Paul Kruger gets first crack at replacing Suggs

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In the Ravens’ 2011 defense, Terrell Suggs played roughly half of his snaps at outside linebacker, and the other half at defensive end. Suggs tore his Achilles’ tendon earlier this month, and the Ravens are now trying to replace those snaps.

While much of the early speculation centered on rookie linebacker Courtney Upshaw, Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times reports that former second-round pick Paul Kruger is getting the first crack at Suggs’ rush linebacker position.

“It’s early to say what will happen,” conceded Kruger, “but this is what we’re doing now. I’m told where I’m going to line up and I do it.”

Kruger recorded a career-high 5.5 sacks last season, and is more familiar with coordinator Dean Pees’ defense than Upshaw. Upshaw is practicing at strong-side linebacker — Jarret Johnson’s old position. Johnson is now a San Diego Charger.

Kruger certainly won’t lack motivation to excel in what Suggs patented as a highly productive and active position in Pees’ system. It’s the last year of Kruger’s rookie contract, and he could strike it rich on the 2013 free agent market with a breakout season.

27 responses to “Paul Kruger gets first crack at replacing Suggs

  1. Kruger is amazing. My Bengals have to deal with him and their whole defense twice a year (3 times in a good year), it usually ain’t pretty.

  2. The Ravens’ coordinator’s last name is Pees???

    Oh man, I’m going to have a field day with that this season.

  3. paul is a good player who has worked his butt off since joining the ravens. highly motivated with some talent. he is a guy easy to root for. ravens D will be fine this year.

  4. Hey everyone move to Stamford and you can see all these DB’s at the crabshell. They’re all liteweights, butwilling to speak about Silvas weekend ‘activities’ anytime. Its awesome.

  5. eastsideballa says:
    May 24, 2012 8:05 PM
    For those of you wondering yes, Freddie Kruger is his brother.


    Ray Lewis will be jealous that Paul’s brother has five knives and Ray only had one.

  6. Good for Kruger, he is a good guy by all accounts for those of you who don’t know his backstory. I’d suggest looking it up as it’s very interesting.

    Nice to see him finally settling into a role after being bounced from OLB to DE back to OLB. He has had his clutch moments though as I’m sure Pittsburgh fans can tell you so I hope he can carry that over once he becomes a starter.

    Liking the youth movement the Ravens have been undertaking lately. McPhee, Kruger, Cody Upshaw, Webb and Smith make a nice corp of players moving ahead. Reed and Lewis are once in a lifetime players so they can not be replaced, so finding talent like they have in middle to late rounds is key.

  7. @tweeter75 – you are the reason that there are laws banning sisters and brothers copulating. west virginia much?

  8. After Sugg’s injury, all the media was jumping on the bandwagon that Upshaw would now be the man. Maybe he will but prove it on the field. It shows you the media doesn’t know squat. Go for it Kruger!!

  9. That’s Raven Football, next man up. No mater what side Paul plays on he will make his presence known. Keep up the good work and attiude of where ever the coach tells me to line up I go, no premadona attitude.

  10. t8ertot says:
    May 24, 2012 11:20 PM
    It won’t matter when Ben Jarvis runs by him


    This is the funniest thing I have EVER seen on PFT. That’s not even a joke, I actually got a great laugh out of this.

  11. Because Ben Jarvis Green Ellis sounds like a serial killer and he sucks.

    Good luck with that one Cincy. Better hope AJ Green gets more than 26 yards against the Ravens if you want to win this division.

  12. Here’s what I like about Kruger:

    Bernard Pollard Jr (@Crushboy31)
    5/21/12 10:55 AM
    So I’m sitting next to @pkruger99 and he’s reading a book and all I want to do is punch him in the side of his face!!!

    Paul Kruger (@pkruger99)
    5/21/12 12:05 PM
    Anyone who names HIMself Crushboy… Should be not punched… But Slapped in the face

  13. Hard not to root for someone who at age 13 was smashed by a roll bar of a jeep that rolled over on him and then in college was stabbed in the abdomen by a gang member while trying to break up a bar fight involving his little brother. Both injuries were serious/life-threatening and now he has the chance to become a starter in the NFL. That is staring adversity in the face and winning.

  14. The franchise running back has no contract.

    The self proclaimed Top-5 quarterback is delusional.

    The safety is rolling down the wrong side of the hill and doesn’t think $7.2 clams is enough for him to contribute a half dozen interceptions and avoid 100 tackles in what is probably his swan song season.

    The DPOY snaps his Achilles and they want to replace him with an outside linebacker with no true edge burst that is used to rushing in lanes.

    Stay tuned for the next episode of “As the Nest Burns”. Get your popcorn kids, this is going to be good!


  15. The running back is banged up and washed up
    The receivers are lanky and frail
    The nose tackle is fat and old
    The corner is old and got TEBOWED
    The safety is on reeds level, they’re both old, that’s no secret
    The Steelers got Tebowed, quit talking.

    RAVENS 2012

  16. Have any of you Ravens fans had the pleasure of meeting a steelers fan this offseason,
    listen to their bs for a min or two, then reminded them they got TEBOWED, and watched their reaction haha it is classic……..

  17. naanunaanu

    Sure we got tebowed, but was it really any worse than what happened to the Raven fanbase on January 22, 2012 around 7 p.m. ? Think about it….

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