Seahawks splitting quarterback reps three ways in OTAs

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Pete Carroll is doing more than paying lip service to the idea that the Seahawks have a three-way competition for the quarterback job.

John Boyle of the Everett Herald passes along word that the team is giving equal reps to Matt Flynn, Tarvaris Jackson and Russell Wilson at their Organized Team Activities this week. Carroll and General Manager John Schneider have been pushing the open competition all offseason, Schneider did it Wednesday on PFT Live in fact, and it seems they are sticking to their word.

For now, at least. It’s important to remember that this is just the OTA period of the offseason and teams are spending it getting some idea of what they have on hand heading into training camp and the season. This caveat could be attached to just about any story about who looks good, who looks bad and just about anything else that gets tweeted into the universe from practices around the league, but it has a lot of bearing on the Seahawks competition.

Once they get to training camp (or even minicamp in June), the team will have to pare things down to at most two quarterbacks because they won’t have enough reps to keep the three-way dance going. Wilson still has to be considered the least likely to wind up as the starter, but if he does enough to push himself to the number two spot it will make things interesting for Jackson.

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  1. It’s always a red flag to me when a coach has a QB competition especially a 3 way one.

    It usually means you have a bunch of average at best QBs and you have to compete to see who’s slightly better than the other


    Or you’re clueless on offense and you can’t evaluate who should be penciled in as your starter. Thus wasting valuable reps that your starter needs to build chemistry with the offense and it’s weapons.

  2. Rah Rah Pete! Play ’em all in the regular season. Be innovative. Hell, you’re waaaayy smarter than these pro coaches.

    Hell Pete, you produce QB’s for the NFL all the time. You got this.

    RAH Rash Rah! Go Seahawks Go!

  3. Its good to push Flynn…who is the obvious starter given the money he was paid….Carroll has a good atmosphere there, but one of those guys …well, basically Flynn has to take it to the next level to come out of the NFC West.

  4. Im all for having more than one guy at a position but this smells like a recipe for disaster. If you think Tavaris can possibly start for you why sign Flynn and draft Russel??

  5. Tavaris was signed last year because he knew Darrel Bevel and was available to a team that otherwise had Charlie Whitehurst, who is not good at football.

    The Seahawks didn’t over-pay for Flynn given his potential upside but they still realize that’s what it is – potential upside.

    They drafted Wilson becuase of his potential upside as well.

    Tarvaris deserves as hot becuase he played injured last year and impressed his teammates and knows the system better than anyone, and though I think he’ll be the odd man out, it woudln’t be beyond Pete to name him the starter to give Flynn and Wilson more time to grasp the offense and mesh with the personnel.

    So while in most cases I would agree that a ‘3 QB battle’ is usually not a good sign, things have already been bad for my ‘hawks QB wise lately, and I’m not sure exactly how you justify critiquing the move and Pete Carrol when he’s simply trying to find a starter out of so much potential upside.

    I’m not sure what anyone else would have him do that would be more responsible. Just name one guy the starter? He did that last year with Tarvaris, but that was easy to do with no offseason and a QB and OC that have worked together for years and only made sense.

    It would make no sense to name anyone the starter when you have an offseason to observe and then decide. That would be inanely short-sighted.

  6. I live in Richmond, Va and I saw Russell Wilson play high school ball at Collegiate and I knew this kid was something special. I really don’t think his size is a big issue. He played behind a huge line last year at Wisconsin and he only had something like 5 passes batted down. Kid’s a winner.

  7. I’m not criticizing the Seahawks for signing Flynn, but it’s going to be embarrassing to all those who chided the ‘Phins for not doing so if he doesn’t win the starting job.

  8. I wonder what has Matt Flynn done, that the talking heads on this site think he’s way better than T. Jackson.

    Obviously the Seahawks have not picked a starter because splitting the reps three ways, but I’m curious as to why since signing Flynn this site seems to have demoted T Jack to #2.


  9. Why does everyone say a 3 qb comitition is bad? For starters we/they havent even seen two of them play with our receivers up untill right now why not take a look at all three? Flynn wasnt over paid. Wilson could be the future? I think we all need to not get our panties in a bunch and let this play out. Pete and John no exactly what there doing .

  10. TJ’s contract will send him packing. It is too costly given his performance. Perhaps he will catch on with another team.

  11. Go Pete Go! Rah Rah Rassshhh

    Carroll’s Clowns

    Hey, how ’bout that Thunder? Sonic Thunder?

    have a cup o ‘ Joe

  12. I don’t get on people hating on Pete Carroll. One, look at all the mid to late round draft picks and other teams castoffs they have on that roster playing at a very high level. Two, Carroll is and always was a defensive coach and that defense is on the verge of something special. Their secondary is one of the best which is amazing since they are full of guys going into their second and third years in the NFL. Best safety duo in the NFL and they are both entering their third year.

    As for the guy who said they overpaid Flynn, why don’t you look at his contract? How they worked that out with guys like Kolb costing much more (including traded players, and draft picks as well as money) is awesome. Is he the answer? I don’t know but he is less risky than Kolb. If not thats where Wilson comes in, who care about height, he played behind a massive OL for the Badgers. If he can do it on a line filled with future NFL talent, why can’t he behind a pro line?

  13. Wha??? You mean they’re NOT HAPPY with that standout QB Tarvaris Jackson? The guy who’s had more chances to prove he’s worth a piss than any other QB with his skillset and FAILED every time?

    Who are the guys who keep giving this guy a chance??? HE IS WORTHLESS. Give him the heave ho and move on.

  14. i think in the end, Flynn starts and Wilson likely earns the backup spot and Jackson is either 3rd string or cut, though it will likely be a tough race for 2nd. Wilson is a rookie. i think Flynn wins the job though.

  15. T. Jack can’t read the D. Athlete, playing QB, who doesn’t poses the smarts to run a pro O. Flynn and Wilson will battle it out. Flynn will win and Wilson will develop into a great trade piece a yr or two from now. Wilson will be a very Brees/Flutie type winner, but short guys always have to get their shine on the pine early on.

  16. The three way competition thing is BULLS%&T! We all know that Jackson stinks on ice. Give Flynn the work develope Russell and see if you can create a competition between those two. If they pan out you have two good qb’s or one good qb and trade bait.

  17. If Flynn and Wilson are both better than TJack, so be it. But I would say this, I would take Tjack anyday over Alex Smith

  18. Pete Carroll trashed the Vikings, saying Jackson got a raw deal in Minnesota.

    Those of us who had to watch Jackson be our starting QB while he was in Minnesota remember seeing a guy who obviously didn’t do his homework and had the deer in the headlights look every time he took a snap.

    I didn’t watch him play in Seattle, but there’s a reason the Vikes dumped him.

  19. I could see this competition going into training camp, where each of three contenders get a start in the preseason. I’m for this. It’s necessitated because Flynn’s sample size, although impressive, is way too small. Obviously Wilson hasn’t played at the pro level yet. With Tarvaris under center in the second half of the season last year, the Hawks went 5-3 and a missed gimme field goal by Hauschka against Arizona in the season finale was the only thing between Jackson finished the year out 6-2. That translates to a 12-4 season, something I’d take every time.
    And I watched Tarvaris in Minnesota and he doesn’t deserve the kind of smear tactics he gets on this board. He had a .500 W-L record and threw for more TDs than picks in a time that was basically a learning-curve portion of his career. He also sat behind Favre the last two years of his stint there, so you couldn’t even gauge his abilities in that scenario.

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