Report: Brian Waters plans to play this season


Back in February, Patriots guard Brian Waters said he would take a few weeks to decide whether or not he plans to play in 2012.

Since then we haven’t heard much of anything from Waters or the Patriots about his plans for the future. Waters has not been participating in the team’s offseason workouts and he’s not at the team’s voluntary Organized Team Activities this week, causing some to think that the Patriots would lose a second starting offensive lineman.

According to the Boston Herald, that’s not the case. Waters has always planned to play this season, his 14th in the NFL, and was merely following the same routine he’s followed throughout his NFL career. Based on that report, Waters is expected to be the team’s starting right guard again in 2012.

That’s good news for the Patriots. Waters was probably the team’s best lineman in 2011 and the loss of Light coupled with left guard Logan Mankins’ recovery from knee surgery means that they need all the consistency they can get up front. Ryan Wendell has been taking first team reps in Waters’ place, although it doesn’t appear he will be needed to take over the position on a full-time basis.

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  1. After that tragedy yesterday of Chad losing his Gold Starbucks card we need some good news on the Patriot’s Front!!!

    I like Waters, tough guy, quiet guy, does his job!!!

  2. An article about the Patriots, so I’ve obviously got to post on it!

    Cheating, tainted, asterisk, yadda yadda yadda

    Tom Brady really is a dreamboat though!

  3. .

    When you sign veteran free agents towards the tail end of their career, you rarely know exactly what you’re getting.

    Sometimes you get Albert Haynesworth or Chad Johnson.
    Other times you get Brian Winters.


  4. Pats keep getting stronger: Ravens ravaged by injury to Suggs, holdout by Reed, Steelers can’t sign Wallace and getting older by the day, Jets are a mess despite what NY press says, Denver at least 2 yrs away, Chargers still have Norv, enough said……… Hmmm is Buffalo ready? Didn’t think so.

    See you in New Orleans for the 6th time in 12 years.

  5. Hey 6ball… who the heck is Brian Winters? 🙂

    Glad to have this guy back in the fold. He was a steadying influence last year, and very consistent. He truly is a pro.

    He makes up for (kind of… a little bit) the Fat Albert and Ocho Tweet-o signings. (Not really.)

  6. Forget the Ocho and Haynesworth signings, this guy (along with Carter, and Anderson 3rd) was the best and should have been the most talked about signing last offseason.

    My favorite part of last year, the Patriots originally intended the line to be Light, Mankins, Koppen, Waters, and Vollmer. Well, at one point, Waters was the only one of the 4 there, with Solder, Cannon, McDonald, and somebody else filling him.

    I love stories like his, guys who play for years and years and finally cap their career off with a SB ring. I wish he had gotten it last year, hopefully he’ll get it this year.

  7. Waters is back because he knows what’s up, Pats are all in this year. Obviously you need some luck, but who’s gonna beat them? Steelers, Ravens, Houston all took a step back. Denver is not good enough. Jets are a mess. We’ll see what happens.

  8. Brian Waters was a really great pick up for the Pats. He’s turned out to be a rock solid, top notch performer even at this stage of his career. He is also a pros pros/high character guy and a real positive influence in the locker room. I hope this report is true and he will be returning for another season with the Pats. All good.

  9. Glad to hear… The Oline is gonna have some new bodies this season… We need that veteran presence…

    I predict…

    Connolly (Mankins)
    Koppen (Connolly)
    Waters (Wendell)
    Seabass V

  10. Mr. Waters is a great player. He doesnt go to ota’s but he comes in and does his job and a little more every year. He has done so many great things this offseason that will never hit the mainstream media because its done from the heart and not for the fame. He is working out…seen him myself. Go Pats!

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