Rex Ryan says he’s not concerned about Landry’s absence from OTAs


Though at times it may not seem that way, there are 88 players, give or take a few, other than Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow on the New York Jets roster.  One of those players currently isn’t present for Organized Team Activities.

Addressing the media on Thursday, coach Rex Ryan said he has no problem with safety LaRon Landry not participating.

“These are voluntary-type things,” Ryan said in comments distributed by the team.  “Obviously, I think we’re so used to it over the two previous seasons and even this year we probably had as many guys in our offseason program as anybody, even though it’s voluntary.  We probably had as many guys in our program this year and the first two [years] as anybody in the league.  But it is a voluntary-type thing.  I’m excited to coach the people that are here and they’ve done a tremendous job so far.”

Rex is saying the right things, in part because there’s nothing else he can say.  Coaches aren’t allowed to say or do anything to suggest that offseason workouts are anything other than voluntary, other than the single mandatory minicamp each team may conduct.  And with the NFL and NFLPA currently fighting in court on multiple issues, the last thing the league needs is to have a head coach suggesting (as more than a few did in past years) that players should be volunteering to attend voluntary workouts.

So it’s safe to say that there will be no comments calling out players who aren’t attending OTAs, and no retaliation against guys who stayed away by knocking them down the depth chart.  In the grand scheme of things, that’s not a bad thing.

Thus, even though Rex Ryan may be making his best Hector Salamanca face in the photo accompanying this article, Rex realizes that, no matter how many times he rings his bell, the players don’t have to come running for voluntary workouts.

25 responses to “Rex Ryan says he’s not concerned about Landry’s absence from OTAs

  1. Ok. Props to MF for working a Breaking Bad reference in there. Best show on TV in my opinion.

  2. He’s somewhere benching a house. He’ll came to camp to big to cover any….oh wait he..can’t…cover.

  3. The Jets acquired a Lemon with Landry. We in Washington know he is washed up – he refuses to have surgery and has all the appearances of being built by chemicals. Even though he has a good work ethic and works out a lot, he is no less a product of science through chemistry than the steak you are eating tonight. He may hit hard and make some plays, but don’t count on him. He’s fragile. You will be lucky to have acquired a player that can play eight games and won’t ever be available late in the season.

  4. Florio is leaving out some of the issues why this is a big deal in Landry’s case. Landry is a work out junky who loves working out but he’s more interested in shaping those beach muscles as opposed to working out to help his game. He’s been injury prone all of his career & former Skins GM Cerrato attributes this for not participating in voluntary workouts under team supervision. Even when he had bonuses due to him for attending OTA’s, he’d just write a check. & during his presser, he claimed he would attend OTA’s. So if he gets hurt during the season for a bicep tear or something, Jets fans will rip him apart.

  5. Landry wanted to stay in DC. But because he didn’t get the surgery for his bone spurs the Redskins didn’t want to take a chance on him being on IR again and not contributing to the team. Thats ultimately where he will be for most of the season.

  6. I don’t know why the litigation thing was brought up in this article. The word voluntary means “not mandatory.” It wouldn’t matter what the circumstances are.

    Also, from the picture, it looks like Rex has lost a lot of weight. Probably 50 or so pounds.

  7. Im glad he’s out of DC. He’s a perfect example of why the Skins have sucked for so long; an overpaid, talented ,but completely self absorbed player with no work ethic or committment to the team. He wont get surgery and cant practice because of it, but, I don’t think he ever showed up to OTAs when he was healthy anyways.
    Allen and Shanahan hve done a great job getting hard working guys on the Skins and purging the lazy bums brought in by Cerrato. Hopefully it will start to pay off this season.

  8. A coach may be forbidden from punishing a player who doesn’t show up, but if he’s upset enough that player will pay, just later, when the smoke clears. Bank on it.

  9. I think what people are missing is that players need some fat on them to take the punishment. Landry has little to no fat on his body. He will always be injured. As for never getting surgery, thats a mystery. He is to bulked up now and will make the big hit but will always get beat deep. I was sad to see him leave DC but now that he has missed his new teams first workouts shows how his season will go.

  10. In DC, Landry too often would hit somebody hard, late, out of bounds or away from the play, and draw a key, game changing penalty. The worst thing was he didn’t seem to get it. Good luck.

  11. PFT photo caption contest:

    “Don’t tell me you’re out of shrimp, you bastards. This buffet said all you can eat. I demand a refund…..and more pie!”

  12. Somethings never change,I hope you enjoy seeing him making tackles 15 or 20 yards downfield and then flexing his muscles like he made a great play.

  13. Thank God the skins got rid of that malcontent. For a coach that thinks he is smarter than most he sure is going to look really stupid for the acquisition of teblow and Landry. The jets continue to be the laughing stock of the nfl.

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