Troy Polamalu changes his offseason routine

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Steelers safety Troy Polamalu has never been much for the voluntary portion of the offseason calender.

Polamalu usually spends the offseason working out in California, but he decided to change things up this year. With James Farrior, Aaron Smith and Chris Hoke all gone from the team, coach Mike Tomlin told Polamaul that it was important for him to be at Organized Team Activities this week. Polamalu agreed.

“For obvious reasons, we had some major leadership leave, people who we can count on, and I think it is nice for the young guys to see a familiar face,” Polamalu said, via the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “It is nice to be around the team and nice to get out and play some football. I am here to support all my teammates.”

Polamalu said the he doesn’t see himself as a vocal team leader, although longtime teammate Larry Foote disagreed with that assessment. Whatever his style, there’s no doubt that Polamalu is a leader of the Steelers defense and that their need for his leadership will be higher than ever after this offseason of change. Coming to OTAs is a good sign that Polamalu embraces that role and plans to be whatever the Steelers need him to be this year.


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  1. The team will be much better off with Troy advising his youger teamates and the incoming rookies on hairstyling techniques and other grooming issues. His knowledge of hair product science is unequalled in the league.

  2. I’m excited to see how things shakes out with this team from a locker room/leadership standpoint. In the past Farrior and Ward were the go-to guys on each side of the ball from a leadership perspective – but I’m expecting initially to see more of a committee approach, with Ben, Pouncey and Miller on the offensive side of the ball. On the defense, expect to see Ryan Clark and Kiesel to step up big vocally with Troy lending his “speak softly but carry a big stick” mentality as well.

  3. Troy didnt have his best season last year but hopefully he can bounce back this year with Harrison and Woodley healthy.

    And before you comment, please remember the Steelers had the #1 total D, #1 pass D, and #1 scoring D in the entire NFL. People think because of one OT play the entire season was a wash, and thats not a fair assessment.

    While we at it, heres a list of the ages of the players who left this offseason. Also, if/when Adams and DeCastro start, Steelers will have the youngest offense in the entire NFL. We can officially debunk the false “old” stigma:

    James Farrior—37
    Aaron Smith—36
    Chris Hoke—36
    Bryant McFadden—30
    William Gay—27

    Timmons, Woodley, Sylvestor, Heyward, Hood, McClendon, Spence, Worlids, Alameda Ta’amu, Keenan Lewis, Cortez Allen and Curtis Brown are all 27 and under.

    Good luck thru 2020…

  4. A lot of talent and leadership has left this team but make no mistake this team is still led by a fatheaded molestor!

  5. Troy is old, and broken down. The Ladies of Steel are now led by the self proclaimed “cerebral” Ben “the bathroom degenerate” Rapenstein.

    Stay classy Pittsburgh!!

  6. @Steeley McBeam says:
    May 23, 2012 9:40 AM…

    As much as I hate to admit you’re right… you’re right. The Steelers have a solid core of talent that will keep them near the top of the league for another 3-4 years. Great draft, dumped some fading vets, fantastic front office, etc..

    I hate the Steelers, but I know a good football team when I see one.

  7. I’m hearing a lot about Sean Spence being a linebacker that will play a very similar role at the line of scrimmage that Troy has played in the past.

    If that’s true, then what’s the expectations of Troy making it through the year with his wheels intact?

    Lighter, faster ILBs can still stop the run, and are better dealing with the dueling-banjo TE sets out there. I’m hoping that Spence gets some solid playing time, and Troy gets to stay a bit further downfield which could give us a healthy Polamolu for the playoffs.


  8. I couldnt agree more with Steeley McBeam The Steelers has turned around an aging team. Great organization the Steelers are. Go Steelers

  9. I hope that mitch is right about Spence being an excellent prospect to eventually be groomed as Troy’s replacement. (Very big shoes to fill)

    What I read about Spence indicated that he may have the intellect needed to learn Troy’s most essential skill – Reading QBs, RBs and WOs to give his physical gifts ample opportunities to make game changing plays.

    We all know that Troy will do all he can to show Sean the ropes. It will be up to Spence to learn. Time and a lot of on and off field work will tell whether Spence can make it happen or not. Let’s hope that Troy has, at least, 3 more years with Sean under his wing.

  10. Didn’t your mothers ever teach you that if you can’t say something nice/constructive, then keep your big yap shut!

    I am hoping this change in routine is a good one for Troy. He is a born leader, whether he wants to be one or not!

    Go Steelers!

  11. Spence is NOT going to play safety. I’ve heard that SO many times on these comment sections. Even Tomlin addressed this: Troy had 4.35 speed out of college, Spence has 4.5. Fast for a ILB, but nowhere NEAR fast enough for the pro game. Sure, Donnie Shell did it, but the game is so much faster now, it’s rarely possible in today’s NFL.

    And, @ Jamaltimore – You really make yourself look brilliant when you call Ben a “molestOr.” Spellcheck is an amazing resource… idiot.

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