Jim Brown criticizes Trent Richardson, Mike Holmgren

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Cleveland Browns Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown wasn’t thrilled with the team’s selection of Trent Richardson in last month’s first round, and he made those feelings clear on the draft’s first day.

Though Brown has upset the fanbase in front of which he once thrived, he’s not backing down from his evaluation of Richardson as an “ordinary” talent.

“I think the kid is a good working back, and if you’ve got everything else around him he can play his role,” Brown told ESPN Cleveland. “But when it comes to outstanding, I don’t see anything outstanding about him. It’s not said in a cruel manner. He’s very efficient, and that’s what you want.”

Pressed further on his evaluations by ESPN Cleveland’s Tony Grossi, Brown even questioned club president Mike Holmgren’s commitment to the team.

“What have I said about the Browns other than the fact that Richardson is an ordinary back?” Brown asked, rhetorically. “There’s so much I could say. So you tell all those people that want to look at me, look at what you’ve got. You’re sitting on a mess. You’ve got a guy that doesn’t give interviews except in other cities. I ask all the people in Cleveland, do you get the impression that Mr. Holmgren wants to be there? If you do, then tell me.”

In the interview with Grossi, Brown went on to say Richardson lacks “special” running back traits while reiterating that Richardson’s “speed and quickness” is “ordinary.”

“He’ll work hard for you, and he’s kind of an all-around back,” Brown said. “But if you look at Cleveland, I would have gotten me a couple of receivers.”

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  1. I think the problem with Cleveland is that it’s Cleveland. The only thing we should hate on LeBron for is him wasting TOO much time in that city. I don’t even think the Browns org is serious about winning. Their name sucks. Their uniforms suck. Their city sucks

  2. The Red Sox manager does a weekly radio show in New York. That’s all you need to know. Dude already has his resumes out there. Holmgren is the same. He’ll bail out like Tuna and look for a team with better personnel.

  3. Holmgren has not shown a commitment and emotional tie to the Browns. Trent Richardson is a competent back but lacks the fire of a truly elite talent. Both of these guys need to show a little passion, then go home and slap the wife around a little bit to impress the great Jim Brown.

  4. Ask him what he thinks about Fred Taylor. Now HE was a special back. 240 something yards in Three Rivers Stadium! Freddy T, you was the man!!!

  5. The best thing to happen to Cleveland was when the Browns left for Baltimore. Jim Brown took too many hits to the head.

  6. Ol’ Jimmy always has liked to speak his mind. Frankly, his comments on Holmgren seem dead on. His comments on Richardson will only be proven or otherwise disproven over time….. but I love how he comes right out as a legend of the team and speaks his mind.

  7. In fairness to Jim Brown, just about every back in NFL is “ordinary” compared to JB in his prime. He looked awesome in ‘Bama but what do I know.

  8. when he says “you’re sitting on a mess”, he’s speaking for a lot of NFL fans, who have been watching this “mess”. I have friends who are diehard Browns fans and they’re just shakin’ their heads.

  9. So tired of hearing from Jim Brown. He needs to take his Kwanzaa tree topper hat wearing ass somewhere.

  10. I’m so tired of these old athletes, no matter how great they were, running their mouth negatively when there is no purpose. Same goes for Joe Namath.

  11. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Its hard to root for the Browns when the guys on the field aren’t the problem its the guys in the front office that are the problem. As for Richardson, he was the best player there and I don’t think he’ll be great, but I’m glad that they addressed the RB position since they choked on getting RG3

  12. HE just needs to shut his mouth. anyone team in the NFL that didn’t need a RB or QB with the first couple picks would of picked this kid up..

  13. Sometimes Jim, you come across like a bitter old man. Part of being a legend and a pillar of your community is building young men and women up, not tearing them down. you could have come out and said something more positive about the young man but instead you came out like an old man with a grudge, and took it out on a player who’s just starting in the league. You may be a hero in Cleveland, but you just lost a few stripes..

  14. Richardson is an elite player. A more accurate assessment would be that it’s a ordinary position, but I don’t expect to hear that from Jim Brown any time soon.

  15. Jim, the team you played for, 50 yrs ago, that you abandoned for Hollywood, plays in Baltimore.

  16. “But if you look at Cleveland, I would have gotten me a couple of receivers.”

    That’s true. Cleveland’s only solution there was….Travis Benjamin. Speaks volumes.

    To be fair, they were targeting Wright with the 22nd pick. Didn’t anticipate him going to the Titans.

  17. I think JB is correct……and sometimes the truth hurts……..that organization has stunk for 20 years and you dont draft a RB in the top 5 when they can be had in the 2nd or later rounds. If I was a fan of Cle I would be screaming at that organization.

  18. Wow.?! What? I am in no way a fan of cleveland or Bama, but what? Richardson is a beast and he will show it this year. Possibly the best candidate for off. rookie of the year based on what Cleveland has going on at QB. He should get plenty of action.

  19. I disagree with Brown that Richardson is merely ordinary, but agree 100% that a RB is the last thing the Browns should be thinking about right now. Assuming that they have the right coach and GM (and I am not sure), it will take a couple of years before they can are legitimate contenders. The lifespan of an NFL back is SHORT, especially when management has already said in so many words that you’re going to get ridden into the ground. Trent will be through in three years. Sounds to me like someone at the top wanted a big name to sell tickets, but who wants to buy a losing ticket every week?

  20. He is just mad he doesn’t get the ball anymore.

    All he can run is his mouth.

  21. People are going to call Brown a bitter old man, but, I think he’s correct. Richardson is a solid, yet seemingly, unspectacular RB. The point being, at #4 (and giving up the extra picks they did) Richardson better be GREAT.

    When Payton, Emmitt and Barry were in their primes he gave them all their due. It’s up to Richardson to make him change his mind.

  22. Jim Brown is arguably the greatest PLAYER of all-time (if not Jerry Rice). He’s done more for the city of Cleveland then Mike Holmgren and Trent Richardson combined, multiplied by 1,000… He can say whatever he damn well pleases and if Holmgren doesn’t like it then he and that moron Heckert should try doing something positive for the team and prove him wrong.

  23. Jim is right. Richardson just happens to be the best in this draft, maybe the best to come out in a few years, but that may say more about how the game has changed, than Richardson’s worth. It also means something that RBs have been devalued. Jim Brown was the best ever, but there’s no need to pit one against the other. The kid should say thanks Mr. Brown and go out and play his game.

  24. So let me get this straight… The guy who got fired from his cushy six figure job (that he didn’t have to do anything to earn except walk through the building now and then) is upset with the guy who fired him and any decisions that come from that organization. I’m shocked.

    So sad. The greatest running back in history is coming across like bitter old guy.

  25. He is a grumpy old man. I remember when LT broke his record & saluted Jim Brown… it sure seemed to me that Jim Brown was less than thrilled.

  26. Hey Jim, you’re an icon. You’re the most famous player in Browns history. But maybe you should leave things that require brain power, like speaking, alone. For one, Holmgren DOES do interviews, just not everyday. Second, you’re still bitter over getting sh!tcanned from your cushy gig as executive advisor to the owner. Finally, you don’t like Richardson because you’re afraid he might threaten your franchise rushing record, the only record you have left.

    In short, just shut up already.

  27. People dont like Jim Brown because he has always been a vocal activists. He never shies away from giving his opinion. I cant recall a time where he has said anything to be spiteful, cruel, or just to start controversy. I think he makes a good point, but I do hope Trent Richardson becomes an elite running back.

  28. Don’t worry Cleveland. I remember when Barry Sanders was drafted by the Lions and early on in his career, prior to Jim Brown flipping his opinion after 5 seasons, he said Barry wasn’t anything special either.

    Sometimes letting go of the spotlight can be a very difficult thing. Just because you once played does not make you a good analyst…. Isn’t that right Cris Carter…:)

  29. Been sayin that for a while. Why Cleveland thought Holmgren could build a team after the mess he left in Seattle is beyond me. Great coach? Yes. GM? A disaster. Feel bad for such a good fan base. I lived through it with Cerrato and the Skins. Not fun and then you rebuild…again.

  30. instead of trashing a guy who has yet to show you what he can do , how bout you say taking a rb 4th was too much of a reach and they have more glaring needs

  31. Seems to me that Brown doesn’t want Richardson or anybody else with talent to threaten his records with the Browns.

    That is so Jim Brown, great football player and…well, that’s it.

  32. Grossi and Brown are both on the outs with the ownership. First Brown, then Grossi for his comments. Continued losing will make them look like geniuses; winning cures a lot of ills.

  33. It’s time for Brown to shut up. He quit football in his prime to become an actor almost a half century ago. As far as I can find, the only Job in football he’s had since then in color commentary for a couple of years in the late 70’s, meaning almost nobody cares about his opinions. He was a great player in a bygone era, but his time passed a long time ago, and his “analysis” is meaningless. He reminds me of Joe Namath, another has been who’s desperate to stay in the limelight, so to draw attention to himself he constantly criticizes his former team.

  34. Brown is a bitter old man who’s had a chip on his shoulder for decades. Perhaps that chip was justified 50 years ago, but he’ll never just mellow out. He was a great running back in his day, but he never would block anybody. Prima donna of the first order. Richardson, on the other hand, is a very good runner, a fine receiver out of the backfield, and a fantastic blocker in pass protection. So, Trent Richardson’s answer to all this nonsense from Brown (which Grossi typically omitted from his piece) was basically that he respects Jim Brown as a famous running back but disagrees with him (Brown) as to what he (Richardson) will be like as a RB with the Browns. We play, we see, who’s right about this. But this is typical of the crap Grossi always loved to stir up until he stepped on his crank and got taken off the Cleveland Plain Dealer Browns beat. Now he’s back through the back door of ESPN Cleveland. He’ll never stop digging holes under this franchise. Why he doesn’t move to Pittsburgh is a mystery to me.

  35. Jim Brown was a great running back , no doubt . However , his ability to evaluate talent is sorely lacking . How can you pass judgement on this kid when hes never had a single carry in an NFL game ? As far as his former team , the Browns are concerned get Colt McCoy some weapons and you might start to win a few games . This team needs help at running back and receiver . You now have the running back in Trent Richardson . Next , get McCoy a weapon to throw the ball to . At the end of the day , Jim Brown had his day in the sun , now let Trent Richardson have his .

  36. papabush, you make it painfully obvious you’ve never been to our fine city, and don’t understand the incredible pride clevelanders have. Do us a favor and don’t come either

  37. The truth hurts, Cleaveland. Jim isn’t afraid to put it out there. Blackmon was there for the taking and you took a guy that is going to get eaten alive by 3 of the better rushing defenses in the NFL. Meanwhile your rookie QB has a bunch of scrubs to throw to. I see 4-12 in my crystal ball for Clownie!

  38. The only response you can say with any accuracy is that “Brown is right”.

  39. ialdrich1214 says: May 24, 2012 7:20 PM

    The Browns and their fanbase should be respectful to the man they named their organization after.


    Yea.. Paul Brown died in 1991.. =/

  40. hawkjuice says:
    May 24, 2012 7:32 PM
    I kind of agree. Mike Holmgren isn’t that good of a G.M.


    … Then it’s a good thing that Tom Heckert has that job and not Holmgren.

  41. ialdrich1214 says: May 24, 2012 7:20 PM

    The Browns and their fanbase should be respectful to the man they named their organization after.


    Yea.. Paul Brown died in 1991.. And he didn’t leave Cleveland on very good terms.. He kinda went to Cincinnati in 68 and built a team that would outplay the Browns for the rest of his life.. =/

  42. Richardson hasn’t played a down and Brown is alteady bashing him? C’mon man!

  43. Maybe Jim should think about why he does community outreach in Oakland instead of Cleveland before he criticizes someone else.

  44. I think brown is afraid he will lose followers since the fired him, poor browny boohoo
    I’m not a fan of either and this is my first post here. WOW!!

  45. I agree with Brown 100% on Holmgren. As for Richardson, I agree with Brown about 50%. He’s not exceptional in any one area, but he is well rounded, including having skills in the blocking game. The beatings McCoy took week in and week out last season are enough to prove they need all the help they can get in pass protection.

  46. Let’s not forget why Paul Brown got fired, because Jim Brown told new owner Art Modell that if Paul isn’t gone, then he is. So Art, already showing his lack of stones, fired one of the greatest coaches in football history. A few years later, good old Jim decided he wanted to be an actor, and quit.

  47. @ ialdrich1214:

    The organizations was already called The Cleveland Browns before Jim Brown got there. The organization was named after PAUL Brown.
    Like Jim, maybe you should do some research before you open your mouth and look like a fool.
    (Probably isn’t the first time either of you has done this…)

  48. Forget about TR. When the Browns decide to get rid of Colt and solidify Weeden as the starting QB thats when we finally start moving in ‘a’ direction. Until then it’s the 2 QB thing again and we’re just spinning our wheels and going nowhere

  49. Jim Brown is Without a doubt the greatest running back in history. Richardson could be a great NFL back only time wil tell. He was worth the gamble.

  50. tedmurph says:

    “Jim, the team you played for, 50 yrs ago, that you abandoned for Hollywood, plays in Baltimore.”

    Oh, so Jim Brown can’t decide when or how he will retire? He didn’t “abandon” the Browns, not even close.

  51. If this was three years ago and Jim Brown was still making his 500 G’s doing nothing, he would be touting Richardson as the best running back since, well himself. But ever since Holmgrem fired his butt he has been a bitter old man. So. its all about the money, even for a 76 year old.

  52. There is validity in his remarks about Holmgren. I do think Cleveland is ‘stepping stone’ for him sadly. He has proved nothing in the city as yet. Cleveland is a wonderful city with a bad reputation. Wonderful people live there. If the Browns could field a team with potential it is the best football city in America. Hands down! Come on Randy! Sort this out please. As for his remarks on Trent Rich, well we wil have to wait and see. I think he is a good RB and a great character.

  53. Jim Brown can express his opinion if he wants to. He’s never been shy about doing just that in the past. Just because one might disagree with a particular take of his doesn’t give that person the right to tell Jim Brown or anyone to “shut up”.

  54. One “normal” thing that Trent Richardson does is NOT beat women. Jim Brown was one of the greatest at beating women.

  55. Jim Brown and Tony Grossi! Now there are two impartial dudes with not one ounce of bitterness between them!

  56. Maybe Holmgren should have drafted a WR early, but Brown should not have beaten women.

  57. jim brown…wtf dude?? is there anything this guy likes….bitter old guy with to much mic time, hey jim…..noboday cares what you have to say!!

  58. I’ve only gone half way down the list of “comments” and I guess it tells me that way too few posters actually ever saw Jim Brown play and the impact he had on that era of football. Truly, one of the greatest NFL players of all time, if not the best. I am not a Browns fan nor have I ever been one.

    Jim Brown at the age of 22 would be the starting RB on probably 30 of the 32 of today’s teams. He was that phenomenal of an athlete. Back in his day, NFL players shut it down at the end of the season until the start of the next training camp. If Brown worked out in the off season back then like today’s players do today….

    Brown has always been blunt and to the point. You can agree or don’t, like it or dislike, but should always give him some respect and let him be heard. He has earned it and deserves it.

    Away from the NFL, Brown has given untold amounts of time to community services and has always encouraged NFL players to do likewise.
    Former stars like Joe Namath do nothing but act like idiots.

    Any of you posters from Cleveland who wish he would just go away, well, maybe it’s because of folks like you lost your team to Baltimore.

  59. While I disagree that with JBs assessment T-Rich is not a special back, he does make some sense. No team is going to win this day in age without the ability to throw the ball. This is a passing league. Teams run to complement the pass.

    Richardson could be the next Jim Brown, but hes going to have a very hard time running against 8 man fronts.

  60. He’s JEALOUS… all he cares about is his Brown’s records… drafting a young stud like Richardson is a threat to that. Maybe… we could redo the Jim Brown vs Franco Harris Race for the youngsters that missed it… LMAO!!!

  61. All I heard last year was that you couldn’t really evaluate McCoy’s performance because he didn’t have anyone to throw to. So this year their first pick is…not a WR. Their second pick is…not a WR,but yet ANOTHER QB,and an old rookie to boot! Cleveland,you can mad at Jim if you want,but his point is valid. The “factory of sadness” will keep pumping out the sorrows until they get some actual football evaluators in there and stop repeating the same dumb mistakes. 2011 you had no WRs,and thr same is true in 2012,that means the guys up top are not paying attention. Look at the 49ers. In 2011 they had no WRs,so in 2012,drafting near the bottom(as opposed to Cleveland which had MAJOR draft capital to move any way they chose,up or down)they added Moss,Manningham,and Jenkins. They may not pan out,but a concerted effort was made to fix a weakness. The Browns’ weaknesses never get fixed,and the cycle of ineptitude continues. I’m sorry for the rant,but it drives me crazy to see diehard fans get treated like crud year after year.

  62. Jim Brown has never liked any player but himself, particularly running backs. Sad to see such a talented, intelligent, person become such a whiner. But then I guess he’s created his own hell because he’s always miserable.

  63. Brown is just mad at Holgrem because he lost his paycheck when Holgrom took over. Hey Jim, why don’t you just throw your girlfriend off the balcony? It will make you feel better, just like the old days.

  64. Jim Brown is without a doubt the best running back in history (where did I hear that?) – he played 9 seasons and in 8 of them he led the league in yardage and gained over 1,000 yards – this was when they played 12 game seasons. He averaged 5.2 yards per carry for his entire career – no one has come close to that since then. When the Browns won it all in 1964 he was THE MAN for that team.

    He retired at the top of his game in 1966 and (among other things)went to London to hang out with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

    From the picture he seems to be a bit of an old coot, and that too is fine – he earned it. He might be shooting his mouth off, he might be blowing smoke out his ass, and that’s fine too – HE EARNED IT.

  65. RE: “ialdrich1214 says:May 24, 2012 7:20 PM

    The Browns and their fanbase should be respectful to the man they named their organization after.”

    Uhm…no YOU need to do your NFL homework there Einstein…the team is named after PAUL Brown, NOT Jim Brown. Side note – Jim Brown is still a tool.

  66. Jowels AKA Holgrem will love Y’all then leave to fatten check book.Typical capitalist. Notin wrong wit dat. Besides he’s semi retired.

  67. I have to agree 100 percent on Holmgren. Didn’t get that move when they made it.

    As for T.Richardson I also agree some what. I think Richardson will be a productive back, I just don’t see this greatest back since AP talk. He has great speed for a guy his size but it isn’t elite speed. He is a complete back in that he can run, block, and receive and that is why I think he will be a top 10 back in the NFL. He has what appears to be a solid O-LIne in Cleveland and that can only help. I understand what Cleveland was thinking in that they have a solid defense, control the clock and let your defense be fresh could result in some more wins. But really does it help you become legit contenders? This draft had what appears to be a lot of RBs. Bama was loaded and teams were always over matched. Richardson’s numbers are close to another Alabama RB in Mark Ingram(who I also think will end up being a good back if he can stay healthy). I really don’t see a big difference except maybe 10-15 lbs. Ingram had the fastest first 10 yards of the 40 yard dash ever recorded at the combine. Richardson was hurt and ran 4.5 something at his pro day. I just think Cleveland could have addressed more pressing needs then RB. Especially when you see how many FA RB are still out there.

  68. The dude is right. Holmgren hasn’t done anything yet but leave them in last place. Every other team in the division is outpacing the Browns. I remember when Richardson had to sit behind Ingram and look what Ingram has done. The Clowns are a joke for years to come.

  69. Took packers to Super Bowl —Won
    Took packers to Super Bowl —Lost, was job hunting
    Took Hawks to Super Bowl — Lost
    Took Cleveland!

  70. I love how Jim Brown says that the Browns are sitting on a mess. Wasn’t he a consultant for the team up until Holmgren took over and rid the team of his “expert opinions”?

    With that being the case he would know better than anyone since he helped CREATE the mess they’re sitting on in the first place.

    I’m pretty sure when Holmgren took over the Browns his checklist looked like…..

    #1 fire Jim Brown from burying the team more than he has.

    #2 Do the opposite of anything Jim Brown would have done.

  71. Jim Brown = great running back

    Jim Brown = bad talent evaluator

    Remember, he said Charlie Frye was the “real deal.”

    So TR should be feeling pretty good right now.

  72. Browns fans are the worst fans in sports. First they run Lebron out of town, and now they want to talk trash about the only goof football player to ever play for them just because he doesn’t agree with the 1st round draft pick? You insecure losers don’t deserve to win anything, and that’s why you never will.

  73. Cleveland fans are the worst fans in sports. First they run Lebron out of town, and now they want to talk trash about the only good football player to ever play for the Browns just because he doesn’t agree with the 1st round draft pick? You insecure losers don’t deserve to win anything, and that’s why you never will.

  74. The Browns needed a RB. I don’t know why I keep reading that they drafted a RB without need. Hillis is gone. Hardesty has been injured or ineffective. Ogbannaya is a 3rd down back. The other RBs have only seen the field during preseason. The draft only has 1 above average RB, you draft him. There were several very good WRs, and I can see them waiting to get one. I didn’t expect them to wait until the 4th round.

    The Browns were in desparate need of a RT, and I can see them drafting a QB. I hope H&H are right about Weeden.

    The draft pick that puzzels me is the 3rd round DT. I would have taken a WR before a DT.

  75. Even a guy as delusional as Jim Brown knew the Browns should have picked a receiver high. Holmgren is free to leave whenever he wants. And he can take his worthless head coach and overrated GM with him.

  76. This couldn’t have anything to do with Holmgren asking Brown to take a pay cut from 500K to 100K and then Brown refusing, right? Nah…

  77. “He’ll work hard for you, and he’s kind of an all-around back,” Brown said. “But if you look at Cleveland, I would have gotten me a couple of receivers.”

    I’m impressed with Jim Brown’s intelligence. Not.

    He’s a bitter old man. Why would he publicly criticize his former team? He’s angry that the Browns fired him in 2010.

    Brown was an executive advisor, which means Cleveland felt bad for him and gave him a job with no real responsibility.

    In June of 2010, Brown said how grateful he was to be treated like a champion by the Browns.

    Now he’s critical of their first round draft pick.

    Just No one cares what you think about Trent Richardson, Jim.

  78. oh look, lolb23 is hating on cleveland again. How the F did we run object out of town? we gave the dude nothing but love for 7 friggin years and all he did was take his ball and go to some one Elses yard. Jim Brown will forever be known as quite possibly the greatest athlete any v
    cleveland team had, but ever since holmgren releived him from his supervising role (which cost him apr. 500k a year) he’s done nothing but cast doubt and sour judgment on the team. He couldn’t even come to cleveland to be honored by the fans for the ring of honor just because he doesn’t like holmgren. He’s a grumpy old bitter man and that’s all there is to it.

  79. If you are a caucasian in your 40s in Cleveland, Syracuse, or LA there is a good chance that JB knows your mother. And she has ridden in one is his fancy cars. JB does it his way. … But he had no commitment to the Browns either.

  80. The Browns should trade Jim Brown to the Jets for Joe Namath.

    Both have foot in mouth disease.

    Both could use a change of scenery.

  81. Wow, this has been a talker, eh? I loved Holmgren in Green Bay, but he left his heart in San Francisco.

  82. jackblackshairyback says:May 24, 2012 8:28 PM

    Let’s not forget why Paul Brown got fired, because Jim Brown told new owner Art Modell that if Paul isn’t gone, then he is. So Art, already showing his lack of stones, fired one of the greatest coaches in football history. A few years later, good old Jim decided he wanted to be an actor, and quit.


    There is always more to a story than we usually know. I think the Ernie Davis trade got Paul Brown in trouble in 1961. And the fact that his team hadn’t won a division title in 5 years probably had the fans a little unhappy.

    Regardless, he got fired after the 1962 season and Jim Brown played in 1963, 1964, and 1965. Then after 9 years Jim Brown decided to retire and did.

    As a side note the coach who replaced Paul Brown won 5 division titles between 1963 and 1970… won an NFL title in 1964 and had an overall record of 79-38-2.

    Obviously no one cares about that, but Jim Brown retiring didn’t leave Cleveland without good players on good teams. Remember Leroy Kelly? He was a darn good RB and sat behind Jim Brown in 1964 and 1965. Then had over a 1,000 yards in three straight seasons and made the Hall of Fame.

    Anyways, maybe Jim Brown wanted more money, wanted a trade, wanted to be a movie star… whatever… but losing Paul Brown didn’t decimate the Cleveland Browns… even if Jim Brown had something to do with it.

    Bottom line… I think you painted things unfairly critical of Jim Brown’s retirement and Paul Brown’s firing.

  83. I remember seeing Jim Brown in movies after he quit the league. As an actor…he was one heck of a running back.

  84. Just gives Richardson extra motive. I’m not sure if Jim Brown even liked Adrian Peterson when drafted. Brown will be the first to admit he put his foot in his mouth if Richardson is elite.

    The media likes stirring the pot and it works. I think what he said is dumb, but not surprising…

  85. stvinnie says:
    May 24, 2012 10:33 PM
    Took packers to Super Bowl —Won
    Took packers to Super Bowl —Lost, was job hunting

    Lost to the Broncos team that was in violation of the leagues’ salary cap rules.

    Where’s the outrage?

  86. My opinion of Jim Brown has nothing to do with what kind of running back he was. I have said for years, and still say, he was the greatest. That isn’t what I am arguing. Brown was the team’s executive advisor. He told Lerner that putting Savage with Crennel was a good idea. This “mess” he speaks of is his own doing. It clearly wasn’t working, so Lerner hired Holmgren. Brown was offered a position, but he played the slave card. My next point is, if Brown wants to bash Holmgren for not having a love for Cleveland, where the hell is Brown? He lives in Oakland. He doesn’t do a thing for Cleveland. That doesn’t sound like hypocrisy? Next, Holmgren does do interviews in Cleveland. It’s just a simple fact, and Brown either doesn’t know what he’s talking about, or deliberately lying. Third, he thinks it’s wrong if Holmgren leaves after his 5 year deal is up? What did Jim do? He got one of the greatest coaches in all of football, not just professional, but all of football, fired, because he didn’t like being yelled at. THEN, HE quits! So who is he to crtliticize?

    As far as his opinion of Richardson, there’s no way to know right now, but I do disagree. I think Richardson is a special talent, the kind that only comes on around every so often.

    Oh yea, to whoever said that Cleveland fans ran Lebron out of town, you’re an idiot.

  87. Jim Brown is right on the money this time. The Browns are a dungheap of a franchise. Don’t forget they also drafted a 47 year old qb in the 1st round.

  88. Jim Brown is right. He’s nothing special. Playing in the AFC North will put him & most Brown’s fans their place. Another dumb move!! Should’ve drafted Blackmon. I don’t care how good you guys think he is. won’t be a top flight RB in Cleveland.

  89. Jim Brown…..Paul Brown…..another reason why I wished the Browns had changed their name and colors in 1999.
    Paul Brown and Cleveland divorced. He and his family set up shop in Cincy with one mission in mind….to “embarrass” the city of Cleveland. Circumstances in life change. The stadium in Cincy has Paul Brown’s name on it. I think Cleveland is “STUPID” to continue to revere him. He and his family came to despise Cleveland. FACT! PROVEN! HATES CLEVELAND!
    Jim Brown is just another living ghost from the past that has hard feelings for Cleveland.
    Cleveland’s “old school” worshiping, cult-style following has produced absolutely….”NOTHING!”…..Did I say, “NOTHING!?”
    Cleveland needs a whole new makeover….team name….uniforms…..colors….AND ALL!
    Old school is “old” in Cleveland. Old school has produced diddly squat in Cleveland!
    Yep. Keep those orange logoless helments. How many wins is “that” worth? Keep the poopy brown jersies. How many wins is that worth? Might be worth something if a player is doing a commode commercial!
    Move forward into the 21st century!!!!!!

  90. yeah Jim Brown will always be the greatest RB of all time in my opinion. Off the field the guy seems like a bitter, half senile, attention grabber. I understand he was “let go” from his position with the current regime and that may have alot to do with his negativity. I would think he would be above holding a grudge, but every opportunity he gets he has nothing good to say about anything browns related. Comes off like a scorned teenager. And for a guy who has always stood strong against “the man” and selling out for pride, it’s ironic he’s wearing a ridiculous looking direct tv jersey. Keep it real JB.

  91. In short, just shut up already.jackblackshairyback says:
    May 24, 2012 7:44 PM
    Hey Jim, you’re an icon. You’re the most famous player in Browns history. But maybe you should leave things that require brain power, like speaking, alone. For one, Holmgren DOES do interviews, just not everyday. Second, you’re still bitter over getting sh!tcanned from your cushy gig as executive advisor to the owner. Finally, you don’t like Richardson because you’re afraid he might threaten your franchise rushing record, the only record you have left.

    In short, just shut up already.
    Cleveland hasn’t won sh!t since Brown left, LeBron left, EVERYONE has left Cleveland.

    The Sporting News selected him as the greatest football player of all time. Brown’s football talents at Syracuse garnered him a berth in the College Football Hall of Fame. Brown also earned a spot in the Lacrosse Hall of Fame, giving him a rare triple crown of sorts as well as being one of the few athletes to be a Hall of Fame member in more than one sport.

    He broke barriers of race and film and is as important as any athlete in history on social issues.

    Holmgren can withstand some criticism now and then. Even Brown knew Cleveland needed some receivers.

    Once Holmgren wins somewhere else (without Brett Favre) then he deserves some heat…they havent done diddly poo with Colt McCoy and Josh Cribbs is out of there after this year as well.

    Brown has WAY more credit and bitter Cleveland Brown dogpound fan realizes this and probably agrees.

  92. bag217 says:
    May 24, 2012 7:19 PM
    Dear Jim Brown

    Nobody cares what you think.


    And Cleveland hasn’t won crap since he left, either.

    and nobody cares about that, either.

    “Detroit! Hey, at least were not Cleveland.”
    -Detroit Tourist Association

  93. dawgebone says:
    May 24, 2012 10:08 PM
    RE: “ialdrich1214 says:May 24, 2012 7:20 PM

    The Browns and their fanbase should be respectful to the man they named their organization after.”

    Uhm…no YOU need to do your NFL homework there Einstein…the team is named after PAUL Brown, NOT Jim Brown. Side note – Jim Brown is still a tool.

    “In 118 career games, Brown averaged 104.3 yards per game and 5.2 yards per carry. None of the NFL’s career rushing leaders come close to these spectacular totals. For example, Walter Payton averaged only 88 yards per game during his career with a 4.4 yards-per-carry average. Emmitt Smith averaged only 81.2 yards per game with a 4.2 yards-per-carry average”

    Side note – Jim Brown tells it like it is, always has and always will… he unlike today’s athletes attempted to raise awareness and help his people economically – anyone who doesn’t realize that, or how much good he’s done with Amer-I-CAN doesnt have all the facts.

    A very conciencious person….a lot less athletes would be in the mess there in if they put their resources together and created businesses , as Brown attempted to in the 60s and 70s.

    A bunch of souless, reality show seeking clowns, nowadays. Jim Brown was the real deal.

  94. “ialdrich1214 says:
    May 24, 2012 7:20 PM
    The Browns and their fanbase should be respectful to the man they named their organization after.”

    Paul Brown?

  95. Jim Brown needs to eat his Jello and shut the hell up. He has as much credibility today as Joe Namath does. Yes, he is a HOF and was a bad mfer in his day. However his day passed DECADES ago. His judgement has never been good, case in point watch ANY of the movies he was in, lol.

    TR will be a workhorseand a stud for Cleveland, and this is from an LSU fan who, although I HATE Bama, I have always had huge respect for TR. Hope he breaks all of Jim Browns records.

  96. Brown has been critical of the different regimes in Cleveland since the Browns came back in 99. He took a job with the team and wasn’t asked to come back (b/c let’s face it, you can’t fire guy) for negative comments about the management and ownership then.

    While I totally disagree with him about T-Rich and I don’t doubt there are some sour grapes in there,
    2 winning seasons in 12 going on 13 years
    1 playoff appearance almost a decade ago
    4 consecutive double digit loss seasons
    Can you really blame the man for criticizing the once proud franchise he helped build up, that is considered by most NFL fans as a laughing stock?

    For what it’s worth I just really wish we could turn a corner this year.

  97. He told the truth he didnt dance around a damn thing, and people knock him for it. He was dead on with Holmgren the guy is just waiting for the big Coaching job and he’s out. Richardson is good, but average he’s not gonna blow people away. So Jim may be old, and live in Oakland, But he spoke the truth.

  98. I really like Jim Brown. He’s one of the great football players and he’s earned his right to give his opinion on all things NFL. That said, I don’t see any reason to go after a rookie once the pick has been made. He’s not being overly mean, but it can’t be fun to hear that you’re just ordinary from one of the great players of the game, particulary when you haven’t even played in a game and had a chance to prove yourself yet.

  99. If the media would stop giving Jim Brown crediblity by paying attention to him he would go away. He hates Holmgren because Holmgren saw through how he buffaloed Randy Lerner into giving him a 500k per year job to…………..wait, what was it he supposed to do?

    Let Richardson take the field in a game before you say he’s ordinary. Some guys can’t run, jump or catch like superstars but all they do is get the job done.

  100. Kids telling Jim Brown to shut up, wow.

    Your parents must be so proud of you.

  101. What I’m curious about is what Mr. Brown’s reaction will be when/if T.Richardson turns out to be great (as great as RBs can be nowadays).

    On the one hand, I thin it’ll be rare that ANY back in the NFL will approach the status of Brown, Payton, E.Smith etc because of the nature of the game and the fact that teams are so quick to jettison older backs for young late round picks.. so in one way, Richardson will likely never be one of the all time greats.. but I think he can be a top 10 back easy. So, what’s Mr. Brown’s threshold for “great”? 5 1200yd seasons? 10? 3 1,500 plus 40-50 rec?

    Anyway.. I think he’ll eat his words as I think Richardson will be more productive for longer than any of the WRs that he might have considered.

    We’ll see. Neither one of us is a real talent evaluator otherwise we’d be, say, Ozzie in Bal?

  102. Wow, how about you just stop talking. I never hear a positive comment from him. Who cares Jim?

  103. Brown didn’t need to insult Richardson’s ability or potential.

    BUT, honestly… you have to admit he’s right when it comes to the Browns being very stupid to draft a running back in the first round.

    In the AFC North, did anyone honestly think… “yeah, the key to the Browns winning more games is to… RUN THE BALL? You know, where 3 of the leagues top 10 defenses play(Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Cincinnati).

    The Browns need so much. And with today’s rules, RB is probably the LEAST important position on the field. Kickers and punters seem more relevant in today’s game.

    Jim Brown is right… the definitely need receivers. BEcause guess what, normally receivers make the QB… unless you’re lucky enough to get a Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. So if the Browns want to find their QB… it might help to actually get that QB someone to throw to.

    This actually looks like it will be a down-year for the entire division… so the Browns really could have made a move to possibly win some division games or at least keep them close. But I don’t think using their 1st round pick on a RB is the right step.

  104. No really sure why some people are pissed off about his comments. Jim Brown is spot on with his comments…..There is absolutely nothing special about TR. Like Brown said, he is a very good back but not special.

    Honestly, what makes him special? His speed? His explosiveness? I can name many RB’s out of college with those traits.

    What is wrong with a former player / HOF speaking his mind? I am a Jets fan and no one is more opinionated than Joe Namath and some of the things he says are spot on like Brown. Cant get mad at an opinion people

  105. Brown has every right to give his honest opinion about Richardson.

    The problem is that (like it or not) the way he worded it makes him appear (IMO) to be a bitter old man.

  106. I’M A LIFELONG BROWNS FAN AND I THANK JIM BROWN ON WHAT HE HAS MEANT TO FRANCHISE BUT HE REALLY NEEDS TO STAY HOME AND EAT HIS PUDDING. the game has passed him by and as it has been for the past 40 years its always about himself. the guy is not scholar or a man that has only served himself. we love you jim but you couldn’t hold a candle to any of the starting backs of today.

  107. you sir are a moron

    ialdrich1214 says:
    May 24, 2012 7:20 PM
    The Browns and their fanbase should be respectful to the man they named their organization after.

    do more research before opening your mouth. the team was named after Paul Brown. thanks for playing!

  108. I think someone is a little bitter about losing his cushy $500,000 a year job with the Browns. A position in which he did absolutely did nothing! When they put his name up in the ring of honor, he didn’t want to go because of the tension between him and the current management! Show up for the fans who supported you all those years, a la, my dad!

  109. Brown is bitter because when he was an advisor for the Browns he was wrong…all the time. He blew it. The guy kept getting a free pass because of he legacy. He hates not being there, bits let’s face it, that “mess” he speaks of, he contributed to. If he’s as off about Richardson as he was about all the players he loved, well, then Trent is going to the hall of fame. He has an axe to grind.

  110. Its time for Jim Brown who played in the 60’s to go away. The tough part is remembering how old you are and how great football was when guys had 2 and 3 jobs while playing the sport. All Bundy scored 4 touchdowns in one game for Polk High…

  111. Everyone is entitled to their own disgruntled opinion – but this is clearly a shot at Holmgren.

    Richardson has rare vision, and lateral quickness, not great speed by any means…they said similar things about Emmit Smith

  112. Jim Brown has opinions-on everything. And he likes to share them—with everyone. Sometimes they are OK and sometimes they leave you scratching your head. But before well-too late I guess) you rip him you better know two things-

    1) He is 100% right on Holmgren

    2) He was THE BEST THERE EVER WAS at that position. He took the Browns to TWO Championship games (they won 1 of them) by himself. Look it up. You think Frank Ryan and Gary Collins would argue the point? Nope.

  113. As a Steeler fan I pine for the good ol’ days where the Steelers and Browns games were more important than even making the playoffs. “Naw we didn’t make the cut, but at least we beat the Browns!” 🙂

    I’d love nothing more than to see Cleveland rise from the ashes and pound the Ravens into the stone age.

    With the current front office, however, that ain’t gonna happen.

    Although Brown sounds like a grumpy old man harshing on an innocent non-grumpy younger one, I have to agree with him on Holmgren. I’m wanting to give Heckert a pass on 2012 draft as he was, you know, trying not to die and all… But his draft class could have been soooooo much better.

    Bengals, Steelers and Ravens all loaded up something fierce, and Cleveland’s rookie class has been universally referred to as the fourth-best draft class of the division.

    Factory of sadness, indeed. Their dueling quarterbacks of 2012 remind me of Mike Tomczak duking it out with Kent Graham. Cleveland needs a franchise QB, dadgummit!

  114. Trent is a good player but I can see where Jim is coming from, I don’t think Richardson is in the same class as Adrian Peterson, Fred Taylor, or even a Darren McFadden to be honest about it. There really isn’t anything special about his game, I think Trent will be a good back in the NFL but there aren’t too many runningbacks worty of the 3rd overall pick, especially considering they traded up to get him. The NFL has become a passing league, you simply can’t build teams around a runningback anymore, Maurice Jones-Drew was the NFL’s leading rusher last year in that team finished 5-11, as a matter of fact the last 3 rushing champions were on losing teams. The runningback position isn’t at a premium anymore, you can find guys like Lesean Mccoy, Maurice Jones Drew, Arian Foster, Ray Rice, Fred Jackson, Matt Forte etc.. later in the draft. The only way I’d take a runninback with the 3rd overall pick is if it’s Barry Sanders, otherwise you’re not getting enough value. The Browns should have stayed at 4 and selected Justin Blackmon or Morris Claiborne, guys that can catch and defend the pass in a pass happy league are at a premium, just my thoughts, hopefully it works out becasue the league is better when the Browns are good.

  115. I understand and respect all you Cleveland fans out there that are loyal to your team’s organization, but Jim Brown is right! I think Richardson is a compelling and deserving young man, but he is not a special running back talent. He falls right in line with his Alabama predecessor, Mark Ingram. Jim Brown is not the most tactful fellow in the world, because he can’t speak sideways, so-to-speak! He’s going to tell it like he sees it, no matter how people listening feel about it. In this case unfortunately for the Cleveland Browns and in most football cases, he’s absolutely correct. Didn’t any of you watch college game film of this player? He’s very strong and determined, but have no juke moves, nor has he lateral quickness. His first step is decidedly restrained and he doesn’t seen to have what some have called peripheral sensors. In the NFL, he will get hit from his “blindside” areas, hard and often. Management/Ownership should have made the deal and gotten a franchise QB in RGIII.

  116. @fin72, good post young man. The Browns have been irrelevant since Jim Brown and Paul Brown left the team. Been wannabe’s for fifty years. I remember when he retired, on TOP of his game and went Hollywood. For years we kept hoping he would come back. The guy gained 1800 yds in a nine game season before they were even blocking for black RB’s. He did it pretty much on his own. Talk about a BEAST, manny many times I watched him carry 2, 3, 4 guys 20-30 yards never will be another.
    Let him say what he will. It’s only an opinion. He’s paid for that. Was an absolute pleasure to watch on the field. Not so much the screen though. His famous words will always be. “Give me the ball coach and get the blockers outa my way”. LOL.

  117. As much as Jim Brown sounds like an old crank and makes an ass out of himself now and then- I think he’s 100% right about Mike Holmgren and I think that 98% of Cleveland fans and Cleveland media KNOWS he’s right and don’t want to admit it.

  118. Those of you that think Richardson is overrated or not an elite talent do not know how to judge talent. Look at film from his 3 years at alabama. Ask everybody that played with him AND against him. Not sure how anyone could agree with what he said. He’s a bitter, jealous old man that is worried about Trent coming in and Making a splash. Sounds to me like he wants the Browns to stay in the cellar just so his legacy will look even better. I get sick of these old players talking trash about their former teams. And let’s get one thing straight, if Trent is an average back then brown was too. Trent has just as much speed as brown and more power. Brown was a downhill runner with strength, basically. He didn’t have blazing speed so I’m not sure where the hell he comes off talking about a running back not being complete or elite.

  119. This is a prime example of why he is no longer welcome near the Browns clubhouse. Just shut up Jim!

  120. Why do people keep talking about what a great running back Jim Brown was in defending how he’s being a hypocrite when it comes to running a TEAM.

    Matt Millen was an awsome Linebacker too but I wouldn’t want him running my organization.

    Browns fans have every right to want Brown to shut up as he’s been behind every draft bust that team has had since coming back. How much credibility does the guy who said that Brady Quinn was a great pickup for the team have in evaluating talent?

  121. Brown was a great football player.. but not so much when it comes to analyzing other players. Richardson is the most physical, explosive back to come out of college since Peterson.

  122. I respect Jim Brown and all he has done in Pro Football. His comments about Holmgrem and the management of the Browns have some merit. I hope Trent Richardson develops into an All-Pro for many years to come.

  123. kodakinvegas says:
    May 25, 2012 3:10 PM
    @fin72, good post young man. The Browns have been irrelevant since Jim Brown and Paul Brown left the team. Been wannabe’s for fifty years. I remember when he retired, on TOP of his game and went Hollywood. For years we kept hoping he would come back. The guy gained 1800 yds in a nine game season before they were even blocking for black RB’s. He did it pretty much on his own. Talk about a BEAST, manny many times I watched him carry 2, 3, 4 guys 20-30 yards never will be another.

    Brown was a 235 lb RB playing in an era of 235 lb DEs and 210 lb LBs. It was like how Wilt Chamberlin had such an enormous size advantage over other NBA centers – part of being the greatest ever is beating the greatest ever. Neither did so.

    If Jim Brown played his same style even in the 1970s, he would struggle to walk now. He constantly criticized Franco Harris for avoiding contact – but Harris was successful, so was the team. Earl Campbell played that style that Jim Brown lauded so much and it ended his career prematurly.

  124. When you’re the #1 (or perhaps #2 by a hair) greatest football player in the history of the game, I think think that you can pretty much get away with saying whatever you damn well please. He did leave the Browns for the bright lights of L.A., but not for another team. He had simply had done all that he cared to do. And by the way, the team wasnt named after him, but for Paul Brown who was their first coach. Don’t you young’uns even take a peek at Wikipedia before you begin typing??

    P.S. JB also helped stop the ’92 L.A. riots by putting together a gang truce. What has MJ and the like done lately to improve the wqorld around them?

  125. lasher1650 says:
    Sad to see guys like Brown and Gayle Sayers turn into these old and bitter football curmudgeons

    Boy! How right you are!

    I met Gayle Sayers at the Hall of Fame, when Elway and Sanders were inducted. The guy was sitting behind a table signing autographs. Alright, it’s repetitious, but he was mad, pissed off at having to be there. Like it was a labor he wanted no part of. At the time I wondered why.

    Jimmy Brown has had a checkered past, in football, leaving football, in life. But Sayers is just pissed.

  126. Jim Brown wearing a bright Direct TV T-shirt is pretty funny. I wonder how many people it took to get him to put that on. Like a cat getting a bath, you might get them in the bath, but not after the fight of your life.

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