Winslow calls Seattle “a perfect fit”


New Seahawks tight end Kellen Winslow has had time to do little other than unpack his bags in Seattle, but he says that after meeting briefly with head coach Pete Carroll, he knows he’s on the right team.

“It’s been great,” Winslow said on ESPN’s NFL 32. “It’s a perfect fit. Coach Carroll is upbeat, he’s energetic, so it’s going to be perfect. I’m looking forward to working with the whole team, Matt Flynn, Zach Miller, just being a piece of the puzzle.”

So why was Tampa Bay the wrong fit? Winslow said he sensed that new Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano didn’t think highly of him, and didn’t appreciate the fact that Winslow likes to work out on his own during the offseason rather than attend Organized Team Activities.

“I don’t want to say anything bad about coach Schiano,” Winslow said. “It just wasn’t a good fit, I guess. When a new regime comes in sometimes that’s what happens. That’s just what it is. Sometimes they want their guys that they think will fit the team and that’s what happens. And you know what? It worked out, for both sides. . . . I guess they didn’t feel comfortable with me not being there, but it worked out for the best for both sides.”

Carroll has already given Winslow the usual speech about the importance of competition, and Winslow bought what Carroll is selling.

“I can be myself out here — it’s going to be fun,” Winslow said. “I’m totally excited. Everybody’s real nice here and I’m excited to play for the 12th Man.”

35 responses to “Winslow calls Seattle “a perfect fit”

  1. By ‘perfect fit’ do you mean ‘willing to sign me’?

    Great city and great fans, but the QB uncertainty makes it far from perfect.

  2. He will be the 12th man in a couple months.

    Benching it up when his injury prone self gets sidelined.

    Zach Miller was in 15 games with 25 catches. I am not sure that Winslow is going to get much more attention, especially with a healthier (better) option in Miller still being there.

    Not exactly the Gronkowski/Hernandez combo is all I am trying to say.

  3. Weird attempts at the phrase “perfect fit” being combined with different forms of “soldier” in 3, 2, 1…

  4. Bye bye Ball hog..

    j/k hope you do well out there before it falls into the sea 🙂

  5. I’m sure there’s a Patriot’s reference in this article somewhere. Cheating, tainted, asterisk, yadda yadda yadda.

    Tom Brady sure is a dreamboat though!

  6. Sorry to see him leave the NFC South as he was always good for a laugh or two twice a year. Big mouth and small production. Not even in the same universe with his daddy.

  7. “It’s been great,” Winslow said on ESPN’s NFL 32. “It’s a perfect fit. Coach Carroll is upbeat, he’s energetic, so it’s going to be perfect.

    He greeted me with a short skirt on, pom poms, the whole shebang.”

  8. Unless this guy puts out a Jimmy Graham type performance, it is probably a one and done deal. Keep in mind they dont have a QB left, and can you remember the last TE that was traded that actually put up big numbers and led a team to a Super Bowl? Its like a complimentary piece to an offense that hasn’t even crystalized yet.

    And Shockey was along for the ride when the Saints won theirs.

  9. highonluck says:May 24, 2012 9:05 AM

    He will be the 12th man in a couple months.

    Benching it up when his injury prone self gets sidelined.

    “Injury prone”? He made 48 straight starts in Tampa.

  10. Still a lot of question marks in the Seattle receiving corps – Rice’s health, Tate’s emergence (or disappearance), Williams’ weight, Butler’s recovery – plus the usual handful of rookies added to the mix. And now Winslow.

    Still, Zach Miller pretty much disappeared here last hear, so if Winslow can pull down 60+ catches (and he’s averaged more than 70 for the last 6 seasons) he really might be a perfect fit. Time will tell.

  11. It wasn’t a good draft for tight ends. That makes this a great pickup. This guy doesn’t drop balls from what I’ve seen too. Tampa fans – start your hating.

  12. This guy always thought that he was an outstanding titghtend –the fact that he wants to work out and do his own thing tells me that it is about Kellen –this clown is a good fit for Seattle –he is lucky to be lacing up.
    What is wwrong with all these ungrateful ball players ie Clemens, Favre, To and now this clown!

  13. Love him when he’s on your team, hate him when he leaves. It was a bad trade on Tampa’s part and a good trade on the Seahawks side. Hawks get a productive TE(can’t argue the numbers), only costs at the most a 6th rounder, (who you end up cutting at the end of training camp) and Tampa’s already paid all his guaranteed money and now he has to earn his paycheck, what novel idea!!

  14. Oh, Jada in Toronto. You must have been a water boy that was competing for the starting water boy spot at USC. (The lone male cheerleader beat you out for that spot). You’re still hurt that you were escorted off of the campus and didn’t get an explanation from Pete.

  15. What a team player. He likes to work out alone away from the team. No OTA’s….I’m glad he’s gone, he is an avg TE nothing more. Good luck seahawks…..Go bucs!

  16. @oklahomaseahawk
    where do you live in Oklahoma? I live in Stroud, didn’t know there was any other Hawk fans in Oklahoma.

    Josh Freeman had a great season in 2010 with KW on the team, don’t think he had anything to do with Freeman’s development or lack of, IMO

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