the team as he lands on the wrong side of 30, the window is closing.

Quarterback Tony Romo, who is two years older than Witten, begs to differ.

It’s not closing,” Romo said Wednesday, via Tim MacMahon of  “I think there’s a sense of urgency every year that you play, whether it’s your first year in the league or your 22nd.  You never know when all that stuff is going to happen, so you just play every year as if it’s an urgent day.  Forget about thinking about the end of the year or two months away.  You’ve got to get better today.  Whether you’re a rookie or an 11-year veteran around here, you’ve got to do that same approach.

“It’s the same.  If it increases, then you didn’t do what you needed to do when you were younger.”

Romo is right, in a roundabout way.  Every year the window is closing on every NFL team, because every NFL team changes dramatically from year to year.  So it’s always win now.

Still, with each passing year, a player is one year closer to the end, giving him one less opportunity to get his first, his second, and/or generally his next Super Bowl championship.

Romo has been in the league for nearly a decade, and he has no rings.  He likely won’t be in the league for another decade, and so he’ll have to do a lot more in his remaining years than he did in his first nine — especially since his first nine have generated only one postseason victory.

So while the window is open every year, eventually the window closes on a guy’s opportunity to have another open window.

I think I feel a nosebleed coming on.

62 responses to “Romo says Cowboys’ window isn’t closing

  1. What window are we talking about here? The Cowgirls have won 1 playoff game in what, 15+ years? Lol.

  2. Tony’s window IS closing……Because Washington’s window is re-opening slowly at long last!!!!!!!HAIL

  3. Of course. He has to say that as the team’s QB. But in reality Dallas is nothing better than 3rd in the NFC East. Like or dislike this comment, I dont really care, it’s the truth.

    I will give Dallas some credit for fixing their secondary after ignoring the problem the past few seasons.. Nice job. Just a little too late. Should have drafted a QB.

  4. Insert formula Romo jokes below, I’m a tebow fan cause I’m a gators fan but what I don’t get is why is he so special?.people love him but hate Romo who is a much better qb and has accomplished more being a undrafted free agent!!

  5. Romo is the only QB in the NFL without a ring according to some of the numbskull analysts and “fans” who hate him.

  6. Hmm how I do I say this gently…

    Your boss wasn’t asking you to confirm. He was telling you that YOUR time is running out.

  7. Doesn’t the ‘window’ have to be open to begin with to be able to say ‘it’s not closing’ ?????

  8. Romo is right; the Cowboys’ window is not closing. His window is closing! That was the not so subtle hint Jerry Jones dropped.

    If the Cowboys don’t make the playoffs this year I think they’ll move on from Tony Romo.

  9. No, the Cowboy’s window is not closing… already slammed shut, and they are desperately trying to pry it back open.

  10. do ppl read others comments or they click comment trying to get a zinger in?? Despite wat the cool jokes are Cowboys were a few plays away last season from winning the divsion…. for the ppl sayin their 3rd best in the nfc east thats not really an insult…. that may be good enough to get into playoffs next season… not like 3rd nfc east mean 4-12

  11. Cowboys are the equivilent of a bald 60 year old dude driving around in a drop top vet thinking he can still pick up 20 year old chicks.

  12. I believe in Tony Romo, Miles Austin,Dez Bryant,Jason Witten,Jay Ratlif, DeMarcus Ware,Sean Lee, DeMarco Murray,Morris Claiborne, I believe in Team Cowboys

  13. The window closed on the Colts, Sean Peyton, Gregg Williams, Vilma and the Saints, Mark Sanchez, Colt McCoy and Rush Limbaugh.
    These are real. The other stuff is fan silliness.

  14. I’m a Packers fan, I don’t like the Cowboys, naturally, but on a fundamental/non-biased level I have to admit that they just don’t have the leadership to make that jump, Romo, Ware, Austin, Witten, Free, Ratliff, all fine players, but none really stand out in the leadership department and it shows. Jerry Jones just keeps bringing in more of these types of players…Brooking was one of the few exceptions over the years but it’s not enough. They have a lot of passive personalities.

  15. They say they put a hole in their dome so god could watch his favorite team.

    God must not like what he sees since he’s helped them to 1 playoff win in a decade and dumped an ice storm on the last Super Bowl they hosted.

  16. Ah I can feel the seething hate and jealousy from the peanut gallery. If you used a “the window was never open” line or joke, just know that you arent at all clever or funny. True followers of football know that the Cowboys have been in contention in a very tough division every year Romo was a starter except for one. I wonder, how does it feel to “know” that your team is better but to see the Cowboys get so much press from the media and love from their fans worldwide – jealous much? Oh yeah for all the giants fans out there piling on – don’t you remember your 9-7 season? Do you really think the Giants will win another superbowl in the coming seasons? The Cowboys made some major moves in free agency and the draft, they have a full offseason to implement Ryan’s defense, Garrett is more experienced, and the core offensive talent is still there (plus demarco murray will be running roughshod over the other NFL defenses just like he did before his injury). Would Eli have played and won with a punctured lung and fractured rib, Giants fans (really ask yourself that question and think about it long and hard)? Will Vick’s dwindling explosiveness really help the mess of an Eagles team? Can anyone really expect the rookie RGIII to lead his team to the top of the NFC east? No, the Cowboys have dibs on that spot. Big things will happen for Big D this year – all you haters can thumbs down, but that won’t keep the Boys from roughing you up this year. I cant wait for football to begin.

  17. “The window isn’t closing.”

    Let’s be real for a minute. The window is closed as long as Toni Romo is the qb. Sorry to say it but dude, you suck!

  18. jerry jones says it’s closing romo says it’s not closing how about u guys down there in dallas get on the same page maybe u guys will start winning the big games

  19. I’m not a cowboy fan in the slightest, but do you morons remember quincy carter? or a 40 year old testaverde? Romo is a good QB you all got far worse problems than your quarterback.

  20. at the end of the day, i wish the best for romo….all in all he’s a a pretty good guy, and a pretty good QB….and im a true, big blue, giants fan.

  21. I love the comment that Dallas finished 3rd in the NFC East… Their record was tied with Philly, yes Philly beat them twice. But in the end were no better off and had the same record.

  22. I hate to break this to you, Romo, but, as long as Jerry Jones is the General Manager of the Cowboys … there AREN’T any windows!

    Enjoy the regular season home games at JerryWorld. Just pretend that the SuperBowl is still happening there and you’re playing in it. It’ll make the rest of your career more tolerable.

  23. Romo probably could have one the Super Bowl last year as the Giants qb. But you still gotta hand it to Manning, he DID win it. $$$

  24. calhounlambeau says:May 23, 2012 10:45 PM
    I have to admit that they just don’t have the leadership to make that jump, Romo, Ware, Austin, Witten, Free, Ratliff, all fine players, but none really stand out in the leadership department and it shows. Jerry Jones just keeps bringing in more of these types of players…Brooking was one of the few exceptions over the years but it’s not enough.


    I agree with most of your points except Witten and Brooking. Witten was probably one of the most fiery players on the team 5 or so years ago before Romo emerged. Their friendship seemed to temper Witten quite a bit. Brooking-when he was with the Falcons I would have agreed, but he was quite passive the last few years. His replacement (S Lee) seems to have a bit of fire in his belly though.

    Leadership comes from the top and while I personally have little against Jerry Jones, with the exception of Bill Parcells, the last 18 years have been filled with yes men coaches down to the current day ginger kid. The core of the team now was brought in by Parcells and yes, the window on those guys is closing and most likely closed when Parcells got fed up after ’06 and left.

  25. As long as the owner is the GM the door has closed. The GM doesn’t feel any heat in losing his job if he makes a bunch of mistakes.

  26. Yeah the window was closed in Jan 1996 when Aikman’s team beat the steelers. So technically its not closing now. That’s what Romo meant.

    It has a chance to open only after Jerry relinquishes any position other than the owner or even the owner of the Dallas cowboys.

  27. It’s as open as it ever was…..that is, they have never had a shot with Romo under center and they will continue to not have a shot as long as he is there.

  28. romo needs to shut up. he talks better than he plays. he chokes in big games as is seen time after time. whitten is thier best player period. plus jerry hires these puppet coaches h e can control and we all see where that has led since jimmy was run out. so keep up the good work jerry you dam crypt keeper look alike.

  29. If you made an “it was never open” um “joke” above, please just never post again. You are superfluous to requirements.

  30. Everyone seems to think Dallas has a QB problem, but teams have won Super Bowls with much worse QBs than Romo. Dallas has an OWNER problem and that “window” closes very very slowly.

  31. I enjoy watching the Cowboys and root for them sometimes and the clock is definitely running against the current lineup now. Hope they turn the corner finally.

  32. daltex says:
    May 23, 2012 11:23 PM

    Ah I can feel the seething hate and jealousy from the peanut gallery. If you used a “the window was never open” line or joke, just know that you arent at all clever or funny…… bla bla bla bla bla (cue violin music in the background).


    Stop asking questions. The reason why people, of course, non-dallas fans, are jumping on Romo and the Cowboys, in general, is they don’t fail to predict themselves as SB champ every offseason. THIS IS WHY PEOPLE HATE YOU!!! Yeah, go and jump on Eli’s back, say he’s not a good enough QB. Say that he wouldn’t have won if he had Romo’s injuries while still playing. People, mostly NYers, have talked crap about Eli and he’s still here, and he’s won two SBs. People would not talk crap about Romo and his team if they would just shut the hell up and let their play do the talking.

    I’m going to give you another thing to chew on. I neither like nor dislike Romo, but I do hate the Cowboys. There is nothing wrong with what he did, going on vacation with his girl, nothing wrong at all. But if you are in the thick of a playoff run, I don’t think it sends the right message to your team. Do you remember that? Let me refresh your memory, yeah they lost to the Giants in Dallas no less. So stop making excuses for Romo and your Cowboys. Until they win a playoff game and, miraculously, make it to the SB, they will be the MOST overated, underachieving team in the league.

  33. OMG! People are still talking about the Cabo thing. Let’s get one thing straight – Brady lost to the Giants that year as well and he DIDN’T go to Cabo. Going to Cabo had NOTHING to do with losing.

    And the same tripe about Jimmy Johnson… He was NOT fired. Look at this record. He has NEVER stayed at one coaching position for more than 5 years. NEVER. What year did he leave? Before his sixth year.

    And the Cowboys still had a double digit lead to start the 4th quarter last year agains the Lions, but the defense let the Lions go 55 yards in 3 plays. But go ahead and blame Romo for the loss.

    There are so many modern myths about the Cowboys, propogated by know-nothing haters.

  34. I see we have plenty of people with God-complex posting again. You guys don’t know anything. You think you know, but you don’t. That’s why they play the games, because no one knows for sure. It comes down to execution, desire, and talent.

    So, you guys who say “It’s not going to happen for Dallas as long as …” and fill in the blank with whatever, I get to laugh if you are wrong. Romo executed at a very high level this year. Defense didn’t. That’s the past and that’s what we know. We made some upgrades to try to correct that problem. We got Woicik, weight/conditioning coach for 6 SB winning teams. 6 SB winning teams. Didn’t get to take advantage of his expertise last year. This year it’s full on, baby.

    Drafted Claiborne, signed Carr. Off season moves. Every team makes them to 1) try to get to the what? SB. EVERY TEAM. & 2) Get the fans excited for the coming season (that’s really just a by-product, but it happens in EVERY CITY). The fan base gets excited (most of them anyway) and hopes for a SB winning season.


    All you haters, tell me I’m wrong. Go ahead. Then, when you’re by yourself, and no one can see you, prove me right by rooting for your team and watching. You know you do. You know you will. Please can we stop with the nonsense? It’s just stupidity. Post with logic, make a point, get off of it.

    The guy who posted that the Pats lost to NYG the same year Romo went to Cabo and going to Cabo didn’t make the difference, go one further. There were 2 other teams, yes, that lost to NYG on their way to that SB and their QB’s didn’t go to Cabo either and it didn’t help them either. LOGIC! NOT STUPIDITY! Oh, sorry, If forgot the words of the great Ron White, AND I QUOTE: “YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID!” So, keep posting stupidity and those of us with brains who know better will teach those willing to learn. It’s a team game. Romo is not the only guy on the field.

    Oh, yeah, and one more thing: Brady lost to NYG because HE MADE MISTAKES, TOO! DUH!!!!

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