Sam Bradford isn’t totally over his ankle injury

Getty Images

A badly sprained ankle helped make for a rough sophomore season for Rams quarterback Sam Bradford and he hasn’t been able to shake it since the end of the season.

Bradford originally hurt his ankle in mid-October and missed the next two games before returning to the lineup. He didn’t look right once he was back on the field and wound up missing four of the final five games after the injury got worse. He finished rehabbing the injury in March, but told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that he is still experiencing soreness at the team’s practices.

“It’s getting there,” Bradford said. “It seems to feel better every week. There’s less soreness, more things I can do. I think it’s definitely on the right track.”

Bradford is participating fully in Organized Team Activities, so it’s not like the soreness is major red flag about Bradford’s readiness for the 2012 season. After all the trouble he had shaking the injury last season, though, it is a bit of a concern that he’s still trying to find his way all the way back to health.