Former NFLer Will James pleads guilty to not paying taxes

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You might know the former NFL cornerback Will James as Will Peterson, but the IRS knows him as someone who didn’t pay his taxes.

James was charged with willful failure to file tax returns on nearly $10 million he earned while playing in the NFL between 2005 and 2009 as a result, and he pleaded guilty to those charges on Wednesday in Camden, New Jersey. James now faces up to two years in prison, $100,000 in fines and also an amount equal to twice what he failed to pay in penalties for his crime.

According to the Newark Star-Ledger, James ignored advice from financial advisers as well as entreaties from the IRS about paying his taxes during the years in question. Those entreaties included both letters and visits to his home, none of which shook James’ conviction when it came to not cutting a check.

James started his NFL career as 2001 third-round pick of the Giants when he was known as Will Peterson. He started 39 games in his first five seasons, although back injuries cost him most of two full seasons and he was cut before the start of the 2006 season. He wound up signing with the Eagles, which is where he changed his name from Peterson to James. James would go on to play for the Jaguars, Lions and 49ers and last played in the NFL in 2010.

7 responses to “Former NFLer Will James pleads guilty to not paying taxes

  1. I’m sure concussions were to blame! Join the lawsuit. I bet this, like everything else, was the NFLs fault right media? The NFL should set up a program where they pay all the players taxes if the players don’t feel like doing it themselves.

  2. Ridiculous this guy made 10MM. Probably the worst CB I’ve ever seen play for my Jags in 15+ years. I’m pretty sure one of the first things Jean Smiff did was cut this guy when he was promoted to GM.

  3. Taxes are unconstitutional. We should not pay them at all. I heard there is no written law that says we have to, and have seen ex IRS agents backing it up and quitting their jobs.

    Just Saying.

    But yeah, good luck getting that to hold up in court. They do not like constitutionalism in the legal system as it takes their power to oppress us away.

  4. Changing his name from Peterson to James didn’t help his escape from the till of Uncle Sam. This ain’t jury duty.

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