Charlie Sheen may have been the buyer of LT’s ring

Getty Images

Lawrence Taylor’s Super Bowl XXV ring sold for $230,401 last week, and it may have been purchased by someone whose fame (and drug-fueled personal escapades) exceed L.T.’s.

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reports that Taylor and his agent, Mark Lepselter, were told last night that the winning bidder for Taylor’s Super Bowl Ring was Charlie Sheen.

To be clear, Glazer isn’t reporting that Sheen was the buyer — and neither the auction house nor Sheen has said anything about it — but that’s what Taylor and Lepselter have been told.

If Sheen did buy the ring, it wouldn’t be out of character for him: Sheen is a sports nut who has spent a lot of money on memorabilia through the years. Sheen once told Dan Patrick that some of the big-ticket items he has purchased in the past include Babe Ruth’s 1927 World Series ring and the contract of Ruth’s sale from the Red Sox to the Yankees. Sheen also once purchased all the bleacher seats to an Angles game to try (unsuccessfully) to catch a Cecil Fielder home run ball.

Spending nearly a quarter of a million dollars on the ring sounds like something someone would do while under the influence of a drug called Charlie Sheen.