Jeff Fisher: Bradford will thrive under “outstanding” Schottenheimer


Rams coach Jeff Fisher continues to insist that Sam Bradford’s disappointing 2011 season should be discounted because he was thrust into a new offense with no offseason, and that Bradford will pick right up where he left off in his promising rookie year under the new Rams coaching staff.

Fisher told Jim Rome on Rome that he has no doubt that the real Bradford is the one who was named Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2010, and not the one who struggled through an ugly 2011. And Fisher said the coaching staff the Rams have in place will be the right one to get Bradford back on track.

“You have to kind of delete last year, look back to the way he played his rookie year, under Pat Shurmur, who did a great job with him in this offense,” Fisher said. “We’re very excited. Brian Schottenheimer’s an outstanding coach and we’ve got a fabulous quarterbacks coach in Frank Cignetti. They’re off to a real good start. It’s really fun to watch him work and watch him improve.”

Fisher said he gave no consideration to using the second overall pick on Robert Griffin III and always wanted to trade down and build a good team around Bradford.

“The reason I came here is because of Sam,” Fisher said. “We’ve got a franchise quarterback here.”

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  1. “Bradford will thrive under “outstanding” Schottenheimer”

    Uh oh.

  2. you didn’t state it in the blog post, but was he able to call shottenheimer outstanding while keeping a straight face?

  3. Most people (myself included) would agree Shotty is not a great OC BUT he might be the kind of guy Bradford needs. When you don’t have a number 1 wr and a horrible offensive line you need to have a conservative game plan. Look for a lot of handoffs to Jackson and dink and dunk passes-basically the same offense they had in Bradford’s rookie season

  4. Typical “Outstandung” Schotemhimer drive:
    1st down-5 yrd run
    2nd down-Shotgun. bubble screen. 2 yrd loss
    3rd-2 yrd slant

    You can subsititute slants on first and second too, Have fun Sam Bradford!

  5. Jeff Fisher and Brian Schottenheimer teaming up?

    At least you got to cash in on a big payday once Sam. Kiss that career good-bye.

  6. Dear Sam. We’re really looking forward to getting together again soon.

    The Niners Defense

  7. ditto gbrown23

    Gotta be just tickled to have a Schottenheimer on your staff…who pulled a favor to hire him?

    Puzzeled in Atlanta ?????

  8. Bradford is the real deal. He proved that in his rookie year. Anybody could see the kid has what it takes. His success will be because of HIM and will have nothing to do with the so called “outstanding” Schottenheimer. If Schottsy is so “outstanding” why then was he purged from the Jets??? Actually, I don’t think you can blame Schottsy entirely for the abysmal season the Jerks offense had last year. I think it was a combination of Justin Bieber Sanchez’s immaturity, turd receivers spreading cancer, and Schottsy’s ineffectiveness in his job. Schottsy is hardly “outstanding”. If Bradford does well…. it will be entirely because of Bradford himself and rather in spite of Schottsy. Schottsy is were he is because his dads cache’ got him into the good ol’ boys club and most assuredly is NOT because he’s “outstanding”.

  9. How a smart guy like Jeff Fisher could hire someone as awful as Schotty is something I will never understand. The sad thing is Bradford really does have all the tools, but now he will have to learn a system that is predicated on fooling and outsmarting everyone on defense, but only succeeds in fooling his own offensive players. For crying out loud, his own coach Rex Ryan said that he couldn’t get involved in the offense because it was too difficult for him to comprehend. Not a single Jet player has said a good word about him since he left, as opposed to Sparano who was warmly praised by many Dolphin players. I thank God every day that he is no longer a Jet. My heartfelt condolences to Bradford.

  10. Who knows how Schotty will do. He has a real qb this year. Of course if you are a Jet fan you will be rooting against him in hopes Sanchez wasn’t the problem but he was err is and then there’s that tebow guy.

  11. Schotty is gonna run Jackson into the ground and have Bradford throw one pass a series. I love to watch a good ground game get going but even wanna see the forward pass here and there. Rams fans you may not get a lot of wins this year but you’ll get a lot of sleep.

  12. @backindasaddle/wwwmattcom

    I knew this argument was gonna sprout up, Schottenheimers terribleness dates back longer than Sanchez does. He ran poor offenses with Chad Pennington, Ray Lucas and Brett Favre too. Think before you speak.

  13. Cam Newton and Andy Dalton did fine with new offenses and no off season.
    true, but in Bradford’s defense, his WRs stunk and his line got injured which then got Bradford injured and his defense also let him down. whatever went wrong, went wrong. As for Schottenheimer, he’s not outstanding as a coordinator and as a fan of Bradford, hope he can win despite Schottenheimer

  14. The whole “coach ’em up” routine is a joke. Every new coach talks like the player has never been given a word of advice before in his life. Bradford comes out of college as the top draft pick, has an OROTY first year, and they’re acting like he just hopped off a bus from the family farm. Wasn’t Josh McDaniels a noted “quarterback guru”? How did that work?

  15. Bradford will be lucky to make it past the Lions front 4 in week 1 let alone a whole season with those crud tackles Fisher refused to upgrade. And who’s he’s going to throw to? His best WR plays for Tom Brady now.

  16. bucsfan5000 says: May 24, 2012 8:55 PM

    Well, Cam Newton and Andy Dalton did fine with new offenses and no off season.

    Panthers/Bengals = superior offensive personnel

  17. @backindasaddle/wwwmattcom

    I knew this argument was gonna sprout up, Schottenheimers terribleness dates back longer than Sanchez does. He ran poor offenses with Chad Pennington, Ray Lucas and Brett Favre too. Think before you speak.

    You just named three quarterbacks whose names are Pennington, Favre (post packers) and Ray Lucas. What was your defense? Insanity? Think before you type, proof read, then delete and walk away.

  18. While the jury’s still out on Brian Schottenheimer, I’m certain Fisher’s first choice for Rams’ OC would’ve been Mike Heimerdinger. Dinger not only stretched Fisher’s conservative approach (in a good way), he groomed Steve McNair into an MVP caliber QB and his greatest—and most under-reported accomplishment—he mentored Vince Young into a deep-ball throwing QB with a 98.6 passer rating his final season with him … at which point Dinger began his losing battle with cancer.

  19. bradfordrocks says:
    May 25, 2012 8:31 AM
    look who’s offense got the jets to two straight afc championship games.
    McDaniels offense got the patriots to two straight AFC championship games of which the pats won the second one. McDaniels is a better OC than Shotty and the rams should have tried harder to keep him.

  20. @wwwmattcom

    Lol okay, why don’t you look at Drew Brees’ numbers under Schottenheimer again, hmm? Is he a real QB? I mean, I know Brett Favre and Chad Pennington aren’t real QB’s, but…

    Brian Schottenheimers offense was only ranked better than 15th in the league only once in his entire career, and that was in 2010 WITH Sanchez. He has not once ever successfully developed a QB. He is not a good offensive coordinator, you are a moron, and you also don’t know what you’re talking about. Again, I request you think before you speak, it would save me trouble.

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