Matt Moore: Dolphins don’t have, don’t need a No. 1 receiver

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Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore and No. 1 receiver Brandon Marshall played well together down the stretch last year, and Miami’s decision to trade Marshall to Chicago this offseason means that Moore could be concerned that he no longer has his go-to guy.

He could be concerned, but he isn’t. Moore said that in the offense last year there was a designated No. 1 receiver, but the new coaching staff doesn’t view the passing game that way, and he likes that.

“There’s always in the past been a go-to target on every play,” Moore told the Palm Beach Post. “But in this offense you can have Hartline lined up as the No. 3 receiver on one play and No. 1 on the next play. And it can be the same play. So you’re not pigeon-holed into anything on any certain play. You can go full-field progressions and there’s no pressure to get the ball to any one specific guy. So you can just go back there and wing it.”

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin liked to spread the ball around when he was the Packers’ offensive coordinator, and that worked out pretty well. The key to that, however, was having a quarterback in Aaron Rodgers who was good enough to make everyone in the offense look like a No. 1 receiver. Moore is going to have a tough time making the Dolphins forget about Marshall while he’s spreading the ball around to Davone Bess, Brian Hartline and Legedu Naanee.

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  1. It’s a nice sentiment however I would imagine he would honestly prefer to have a #1 and #2 receiver. Good receivers can make bad quarterbacks look good and good QB’s can do the same for bad receivers.

  2. Good riddance to Marshall, good luck Chicago! We will certainly remember Marshall, but mostly for his costly drops in the end zone at the most crucial times.

  3. Someone needs to tell Moore there is a difference between a #1 WR and the #1 option on a play. Just because someone is your #1 WR doesn’t mean you have to look for them 1st on every play.

    A #1 WR is someone who can beat 1-on-1 coverage. Because of that, they are usually double or triple covered, leaving the rest of the receivers single covered. Without that #1 WR, it makes things more difficult on the entire offense.

  4. Legedu Naanee has the ability to be a #1 receiver, yet he’s been given the chance twice with SD and CAR, but he’s yet to “step up” and play big. If he can develop a good relationship with Miami’s QB’s, Naanee will surprise you!

  5. OK, let’s try this again…hopefully it won’t be deleted this time.

    Throwing to a guy that is open will usually work out much better than forcing the ball to the designated receiver whether or not he is open. The key, as I see it, is for one of the receivers on any given play to actually get open and the QB see it and throw the ball accurately. While there is room for concern that the receivers may not be individually talented enough to dominate throughout the game, there is also optimism that as a unit they can create some problems for the defense that can be exploited. It all boils down to the QB having the brains, vision and talent to get the job done efficiently. Who that guy may be is yet to be seen.

    Marino was a great QB for several reasons but reading defenses was not among them. He had outstanding leadership, field vision, arm strength and accuracy. He was able to see who was open and get them the ball before the window closed. He was reactionary and rarely dealt with “timing routes”.
    His receivers were far from superstar talents but Marino’s ability made them look much better than they actually were. If the Dolphins have a QB that can see the entire field and react properly, a true #1 receiver is not needed.
    Hopefully that guy is on the current roster.

  6. Marshall was a #1 receiver and he was unstoppable at times. The problem is that he dropped crucial passes (TDs and 3rd down conversions) and cost the team wins. He was also starting to whine about the ball and was publicly bashing whatever QB was playing. He had a big upside but he never quite put it together in Miami. His personal issues didn’t help either. I would rather go with the guys we have than keep Marshall. I’m not upset that he is gone.

  7. Moore is only saying that so as not to anger the spiteful idiots in the front office. Only Ireland would decide that you don’t need at least one high-quality #1-type receiver on your roster in today’s pass-only NFL. And he can’t compare himself to Green Bay because they have two #1-quality receivers on their roster.

  8. Their 6th round draft pick, BJ Cunningham from Michigan State, has a great shot at making some noise as a rookie with this thin WR core.

  9. He’s right, skill and competence are highly over-rated.

    Especially if your goal is finishing last and winning the Matt Barkley sweepstakes.

  10. Yeah and let’s totally ignore that Philbin likes to use his TE’s in the passing game plus they Reggie Bush and Lamar Miller who are both very good in the passing game

    If the new look offensive line(Philbin’s area of specialty) can protect a mobile Qb who can open receivers, then I think the offense will be much improved

    But hey, Dolphin bashing articles are a bit of a passed time here at PFT huh?

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